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 Abenji Medici (Finished)

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Abenji Medici

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PostSubject: Abenji Medici (Finished)   Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:55 pm

"I was suppose to protect her, that was my mission, and I failed it. I failed her and my king. I shan't never leave this cave until she returns to me."

Abenji DeLaraunt Medici


Full Name: Abenji DeLaraunt Medici
Nickname(s): Aben
Codename: The Cursed Templar
Alias(es): Jenji Mausapaunt
Age: 20 (Permanent sense 1244)
Classification: Accursed Human
Affiliation: Lawful Good
Birthday: February 18, 1224


Hair Color: White
Eye Color: White, Red when using his curse
Height: 6'
Weight: 198
Other Traits: Abenji has a circular scar around his chest where the dragon, Chelroth, had taken his heart and inflicted him with a curse.


Powers: Medici only has the power of the cursed, or the Power of the Dragons. He is able to spew out fire from his chest to his mouth. The only way someone would know if he is using that power is if his chest was glowing red. His skin becomes toughened, like dragon scales, and he grows a pair of wings willingly. However, the power can only be used against beings of evil. Even if he tried to hurt someone who has good in their heart his powers would remain within him. Unfortunately, this was not so when he first had the power, and Europe was consumed with fire until 1245 when Abenji hid inside a cave. At first he refused to leave to protect the ones he loved, but it was when his mind became loose with thoughts not of his own that he decided to leave only when the Princess would order him to.

Skills: Abenji has learned how to survive out in the wilderness. He knows how to hunt, fish, and seek shelter. He has learned many arts from his time in the cave: Painting, Instruments, and Writing. Abenji was trained by Templars in the ways of fighting, honor, and justice. In the ways of fighting, he has learned how to use swords, shields, short and long bows, crossbows, maces, and bastard swords. Abenji knows several languages including French, English, Germain, Italian, Greek, Russian, and even Gaelic.

Weaknesses: Over the years, Abenji's mind has dwindled down the spiral of madness slowly to the point where he hears voices in his head and sees things others cannot see. His eyes often mistaken reality for imagination and vice versa. He would often charge into any fight involving evil, making it hard to control him if someone who is pure evil walks by. Abenji's emotions have become unbalance while his mind succumbed to madness. One moment he will be happy, the next he will be depressed about nothing at all. His powers are also limited to his emotions. When his angered in anyway, he starts spewing fire from his mouth until he calms himself. Abenji's stubbornness gets the best of him, sometimes refusing to give up with anything, other times refusing to do anyone's bidding unless they were of royal blood or had him take oath to serve them.


Sword of the Mausapant Royal Family: This weapon was given to Abenji when he was sent to France to protect a nobleman's daughter until she is to be wed. The sword was enchanted by a warlock who tried to open a portal to the Underworld. Sir Maredaun Mausapant had challenged the warlock to a duel. They fought, and Sir Maredaun had won, taking the blade for himself. The power behind it was that no matter where the wielder threw it, it will return to it's owner's hand. This blade could only be wielded if someone blooded the ruby on the bottom of the handle and speak the spells that are embedded into the blade, but this was kept secret from owner to owner.

Shield of Sir Maredaun: The shield of the legendary knight who had saved France and Europe from being consumed in darkness was said to be blessed by an angel and coated with the blood of a dragon. The shield can give off a strange energy and when someone would cast any spell or try to damage said shield, it would not break. So far, Abenji has found no way of breaking the shield.

Armor of the Templar: A simply armor with a red cross painted over the chest on a black cloth. His chain mail is coated in black paint. He would not wear a metal helmet as he feels it limits his sight and makes the voices in his head louder, so in it's place he would wear a cloth with a hood.


Personality: Abenji's personality is completely random. His emotions are random, his body movement is random, even his speech is random. He is often kind to people who are also kind to him. He is loyal to anyone who is of royal blood or wishes to give him vassal-ship (meaning given an offer of service towards a group).

Strengths: Abenji is a loyal and trustworthy when he is on someone's side, as he was taught to be by his Templar masters'. He is resistant towards evil and it's temptations, making him purely good. He is energetic, though lacking focus sometimes, but he drives forward, even if it's to his own death. Abenji is a fast-learner, which helped him learn anything there is in the world, even if time passes by.

Interests/Habits: Abenji has an unusual habit to twitch any part of his body at random because of his muscles spazing sometimes. He is always interested in swords and bows and would often create his own.


