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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Zanar Mithalkan Valexii

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PostSubject: Zanar Mithalkan Valexii   Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:48 pm

"The Psychotic Twisted Serial Killer, Gentleman, and former Demi-God Demon"

Zan Valexii


Full Name: Zanar Mithalkar Valexii

Code Name: Zanar

Classification: Kis'har Demon Demi-God

Affiliations: Evil

Age: 9,481,237,936

Birthday: January 1st, 9479225875 B.C.


Eye Color: Red

Clothing: Chains over hands and half of forearms for added protection, fire resistant boots, Leathery silk cape.

Weight: 279lbs

Height: 7'3"

Other: Zanar's skin is hard and rough to the touch and is always being shown; it is completely pitch black. He is continuously having his forearms, hands, lower legs, and feet engulfed with fire. He is, in appearance dark and grim looking and is always having good posture. Even though he has just chains, a cape and boots on he still refuses to wear more for it is unnecessary, unlike most individuals Zanar Mithalka Valexii has currently no genitalia or any other certain features that clothing is needed to cover up like other demons, humans, aliens, etc. may have the need to use clothing for. He tends to give off a dark aura of which can be seen by many. Its usually seen as black, and blood red flames emanating around his body.


Teleportation: He can merely teleport with just a seconds thought and do this effortlessly, though he can only go 4 yards per teleport. Teleporting in water takes him more time only allowing him to teleport 2 yards per teleport. If he wishes he can teleport and continuously stay in the air and travel that way though he is unable to massive combat during it.

Supernatural Healing Factor: With this Zanar can heal from any wound at all and over time his skin builds a rough and hard exterior which if given enough time and if he has the proper balance of mind and body his skin becomes impenetrable, though this can take weeks to years to accomplish though if he is to do this he will be an unstoppable juggernaut in all close combat. His skin, the hardened skin, will be totally gone after 2 weeks. It can also be easily diminished if he is completely (from head to toe) sumerged in water for more that 30 seconds. Zanar is usually unable to do this and it has a low sucess rate but, if he accomplishes this, avoid all hostile acts near or towards him.

Supernatural Summoning: Zanar can summon 1 creature that can look like anything or anyone at all, this creature will be at the power level of a adverage meta-human and no matter what it takes shape of the damage it can inflict will never change. This summoned creature can also be split into millions of clones of it. Although with each split the power is halfved for each clone and also all the clones together will get smaller for every new clone. After the 8th split/clone the creature and the clones will have losted all their power to even inflict a tiny amont of damage. This summoning will always stay around untill dismissed by Zanar. After the 8th split/clone they become unable to physically harm anything.

Advanced Combat: Through the years Zanar has been exposed to just about every fighting style and has picked up a few things along the way. His fighting is composed mainly of 5 aspects: the savage and vicious Nildash demon fighting which involves removal of skins and body parts along with mutilation of bodies while the foe still lives, they tend to slow the victims dieing process from blood lost by using fire from torches to close the wounds as they make more. Zanar also has the skills to perform some martial arts obtained from China during its Golden Era. The next is the brutality of the Barbarians and the Huns; which this would be explained more but seriously doesn't need to say anything more. Finally is some 21st century boxing skills he managed to pick up on from street thugs he sees fighting. Since his fighting style varies he is a jack of all trades (meaning he can use the fighting skills well but not someone with more experience and is a master at one of his 5 skills) with his advanced combat. They key to defeating his advanced combat is to be a master of one of his 5 combat styles and use it against him. Someone without combat skills should not comit a hostility towards Zanar up close. If you had ranged attacks it would certainly help against him.

High Intellect: Even though Zanar is savage, he is also very intelligent and is not impulsive. He is able to trick many into doing what he wants and converting minions to help him if he would ever need it like he has done in the past. He also focuses in on most movements of the foes so, if there is ever a second battle, he can know what to expect and have the upper hand. In dire times, he does try to negotiate with foes and wants to solve the issue fairly. With this, he also will not become over-confident easily, but he will know who to pick fights with and won't fight ones that he knows that could be him. This way he can survive and better himself for more battles to come (he didn't live for 9.5 million year to die from underestimating a foes power and then dieing because of it). He looks at the battle (even if he would be victor) as pointless to proceed in if he knows who will win. Though he may also have a plan which in normal nights he always has something brewing...

