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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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Recently more villains have been entering into the fray even the playing field for villains against neutrals but there are still a surplus more of heroes than villains. Though the villains are certainly putting up a fight to further themselves very quickly.

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 jasmine heart

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PostSubject: jasmine heart   Sun Oct 14, 2012 2:05 pm

(plez not i have this kind of based off my first charcter sartorius and my charcter from the other titan roleplaying site)
Full Character Name

Full Name:jasmine heart
Codename:dark angel
Classification:human but some say she is a angel


Hair Color:black and white
Eye Color:white
Other Traits:she has pair of black wings that she can use to fly with


(main)dark force manipulation:she can control darkforces like negative,reverse, and corupt forces there is a few limitations to this power though
Energy is extremely dangerous and destructive
Accidental release of negative energy may occur
Dark energy feeds off positive energy,and as such,they cancel each other out
even with those limitations she has turned this into her main power.

(main) wing manifestation:she is able to manifest wings that are attached to her body allowing her flight.they can protect from rear attacks. her limitations are
Because of the size of the wings needed, has to have enough room for both the lift-off and flight itself, not to mention enough speed to avoid stalling.
Flight-ceiling depends of both the density of air needed to fly and breath
the wings can only block from blades and arrows any type of projectiles that aren't arrows can get through her wings

(side)darkness energy blasts:has ability to release darkness energy attacks of various shapes and/or intensities she can release huge rays of pure energy she can generate blasts through weapons, tools or any part of his body. she has all the limitations of dark force manipulation plus a few limitations of enrgy blast
Firing involuntary reaction, released in constant stream.
can get exhausted when too much energy is used
can be over-charged/wounded if too much energy is used at once
he needs control to avoid unnecessary destruction

(side)Darkness Force-Field Generation:just like a force field she is able to create a shield, wall or a field to protect herself or someone else her limitations for this power is
she can only keep barriers up for only 10 minutes.
she require great concentration to keep the barrier up
she also Requires focus to create the barrier
this is one of her most hardest powers for her to use.

(side)sense manipulation: she is able to alter targets ability to interpret the world, by changing the way they see.
Visions: Illusion Manipulation

Skills:she is very good at cooking and she can also fight pretty good with his dagger

Weaknesses:positive energy because to much can negate her darforces, people with a strong mind because they can sometimes be able to brake her manipulation of there senses,people withe enhanced intelligence because they can see threw her sense manipulation, distractions because she needs concentration to make a barrier to protect herself or someone else when attacked, high altitude because if she goes to high in altitude then he can catch altitude sickness,and to much energy being put into her energy blasts because they can make her pass out or wear her out to quick if to much is put in to a energy blast also it could hurt her

Equipment:sHe carrys around a dagger inside of a black case on the side of his arm


Personality: She is cold, manipulating, cynical, strict, and bitter.she likes the darkness chaos, being alone,and money. she dislikes snakes, cats, bats, bugs, spiders. the usual mood she is in is a foul angry mood. she characteristics are the fact she is very reblius, she can keep a grudge, and does not like being around people that care about her.her thought process is very fast ..

Strengths:negative forces,corrupt forces,her wing, and her own anger

Interests/Habits:she has a bad habit of chewing on her finger nails and poping her fingers


Family Members:The only people in her family is his uncle john his aunt lily her mother her father and her little half sister may
Place of Origin:she was born in California USA
Current City:jump city
History:she was born with her wings everyone considered her as a freak when she was born her powers were in her since she was born but didn't come in until later she got the special gene from her mother. When she was 2 year old her parents got a divorce. Than when she was 5 she got her first power darkforces manipulation. When she was 6 her father met a woman online named lilly they just hited it off when they first met. When she was 7 her father got remarried to the woman he met online. When she was 8 her second power sense manipulation came in. When she was 9 her stepmother got pregnant giving birth to her sister may. When she was 10 her third power came in darkness energy blast. lilly was fine with dark force manipulation and her wings but when she got another power and may didn't she was mad at jasmine being special and may not. When she was 14 she got his 4 and final power darkness force field. When she was 17 she found a person named jacob smith that was ill she fell in love with him at first sight. Then one day when she was 18 jacob died because of her sickness.she decided to head to jump city she herd that it was a pretty nice city. but when he got there it was in worse condition then every one made it out to be or at least from her prospective it was worse then they described

Sample RP:as jasmine walked down the street she could hear the comments of the people she was walking past they were calling her a freak. all of a sudden someone ran up to and tried to stab her in the back luckily the blade was blocked from getting to any farther of her back she turned around as soon as she felt the pain from her wings she garbed the guy by the shirt and wrapped and pulled his ear close to her mouth whispering to him "now since im a civilized person i will let you go but if you ever do that again i will take you up so high you might as well be dead" she then released him. she knew her anger had gotten the best of her again and she was very mad at her self for it

sartorius' powers:
(main)darkforce manipulation
(side)darkness energy blasts
(side)flight:he can fly up to 30 minutes unless if he touches down for a few minutes then the time begins agin
(side)sense manipulation
Visions: Illusion Manipulation
he can turn off the ears of himself or other peopple
he can cause a mental pain that feels like a bone is getting crushed 2X over
Flavor: To cause a specific flavor to manifest
Scent: To cause a specific scent to manifest
(side)Darkness Force-Field Generation: he can keep a force field up for 10 minutes

Josephs spells:for full definiton and translation of his spells look at his charcter sheet http://scrpg.forumotions.net/t299-joseph-j-bowman
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PostSubject: Re: jasmine heart   Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:52 pm

please be more clear on her limitations on her dark force manipulation
how strong is her shield?
multiple times you she him instead of her or her instead of him the picture shows the charrie as a girl but whether shes a dude in descise is a little iffy now please clarify this but picking one or the other (one or the other meaning him or her)
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jasmine heart
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