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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Nina Vulpes

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PostSubject: Nina Vulpes   Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:02 pm

Nina in her fox form

Nina's human form

"Whats it like living in a comic book store? One word: awesome."

She has long reddish hair that goes down to her hips, she also wears a white plain t-shirt and plain boot-cut jeans, she also wears a pair of plain black all star converse with white shoe laces and white edging and underneath, she also wears a long hooded cloak that is made from cotton, the cloak is grey coloured and has buttons on it that follow along the cloak down to her knees, her ears are medium sized and so are easy enough to conceal underneath the hood, she also has five tails that are medium sized and thin (refer to her fox's form tail), at times she also wears a large punk styled puffy cap (will also add this when I try and draw her) her ears are about the same size and style as her fox form.

I will also try to draw her in the traditional Japanese kimono that she enjoys wearing when she doesn't have to hide herself from others.


Full Name: Nina Vulpes
Codename: Kitsune
Nickname(s): Ni-Ni or Vully
Alias (es): N/A
Age: 19
Birth date: 23rd of January 1994
Classification: Shape shifter/Kitsune
Affiliation: Neutral


Hair Colour: Reddish/Red Fox coloured, as her fox form she becomes a British Red Fox
Eye Colour: Yellowish brown
Height: 5'8
Weight: 112 pounds
Other: Has three whisker-like marks on her each cheek.


-Shape shifting from human to fox.
-Fox-Fire- Allows her to use flaming orbs of energy that are summoned on all five of her tails which she can then spin around and fire the orbs at her foes, the damage can knock them back and injure them, can cause bleeding and broken bones.
-Spirit Orb- Can summon a ball of energy in her hand which she can fire at enemies, this stuns her enemies and can be summoned much quicker than Fox-Fire, this can be used to simply stun her enemies to create a disadvantage in battle or to distract her enemy then allowing her to flee.
-Illusion- Allows her to create temporary clones of herself to trick her foes which can harm her enemies with punches and kicks and they can also mimic her moves but they can be dispelled with any kind of energy attack, elemental attack, superhuman strength and projectiles such as arrows or bullets, simple punches and kicks cannot dispel them, she can also create only five at a time.

-Becomes calm and submissive when someone holds out a set of Inari beads or the Inari symbol.
-Water and ice attacks will harm her about 150%
-Can be quite reckless and irresponsible at times.


Likes: Playing tricks, Japanese food, hiding, Japanese culture, having fun.

Dislikes: People who act too serious, people who don’t let her have fun, people who insult the Shinto god Inari.

Strengths: Smart, curious (if that can be a weakness or a strength), friendly

Skills: Can control her five tails independently to pick up things but cannot throw very heavy things.
-Enhanced Agility- Regular level of enhanced such as quick on her feet and general acrobatics such as able to quickly dodge when focused and general quickness.

Equipment: A Shinto symbol necklace is visible over the top edge of her shirt, it has the kanji 稲荷大神 written on the top bar and on the lower bar the name Inari Ōkami is written.
[The symbol on her necklace: http://webimages.auctr.edu/bost/shinto.png ]

Habits/Quirks: Enjoys dressing up in traditional Japanese kimonos but usually wears a long cloak hooded cloak or sometimes a big hat to hide her five large tails and fox ears.

Personality: Friendly and fun-loving, irresponsible at times and always wants to have a good time even in battle, tries to find fun in everything she does and can be a little cocky at times too.


Family: Born to a Kitsune mother called Kiki and human father who her mother had tricked with her human form, she then just lived in a den of other Kitsune who had also moved to England and disguised themselves as normal British red foxes.

Place of Origin: Somewhere in rural England

Current City: Jump City

History: Growing up in a den of other female foxes, her mother taught her about hunting and life as a fox in general, but she decided that she wanted to try and integrate into human life and so heard about different heroes around the world, hoping that she would be more accepted if she moved to Jump City, her mother also taught her about Japanese culture as it is a big part of her heritage, she traveled to Jump City when she was 15 and ever since then she has been living as a simple urban fox in the city, watching people's lives and trying to figure out how to act human, its only since she became 17 that she has decided to try and live among humans as a human herself, she also managed to get a job working in an anime, manga and comic book store as an advertiser, her tails and ears having given her an advantage as the owner simply thought she really liked cosplaying, but when she isn't handing out leaflets or selling things in the anime, manga and comic book store she hides under her cloak, having no excuse for her to be having five tails and a pair of fox ears on her head, she also has three whisker marks on her cheek which she tries to cover with her hood in public, but when she's at her job it just can be assumed to be makeup, her whisker marks look a dark brownish coloured compared to her pale skin.


Banana Utonium-Fruit Salad

Annie, Ellenia, Harmony-Winged Hope

Denica Sinokon-Hunter Demon

Nina Vulpes-Kitsune

Ayumu Ishimaru-Ice Neko

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PostSubject: Re: Nina Vulpes   Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:49 pm

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Nina Vulpes
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