Flame Body: Zanar can fight up close rather brutishly and precisely at times. As well his power in close range fighting is quite good but can be out done by a expert fighter. With Flame Body his hands, forearms, lower legs, and feet are on fire continuously which can pose as an issue in certain areas. Then he can also change the temperature of the flames and the size of the flames. He has expected to have combat situations many times in the future and so he has metal chains on his hands and forearms that are always partially melting. When in close combat the temperature of the fire is at 230 degrees at all times. If he gets a hold on your skin anywhere at all he will attempt to focus in and rise the temperature to 400 degrees; this will take him 3 minutes to do considering the temperture cannot instantaneously pop from 230 to 400 degrees any faster. If he is given more time and there is still more left to burn he will keep riseing the temperature. Zanar does not have massive strength at all his strength would be match to the adverage male human strength. Since he won't be able to hold anyone more stronger in strength he will not be able to do massive burning to any of their flesh. With that said he will have had scalded anyones unprotected skin and have done sever burns. Fire proof equipment is advise when ever fighting him. Fire proof equipment shouldn't be cloth it should be the hardest material able to obtain if it is able to be riped or penetrated by a velociraptor's attackes it will not last a scratch from Zanar's claws that resemble that of a velociraptor's.

Weaknesses: While submerged in water it will negate Flame Body and give slower travel to teleportation. Other Worldly Screeches that are harmfull to even animals that can only here certain higher frequencies; EX: Dog weeps when the dog whisle is blown on. This screech will make all focus to be lost for Zanar and he will lose ability to utilize any of his powers this will have to be something more high then a dog whisle if this sound is maintained for to long Zan will go unconsious and into a coma for 24hrs- a Week. Further more if you have fire resistant gear to make you resistant to fire and/or have a natural immunity towards it Zanar's upclose combat will be like geting hit with a feather from crow. Also all his powers are based on focusing although it will be hard to break his focus it can be done and once done he will not be able to have control over his powers and will be a powerless demon at most.(look below in the Psychological Profile part for a more detailed descrition)


Likes: Killing, death, genocides, struggles, sick humor, good luck, and the specimen known as a Crow

Dislike: Fortune upon others that will die within a years time, Doves, Those weak beings that think they are better than the villains in combat when they have a swarm of their allies helping them out because 1 on 1 fights are to hard for them, that Youtube I hear a lot about (if anything or anyone is taking over the minds of others it will me Zanar Mithalkar Valexii), when others mock me, disrespect, disobidience, and those who are false gods.

Strengths: Mastery over powers, being a figure of worship, executing/execution of others, Trickery, Converting others to join his side

Weaknesses: Water is a big weakness it makes his powers for pyro combat negate and his teleportation distance is reduced by half and he cannot summon anything more while submerged in water, he gets a large ego when surrounded by worshipers resulting in extremely risky ideas and actions, if secluded from all life and all things he will go insane and will lose virtually all focus, if he loses his focus he will not be able to execute any of his powers except for flame body but the fire temp. is decreased to 150 degrees for a max temp. He will also not be able to fight hand to hand combat well if to much focus is lost. He has a high tolerance with things that make others lose focus though if a high enough pitched ringing sound that can make the ears bleed of dogs this sound will take all Zan's focus away completely and it will also sedate him for months even. Further more if you have fire resistant gear to make you resistant to fire and/or have a natural immunity towards it Zanar's upclose combat will be like geting hit with a feather from crow. Also all his powers are based on focusing although it will be hard to break his focus it can be done and once done he will not be able to have control over his powers and will be a powerless demon at most.

