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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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Recently more villains have been entering into the fray even the playing field for villains against neutrals but there are still a surplus more of heroes than villains. Though the villains are certainly putting up a fight to further themselves very quickly.

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 Ekul Lannik

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PostSubject: Ekul Lannik   Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:46 am

"Where my shadow falls, there falls my foe."

Ekul Lannik



Full Name: Ekul Lannik
Nickname(s): Lenni
Codename: SoulStealer
Age: 21
Classification: Human
Affiliation: Evil
Birthday: 27th of June


Hair Color:Dark wavey brown hair
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6"2"
Weight: 172lds
Other Traits:


Soul Drain - Slowly drains somones soul, however, while draining somones soul he needs to hold them up against a wall in order for the soul to be drained effectively, this can be difficult if the person is stronger then Ekul, this is not to difficult as he isn't that strong. Also this can be a lengthy process depending on the amount of distraction around him
Soul Release - one of them being that he can use a soul in order to heal a body externally, however, the person is unable to move while they are being healed and this can take from anywhere between, 1 minute and 2 hours depending on how bad the wounds are.
Soul Assumtion - Can transform into any soul that has been drained, however, if they have special abilities he will not be able to use any of them.
Soul Reanimation - He is able to reanimate any person that has passed away, however, they are able to control what they say but not what they do, he can only reanimate 1 person at a time.

Skills: N/A

He is no more then a human with a fancy relic meaning that he is still very susceptible to damage.
He is by no means the strongest person so therefore his soul drain ability is very hard to use if they are even the remotist bit stronger.

Urn of Shadows - He gets all of his powers from this item - he has no inner power therefore meaning without it he is nothing but a normal human. He carries the urn on his back.


Although being quite a shy individual he loves to see other peoples pain around him, and although he can't take much of it he likes pain been given to him as well. He is quite an unusual individual simply because of the things he says and does, for example, if he sets his eyes on something he will go out of his way to get it. He likes to think it is either his way or the highway, in this way he is incredibly selfish.

Very intellegent in the fact that knows how to get reaction out of somone wether that be good or bad.
Very good at acting meaning that he can apear all shy and innocent when infact he really isn't

He always is playing with his hair - he normally does this when he is thinking as it relaxes him and gets him in the right frame of mind


Family Members: Both passed away due to going on a rampage with his lust for power.
Place of Origin: Sheffield, England
Current City: Steel City
History: As Chief Curator and Head of Acquisitions for the Arcane Archives of the Ultimyr Academy, Ekul Lannik was tireless in his pursuit of lost, rare and forbidden tomes and Artifacts. No cursed temple was so foreboding, no cavern path so treacherous, that any concern for his own survival could dissuade him from entering if rumors hinted that some pamphlet of primordial lore might still survive in its depths. As he was giving up hope for a certain artifact named the Urn of Shadows, he stumbled across the lore of the aztecs, which spoke of an urn which can drain he souls of any target he so desired. As he decended into the dark passages of El Dorado, he came across a demon named Baphomet, "I bestow this git to you, to wreak havoc in the human world as i can not set foot there as I would be destroyed." With this Ekul has been destroying peoples lifes ever since.
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PostSubject: Re: Ekul Lannik   Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:54 am

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PostSubject: Re: Ekul Lannik   Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:02 pm

Can he do other things while he steals a soul?
how big of injuries can he heal and can he only heal his own?
how long can he be in an alternate form and does he have to wait a while before changing again or can he just pop into another one?
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PostSubject: Re: Ekul Lannik   

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Ekul Lannik
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