Teen Revolution

Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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Recently more villains have been entering into the fray even the playing field for villains against neutrals but there are still a surplus more of heroes than villains. Though the villains are certainly putting up a fight to further themselves very quickly.

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PostSubject: Ripper   Fri Aug 31, 2012 3:23 pm

Full Name: - Bjorn
Nickname(s): -
Alias(es): - Ripper
Age: - 100 years (His people only

grow through combat experience)
Classification: - Alien Insect
Affiliation: - unknown (easily


Hair Color: - None
Eye Color: - Solid Red

Constant Weaknesses:
Is able to be influenced very easily, if you can give him reasons why your correct he will side with you until someone else convinces him

Insect repellant - slightly poisonous to him

There are weak points at the joints of his armor

NO manipulative appendages in nearly any form, unless stated that he has opposable hands. Meaning he wouldn't be able to open a door or pick up anything.

The rest varies by my post number

(does not change mid thread)

up to 100 posts

Height: - 6 inches tall
Length: - 3 foot
Weight: - 50 pounds
Other Traits: - Very small amounts of shell that don't provide a great defense, Burrower

Powers: -
Super Strength - In order to move his body around and due to the hydraulic musculature of insects. His strength is similar to an ant He is able to life and carry without strain 20 times his body weight. He can use his full strength for a matter of seconds without exhausting or for up to a minute and must immediately begin to rest.

Super agility - due to the fact that he has no protection at this stage in life his body is more agile. Making him able to dodge most things he can percieve. Meaning that anything like an arrow or bullet will probably hit.

Skills: - Using natural weapons he is an expert over his own body.

Weaknesses: - Small: Being 50 pounds and the size of a cat makes it very difficult to get around. He has trouble with most stairs, is unable to get in through door without eating through them, and generally unable to use his body mass to do much besides hide

Fire: his race has a natural aversion to fire and will avoid it at any cost.

formative: These are the years his mind is most vulnerable to influence. He can be convinced of nearly anything true or untrue.

Equipment: - 2 Claws 8 inches long

mouth full of razor sharp fangs

101-300 posts
301-500 posts

501-700 posts
701-900 posts
901-1100 posts

Personality: - Being trapped in complete darkness for 100 years has taken it's toll, Bjorn is scared and miserable, He is prone to lashing out at anything he doesn't like. Is looking for something to make sense of things for him so he doesn't have to think about the past.

Strengths: - he is very loyal to which ever cause he is following. Is not afraid to speak his mind on any issue.
Master hunter/tracker

Interests/Habits: -
He hunts in his free time and looks for fights.

Family Members: - He was locked up outside of reality for 100 years, he has a family in another reality somewhere
Place of Origin: - Raxicor
History: - Bjorn Was a broodling when the demon came down from the sky with it's magic box. Bjorn spent a century locked inside the pitch black box with no way out, his fangs were useless on the strange material so he slithered around inside the box testing the walls and floor with his talons. The echos never faded and the noise was maddening.He was nearly insane when there suddenly was light the box was opened. He was in a strange place, modern Jump City. Bjorn began to explore and listen in on the strange mutterings, he quickly worked out what things were learning by listening and staying out of sight. He's lived for a couple weeks just off of scraps and rodents. He's trapped again, trapped in a dumpster behind a resturaunt where he was trying to get some food and stay out of the sight of humans.
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PostSubject: Re: Ripper   Fri Aug 31, 2012 3:45 pm

Although well have to revisit your powers I'd say after about 500 to 800 pats for now, I'd Definately say APPROVED! You never know, site rules might change by then.

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