Personality: Zanar Mithalkar Valexii is a bit grim, yet pleasant at times. He values fairness in combat and many other things as well. He tends to strictly stick to his plans and he does all in his power to never stray from them. He is a bit serious at many times and thinks of things towards pure logic. He studies some foes to get a handle on all their mind sets and ways of doing things so when he must face them he is prepared. He tends to like to make sure everything is handled and he is often at times seeing himself doing all the work and looking at the others as to incompetent for what he needs done. He prefers to work alone but if he works with others he will demand respect from all of them and if he doesn't get it he tends to go over bored and plot a painful lesson. He also can be a bit sadistic and when he sets out to defeat someone he tend to completely horrific. He also believes his first thought on anything most of the time is 100% correct which tend to be his downfall. Even though he is a killer he is actually polite and is sometimes refered to as a gentlemen which is extremely weird for a evil pure breed demon. He also can be negotiated with though if someone has maddened him there is rarely ever a chance to change his mind. Zanar also tend to have a alternating look on situations, which has him doing a great deed one time and then later doing a horribly bad deed. He can have a unstable mind at times and have conflicting thoughts of doing good and doing bad. This how ever is something he prefers to keep other influences out of. This also infers that his next act of good or bad will be unpredictable. He may be a unstable and uncontrollible ticking time bomb but he is open to converstation about the past and his thoughts on almost any matter but like most demons he demands respect and will become hostile to any disrespect towards him, his kind, his thoughts, his choices, or his home no matter the person. Other parts about his personality are that when doing good it will most likly mean something, or have a hidden factor behind it which pulls him towards doing the deed. He believes that he won't be controled by anyone and if he was he would most likly act in vicious reactions of hysteria. Though he will always be evil throughout this and he will tend to always embrace his demon side which for most demons is evil.


Family: Keridda Mallas Valexii God Of Pain and Suffering(Father), Zona Valexii (sister)
Place of Origin: Kish'ar Domain, Dark Realm
Current City: Jump City
History: In the beginning Zanar was the rightful demon to be next in line among his sister and himself to be the new God of Pain and Suffering which maintains all pain and agony through many realms and worlds. But unfortunately for him this was to never be given to him for many more eons. A war among the demons had broke out, and the power of their god was stolen from them and the hate, pain, and suffering was scattered amongst all kinds of beings throughout the places they had once before watched over, with the exception of the Dark Realm. This war started mainly because of how the other demons felt towards the power of the Kis'har the race that was bestowed the god of pain and suffering to one of their own, which gave him the power to distribute these feeling how ever they wished.

The Kis'har in general were known to be the civil and fair demons of the dark realm they lacked power but made up for what all the other demon races did not have, a civil and beliefs of balance and fairness. This is why the other demon races started he war towards them because the Kis'Har not only gave these feelings to all the realms they looked over but also gave the feelings to their own kind. The war raged for centuries though the Kis'Har were eventually pacified and the God was killed.

Though this was not the end of the race, after many decades Zanar had finally come to be the head of the clan and he surpassed many of the others in brawn and brains. His sister Zondra unfortunately was banished to a void to never be opened from what the demon necomancers say. The Kis'Har domain was also victim to consecutive raids by the Nildash demons every month. Soon Zanar had enough of this and he decided to form a small group of those who wish to leave and they would go through the central rift in hopes it would take them away from this place and they could hopefully one day gather up enough power to regain control of their realm.

So on the night of the attempt to escape the small group managed to get just a few yards away the central rift when some Nildash spotted them while they were on a surprise raid. The Kis'har members and Zanar tried as hard as they could to defeat the Nildash but unfortunately all but one died and Zanar was the survivor. He managed to get to the gate right before the Nildash could shut it down, and Zanar was then on the world known as Earth during 790,847 B.C. . He explored the whole world aimlessly trying to survive while also looking for good power sources but none came up. Through his time on earth he eventually lost hope for his race and he could no longer feel anyone of them. These thoughts of all his race dead and no one left haunted him. He eventually gave up all together and so he then decided to expose himself by 348,892 B.C. to the humans which all were terrified of him, but eventually most of them he befriended or the others he met worshiped him as the god he could have been.

By 1692 he offered his service in protection and being hidden to witches who were being hunted in return for a future favor. Some denied and wished to rather die than help a demon which they got, and other accepted the terms. By the 18th century Zanar requested all the witches that he helped for assistance. There was a total of 63 witches that he got there and with their help he got them to bring forth a interdimensional tear into the void his sister was trapped in to finally let her out so then the 2 could be reunited. The ritual was a success, unfortunately Zondra had grown mad, and hysterical while in the void and was in complete shock of where she was and ended up running off on a short rampage this was very bad considering while in the void she had not lost her power and it actually grew over time.

