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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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Recently more villains have been entering into the fray even the playing field for villains against neutrals but there are still a surplus more of heroes than villains. Though the villains are certainly putting up a fight to further themselves very quickly.

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 Rules/ Hand Book

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PostSubject: Rules/ Hand Book   Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:23 pm

General Rules

Warning System

In the chat box you will receive the following when you break any rules, 1st a warning, then a 2nd warning with a kick, then a temp ban that will last based on the offense. If you get past to the temp ban and you already have been temp banned twice already you will be permanently banned.

As for breaking rules in threads you will be given 2 warnings before you are punished based on the offense but if you constantly keep breaking the same rules over and over again you will get a worse punishment each time you reach the punishment mark of breaking a rule.


From now on when you post you may skip others after 2 days. But you must attempt to contact them first. Upon this happening you may auto hit the character that is being skipped. After the second time of needing to skip them in the thread you may rp them leaving the thread though you must stick to their character. Keep in mind that auto hitting is a thing specifically if your character is in combat. If they are not in combat when skipped, an applicable alternative, such as the character simply staying silent during a conversation, may be substituted

If they feel that you didn't rp them leaving right then they may talk to you about how to change it. Though if they are just trying to make you remove auto hits, stopping knock outs, etc just to remove them then you have the right to say no. Though if it logically would not happen they they can suggest a different way of how their characters could be forced out of the thread.

Auto hitting will happen now in any thread where you fail to reply in time. For example, in a thread where it is stated at the beginning that you have 24 hours to reply before getting skipped you will be auto hit when ever you are skipped. To avoid the auto hit just post in time and don't join a thread you cant keep up with.

Though the skipping rules exception is if you recently have posted a leave of absence at that point it will be between you and the thread maker on if you should be skipped or not. If you feel like you were unrightfully skipped after having posted a leave of absence you may message a mod about the situation.

The only time there is no posting order is if it is either an au/what if? thread or a casual thread. At this point you can only post without order if you the maker of the thread point out that there is no order. Add to the title [NO] for no order or [NSO] For no standard order. If you don't do the standard order when putting [NSO] in the title post at the beginning of the thread what order system will be used.

Character Limit: Look at chart below to see what you are allowed to have when.  

Total posts you have.Total characters you can have
0 - 491
50 - 992
100 - 1993
200 - Onward4
Multiple Accounts

Try to stick to just one account, if you get locked out of yours or something along those lines we will over look it and you will not be in trouble. 

Canon Character

Cannon characters now will only be allowed in big site events. When looking for members to rp the cannon characters we will be posting up a thread of the listed cannon characters that one can apply for. To apply you must say who you are applying for and supply a 200 minimum word rp sample. You can apply for as many characters as you want but you will only be given one if you fit the bill.

The only time you will be given two or more characters will be if there are more cannon characters than applicants, and there is a second character you applied for that nobody else did. Keep in mind that your skill level with the cannon character will still be taken into account. During threads if you are booted out due to inactivity the runner up to the cannon character will then be allowed to rp the said cannon character.

There will be a thread posted up where it lists all the cannon characters and what threads they have been in, and a summed up version of the important events in each thread. The cannon character section will now be used to hold the cannon character apps that will list out the powers and skills of each cannon character in the same fashion normal characters are.

This way they will be fit to rp with the other characters on the site and you know how you can compare to each one. Though note that not many cannons will be de buffed, ad we will do our best to accurately list off off of their powers, skills, etc.

Face Claims

Here we allow members to use face claims from other shows and art from other people. Though we now only allow 1 character to have the same face claim unless it fits into the rp. A given face claim can become available again if the member using it loses permission to use it.

Though we do not allow cannon characters from other tv shows comics, etc. to be characters on our site. When making your character you must make sure that if you are using a face claim from other shows and what not that your character is at least mostly original and yours. If it is any less you will not be approved. When you make a character no matter your face claim being 100% yours/original or not you must post it up in the listings of face claims.

To get permission for the face claim to be yours you merely have to snag it by getting your character approved before others take the face claim. If you get moved to inactive and prove to be inactive for another 2 months you will loose your hold on your face claim making it up for grabs for anyone. Though if you have an original face claim that is 100% yours you will permanently have the permissions to that face claim unless you give to to someone else.