Family Members: None
Place of Origin: Paris, France
Current City: None, currently living in a cave, waiting for orders from the Princess.
History: Abenji DeLaraunt Medici was born in a small village in France, near where today's Paris would be. His father was an Apothecary who had a short relationship with a woman whom was a harlot. Abenji's mother fell ill after she gave birth to him and died of postmortem depression. Abenji was placed in a monastery where he was raised by French Monks until he turned 10. It was then that a group of Templars went into the monastery in search of a demon that was said to be hiding within the halls. Abenji stumbled upon said demon when he was entering the library and witnessing one of the monks turn into a monster and consume another monk. Abenji, whom witnessed this horrid event, could not move because of shock. The demon made his way to Abenji, about to consume the boy, but was stopped by one of the Templars searching the monastery. The Templar unsheathed his sword and leaped onto the demon's back, stabbing into it's spine repeatedly. The monster struggled until the Templar gave one final stab through the back of the monster's skull. The monster fell with the Templar kneeling on it's back, holding the hilt of the sword and his head tilted in prayer. It was on that day that Abenji wanted to be a Templar, to save people through action and not just prayer.

The knight that had slain the monster was Franzrick Cherche, a German native whom had joined the Templar order after a dragon burned down his village. Abenji had approached Franzrick after the ordeal, pleading with Franzrick to take him under his wing. Franzrick denied this, refusing to allow such a child to be trained by him because he felt no one should take on the task of a Templar, unless they have nothing to lose. Abenji refused his refusal and followed the group of Templars to Vatican City. When Franzrick and the group arrived at the Vatican, one of his pupils told him to turn around and look who's still behind them. Franzrick looked and saw Abenji, robes dirtied and torn, hair tangled and twisted, and a foul smell that forced some people to walk by faster. The Templar Master was impressed and waved Abenji over, who smiled wide and ran towards Franzrick. "If you become a Templar," Franzrick said "You will have to let everything that you have had go and never look back." Abenji simply shrugged and responded, "I have nothing."

Abenji's training began when he was eleven years old (because a year passed during the travel and the stay at the Vatican) and he loved every second of it. Mornings were dedicated to training the mind, evenings lunch, and afternoon was training. Franzrick tried as hard as he could to make Abenji change his mind about being a Templar, but it was no use. Abenji wasn't the one to surrender easily in the face of a challenge. It wasn't until he was 14 that he was allowed to leave the training grounds in Bayern, Germany. The Templar that he thought he would shadow refused (his master) and the one who was willing to allow him to Shadow him was an Italian Templar Knight by the name of Benji Mariconi. Benji was in the service of a nobleman in France whom had had trouble with demons and dragons. While Abenji and Benji were leaving for France, the Templar Knight decided to tell why the family has been having trouble. The King of the castle had trouble with impregnating his wife so he decided to go and make a deal with a Dragon Priestess to allow him to impregnate her in order to have an heir to his throne. The Priestess did so but when she gave birth, the baby was a girl. Before King Mausapaunt had a chance to deny the baby, the Priestess gave a prophesy, one which was only told to the King and no other would know. Instead of throwing the baby away, King Mausapaunt brought her to the castle and raised her, but the castle had a series of demonic attacks against it. Abenji barely paid attention to the end of Benji's tale, thinking about what this young Princess looked like.

Abenji and Benji arrived in the castle and remained in the service of King Mausapaunt for six years. During those six years, Abenji became a protector to Princess Diane, the accursed daughter of King Mausapaunt. He was given the sword of the family (Sword of the Mausapant Royal Family ) and the sheild (Shield of Sir Maredaun) in honor of him taking the oath (Benji had refused these gifts when they were presented to him, finding enchanted weapons as a way of cheating in a fight). They were the same age when they first met in the throne room of the King. She was sitting in her smaller throne next to King Mausapaunt. They had taken a liking to each other, Abenji showing her how to fight with a sword while Diane taught him Literacy (there were books in the Templar Training Academy but they were mainly for studying demons). When Abenji and Diane were eighteen they grew incredibly close to one another. Unfortunately, they both had to hide their love for one another, as a Templar bound in oath to her family he wasn't allowed to marry her or even love her. He was only supposed to protect her and her family. They kept their love a secret for two years until Princess Diane was to be wed to a Prince from a rival faction. Abenji felt heartbroken but he knew this would have had to end.