Zanar was shocked at first but then decided to let her blow off the steam for a while. While Zondra was killing everything she saw, Zanar decided to kill all 63 of the witches and take their power and permanently give himself power beyond his races comprehension. He did this also mainly because he would despise himself if his sister ever became more powerful them himself. With his power matching or even greater than that of Zondra's he was able to catch up with her by 1981. When he did she was less insane and more herself she also had taken work in creating a powerful gem that would conceal souls, torture humans as its would connect itself to them and she would trap an evil spirit in the gem that she would give her name to. This gem would be given to humans to cause great suffering, fear, and/ or pain.

Though when this gem was created with some help from Zanar's powers it was later confiscated by the pure sages and sealed somewhere that the location was left unknown to Zondra and Zanar by 1998. As following this Zondra eventually left Zanar alone to go out and search for the missing gem, she hasn't been heard from by anyone to Zanar's knowlege since. To this day Zanar lives alone in his underground home in Jump City. He is constantly working to find his sisters where abouts and is also working to convert humans one by one, in hopes that one day his cult will be controller of all of Jump City.

Sample RP

Night has fallen over Jump City, to some citizens the night is over but not for Zanar. Down on a abandoned street a light fog covers the area. Some foot steps can be heard in the distance and a buring smell hits the air. The stench of burning metal and sidewalk is carried all around. 4 Flames are distinguished and now a body comes out of the mist walking slowly, and gracfully to a apartment building. Zanar walks towards the doors and grabs the metal door hinges and they slowly, but not completely, melt in his hands. He removes his hands from the hinges, he has jamed the door completely. He then with a black puff of smoke he's gone into the building, he starts go into every room silently and partially melts all the door hinges and windows shut, jaming all exits and entry ways. Then he stops and focuses all his strength and his arms and legs burst into a more hotter and much larger flame catching all things around him on fire and making a pyre. The rest of the building quickly catchs on fire; he now goes in to a room, children start to scream as flesh can be heard tearing for a minute and then the screams stop from with inside the room.

By now everyone in the building is awake and in a fright and they can't escape the building. One by one each person dies and is torn to shreads. Though suddenly some bashing sounds are heard and something hits the ground in a hallway. Some of the apartment people got out of their rooms Zanar quickly teleports in front of them while they are just feet from the doors out. The people become terrified at the demon before them covered in blood holding a childs head by the hair. "Now then where are all you going?" he gives out a small laugh and says "Here I thought everyone was having fun with me! Heheh then here I will have to show you something more fun....hope you enjoy this as much as I will......." he tosses down the childs severed head and grabs the lady in the crowd by the arm not care that his claws are burning her flesh off slowly as she screams in pain. "Now, now.... you think this is painful? ....well I guess I'll just have to show you something better, considering I don't want you in pain do I now. So lets show you something different, is that alright with you?" The woman nods not caring what it is long as the pain being inflicted to her arm stops, while others telling her not to yes fearing that the demon has something worse in mind.

Zan lets her go, she looks at him in terror. "Ugh, you know what I am bored playing games enough of this!" He teleports out of sight the people start to calm down choking on the smoke more and more and they find the doors jamed. They go at the doors for minutes. And they finnaly give up. Out of no where Zan appears siting nicly on a table. "Oh dear I must have jamed the door wonder why on earth I would ever do such a thing.......wait I know! I don't want you to leave, though to bad you stoped trying it was fun to watch you put effort into something meaningless. So as to help myself out considering I have many other things to do. Lets get onto finishing this up already! I'm sure you have plenty of things to do today, and I'd hate for a bad nights sleep to kill your day.....or you." he walks up to the woman clowly and he grabs hold of her head and heats his hand up to 400 degrees and squeezes her face while laughing. The face starts to burn down to nothing and then he drops the body the ground. "So whose next" He ends up skining the remaining 2 peoples slowly and by dawn no one in the house was left alive and a childs head was missing. Zan got back home and is cheerfully sleeping with a childs head mounted on the wall next to other various severed heads of creatures in his underground. Zanar will be back the next night of fun with the citizens...
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Zanar Mithalkan Valexii
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