To have the same face claim as someone else you must ask them for permission and have an in character reason why they would both look the same. After you have this check with a mod and if they see the reasons as fitting they will allow you to have the same face claim. If you are just using the same face claim for another character of yours you merely have to pm a mod and check if your reasons are alright since there still must be an in character reason for them looking the same.

Loop Holes

If you find a loop hole in one of the rules and try to use it to avoid a rule you will be punished for doing so along with the punishment of breaking the said rule(s) you tried to break.

Chat Box

When in the chat box you are allowed to curse as long as it is not constantly coming up and up in like every sentence you type. You are not allowed to curse at someone by calling them names with curse words. You may debate in the chat box for as long as you want but if it makes others feel uncomfortable or you are being rude to another you will be asked to stop.


When you rp try to stick to PG13 levels because if you go any further some members may get offend by the contact of the text.  If you are caught going any further you will be punished. If you see anyone's RP going any further and continues on and no mods are aware of it yet please contact one of the mods to handle this problem.

Rating System

The rating system is a way to warn others before they join your thread. This establishes if they feel comfortable reading it as well, so that everyone can stay happy.
You will post the warnings at the end of the title of the thread in brackets [+++]. Examples will be given below.

[G]- Gore
[V]- Violence (You may choose G or V)
[P]- Profanity
[S]- Sexual content
[M]- Mild
[I] - Intermediate
[E] - Extreme

Now, for example, here is how you would warn others about your thread's content.

"Happy fun land (open) [EGP]" Meaning there is Extreme Gore and Profanity.

"Late night (Invite only) [MS]" Meaning there is mild sexual content.

Let it be known that this is a PG-13 site so no extreme sexual content. Anything too sexual can fade to black.

Miss Using Your Powers

This Rule is for all current and future mods. If you miss use the powers and status you have been given you will not only be punished based on what you have done but you will lose your ranking and place in the staff if what ever you did is bad enough.

God Modding

This rule is simple don't god mod. If you believe someone is god modding against you please before over reacting, check their character's app and compare their powers and skills with your character's and see if they should be this strong. You are asked to do this because some members may be stronger than your own in certain ways. If you believe they should not be this strong against your character do not reply to their post and pm a staff member about you situation and they will do their best to resolve it.


When PMing please don't send multiple PMs to mods about the same old question we will reply soon enough. If you have a question that you believe any member should know the answer to just log into the chat box and ask them if you want a quick answer.


This rule is simple treat all staff members with respect and we will return the respect back to you. If you disrespect a higher ranking person you're not only throwing away any chance of ever becoming a higher rank yourself, but you are breaking a serious rule here that can be punished. You will also probably loose the respect of others upon not respecting them. So please Just respect us and we will respect you.

Time Travel:

Time travel is allowed here BUT there are some rules about it to make it less confusing and well to avoid complications and confusions in plot. Also try to stick to time traveling for pure plot.

Time Travel/Future Sight: This is allowed but talk to all parties you will be traveling with or see into the future about before you say anything about their characters future because they may have something planned that you may not account for.

Future: The future is always changing and never set in stone so the future you see may not be cannon when you reach that future by normal aging means but it may be cannon for certain individuals for the time being.

Past: This will be handled in the same way DBZ handled it, for those who don't know how it was handled I will now explain. When you go to the past you can only change that presents future not your own. Meaning that you technically create a parallel world that's future would be affected by your actions not your own world. When you go to the future and come back you will just go to your normal past again that will once again break into a new world and so on and so forth.

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PostSubject: Re: Rules/ Hand Book   Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:34 pm

Joining a Team/Making One

To join a team you simply have to have at least 1 approved and active character you can use. Then go to the Team/Groups section ( LINK ) pick a group you want to join and check the description to see if they are currently accepting members (Some teams might not accept new members due to either just not wanting new members, being too full, or just imply want their team to remain just the main members.)

If they are accepting check to see if one of your characters would fit into the group and then read how you can join the team which should be added into the main roster thread for the team. If it is not stated just pm a member or ask a member on the cb how you can join. To make a team you simply post in the Teams/Groups section  with a description of your team, how to join, and its current members and title it [team name] (Pending Approval).

Members can be ones that are already teamed up in character or ones that are going to do so when you are approved. To be approved you must have 3 characters ready and willing to join the team and listed on your thread. You then pm any staff member and once they see that you have hit the  3 member requirement they will  tell you that you are approved and are an official team and your thread will be moved to the Official teams section.
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Rules/ Hand Book
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