Abenji and Benji, along with forty soldiers and knights, were given a task to protect Diane until she is at the castle. When they left the castle, forty miles in, a shadow was cast upon them and a dragon landed in front of the Princess's carriage. The dragon opened the top of the carriage like a lid and took Diane out. The soldiers and Knights tried to kill the beast but the dragon simply breathed fire upon them, turning their bodies to ash. Benji tried to leap onto the dragon, trying to go to the weak spot at its neck but instead the dragon reached rolled, killing Benji with its weight. Abenji charged at the Dragon, throwing his blade towards its eye, which pierced through, blinding the dragon’s right eye. He held his hand out and the blade returned to his hand, covering himself with the shield. While the dragon roared and thrashed his head about, he dropped Diane, who screamed as she fell towards the ground. Abenji dropped his sword and shield and dove to save Diane. Instead she was caught by the dragon, who placed his hand on Abenji’s back, lifting him up some and turning him over, smashing his body into the ground. The dragon spoke, “You humans are stubborn creatures. Taking out my eye was a mistake you shall pay for.” He reached down and plucked out Abenji’s heart, breathing a small fire to replace the heart. “I curse you, human, to live in immortality and to bare the fire of the dragons. Until this one,” He lifted his hand up where Diane was grasped. “Becomes Queen of my people.” His wings expanded and the Dragon flew, leaving Abenji there to yell the Princess’s name.
Abenji did not return to the castle. His mind was filled with thoughts and his body was numb from shock. He tried to make sense of what had happened, but his mind was focused on something that he had not focused on, killing. His body became hardened like dragon scales and wings sprouted from his back. He picked up his sword and shield and wondered France, burning down villages in a blind lust for murder. His sanity came back when he was burning the castle that he had spent six years living within. He had the King’s body laid before him in a burnt corpse and all around were flames. He escaped the castle, retreating into the wilderness of Germany and hiding in a cave for other’s protection. He stayed within that cave until 1940 when a Nazi General, upon legends of a man with unnatural powers living within a cave, came to seek his help with the war. The General found a completely nude Abenji, staring up at a cave that was painted to match the stars. The General asked who the boy was and Abenji simply pointed at the armor, sword, and shield that were settled against the wall. The same weapons and armor described in the Legend. The General asked if he could help win the war for Germany but Abenji simply stared up at the painted stars, giving no answer. Later on, the General had left and came back with one hundred soldiers and three tanks. Abenji was naked when he walked out of the cave with just his shield in hand. After the battle, Abenji went back into the cave and hid there, the General placing several hundred guards at the entrance to keep Abenji in until the end of the war, which he believes is still happening to this day.

Sample RP

It was cold winter in Germany, the snow gently falling down to the earth like gentle parachuting soldiers, dropping behind the lines of Normandy. The wind was gentle, making the snow slightly slanted. A lone wanderer treads slowly up a hill towards the basin of the mountain in Bayern. The mountain seemed menacing almost, like it was looking down at the wanderer, wondering why he was here. The wind whistled sharply as it sped up, the wanderer stopping for a moment to hold onto his hat and keep his cloak closed. It was the coldest winter in Germany and the officer was wondering why he was sent to this icy hell to investigate rumors of the supernatural. He moved slowly forward, knowing that the Fuhrer would be disappointed in the General if he had not come back with some evidence of the supernatural They were in a desperate war, a war that was started on false promises made by a mad man. The General knew the Fuhrer was mad, but even madness makes a man strong.

The General felt the wind slowing down and as he looked up he saw a cave that had a small light at the end. The General squinted to see who was at the end of the cave but it was no use. Whoever was inside was too deep to see. He looked back out at the snow storm turned blizzard and back at the light. If someone was there, they would be nice enough to offer him heat, he figured. He walked down the cave, not know what he would find.

The tunnel seemed to last forever and the darkness around the cave made it hard to see how wide the cave was. As he etched closer, he saw the darkness fading because of the light, and he could see what was drawn on it. Battles. Cruelly painted as he walked further down the cave but soon the paintings were becoming more detailed. He looked to one side and jumped, seeing a realistic painting of a woman with long black hair staring at her. He sighed and laughed to himself, "Come on, Jupe, it's just a painting." He said to himself, walking down the cave closer. He finally came to the source of the light.

A camp fire was flickering and licking the air as it cooked a deer leg that was held above the fire by two sticks. The General blinked some and looked down at the deer leg, wondering who would be in this cave. "Beautiful isn't it?" A voice said past the fire. The General grabbed the butt of his pistol inside his coat and looked up, trying to find who spoke. He, unfortunately, found the source of the speaker. It was a boy, no older than his son who was eighteen, standing with his back turned, naked. The boy looked back and said. "I asked you a question. It's common decency to answer, is it not?"

The General shook away his shock and asked. "Why are you here, child?" The teenager suddenly jumped and spun, the fire launching past the deer leg, incinerating it from where it stood. "I asked you a question! You do not ask a question towards a question. Or have you Germans lost your politeness?" The teenager asked, squatting to the fire's level, smiling wide at General Jupe. The General jumped as well, still having his hand in his coat pocket, holding the pistol. The fire had settled down.

"What is it that you are referring to? The fire? This cave? The paintings?" General Jupe asked, his knuckles white from gripping the gun.

The boy pointed up and said. "The stars, silly? Are they not the most beautiful things you have ever seen. One second." He breathed in some, the fire going into his mouth and leaving the room in complete darkness. From the cave walls glowed white dots all over the cave walls. They were painted in the exact correlation as the stars above, but the General did not know this. "Ja, ja. They are beautiful." He agreed, still gripping his gun.

The cave lit up again and the boy was still squatting in front of the camp fire. He smiled up at him and tilted his head, leaning in some. "I am glad you like them. Benji has never liked my paintings and he hates these. Yes. Yes. He hates the stars. The sun. The Moon. Sometimes he hates me but he gets over it." The boy said, reaching over and picking up a doll made out of straws. General Jupe knelt down, staring at the boy, questioning the boy's sanity. "How long have you been in this cave?" The General asked.

The smile on the boy's face faded and he looked up at the cave ceiling in wonder. "What year is it?"

"The year is 1940." The General responded.

"Who is the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire?"

"The Holy Roman Empire is gone. Now it's just Germany and the Fuhrer. How long have you been in here?" He asked again, not sure why the boy would ask who the emperor of a long dead Empire would be. The boy looked down as if disappointed in something, like he was disappointed in himself. "Last time I checked what year it was...it was 1388." The General's eyes went wide when the child said this. He let go of his pistol and looked at the boy, examining any age marks. He found no traces of age but was looking directly at the scar on the boy's chest.

"Is your name," General Jupe asked "Abenji Medici?"

Abenji looked up at the General's face through the camp fire, his face expressed in concern. "How do you know my name?"

"It is because the Fuhrer has sent me to ask you for your help." The man said, walking around the fire and crouching next to Abenji. He placed his hand on Abenji's shoulder and said. "You could help the Fuhrer with that power the myths and legends have told." Abenji looked up at Jupe with a confused look on his face. Then he frowned and looked down at the camp fire.

"No. I can't hurt anyone who is innocent. I can tell. Yes. Yes. I can tell. A sixth sense? Part of my curse? No. I just know." He stood up and walked over to his sword and shield which were placed across the campfire, behind where the General had stood. Jupe sighed and stood up, walking around the cave. "Jew's aren't innocent. American's aren't innocent. French aren't innocent. They go against the Fuhrer and Germany. Abenji." He placed his hand on Abenji's shoulder again, like a father to his son. "Please, help Germany, help the Fuhrer."

Abenji looked back at the General, then at his weapons, then back at him. He then picked up his shield and smashed it against the General's chest, sending him flying to the cave wall. Jupe hit the wall, landed on the ground and rolled onto his back in pain. "I can tell who you are. An evil man with evil goals in mind. No one of good would declare everything their enemy, it is not right. It's...insane." He said, walking towards the General. He picked him up and tossed him away from the fire. "Leave and never return."

Jupe landed on the ground with a loud "Oof" and looked up at Abenji. He pulled out his pistol and squeezed the trigger. Abenji lifted his shield quickly and blocked the bullet, the noise vibrating around the cave and making Jupe's ears ring. Abenji growled lowly, his wings revealing themselves and his chest glowing. "Leave!" He yelled, breathing fire towards Jupe, who quickly ran out of the cave.

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Abenji Medici

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PostSubject: Re: Abenji Medici (Finished)   Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:05 pm

Sorry for the repost. Done!
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PostSubject: Re: Abenji Medici (Finished)   Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:31 pm

If you need a pic Ive got a pretty good one.

Otherwise, APPROVED

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PostSubject: Re: Abenji Medici (Finished)   

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Abenji Medici (Finished)
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