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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 sara andrew

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the violet raven

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PostSubject: sara andrew   Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:44 pm

"Character Quote(Optional)"

Full Character Name


Full Name: Sara Andrew
Nickname(s):music girl,mistress of music,and miss.music
Codename:the violet raven


Hair Color:white
Eye Color:red
Other Traits:she is always caring a guitar with her


Powers:musical spell casting:she can use musical instruments to cast spells and manipulate reality in a small area.she can summon objects such as instruments amplifiers and even swords. creatures from the sky she can summon owls bat RAVENS and cardinals they can make get objects for her and they can scratch the opponet with there talons. enhance or debuff the abilities of others in the area she can only debuff and enhance the powers of people with sound and music abilites. and empower herself or others with musical powers they are temporary though only lasting 30 minutes.the instrument can heal targets around the area but it can only heal flesh wounds internal wounds can not be healed. her limitations are
she Requires a musical instruments.
she has knowledge on how to play the instrument. it has 1 other power that come with it

musical emphatic projection:is capable of projecting emotions onto others by playing music; for example, songs such as nursery rhymes may calm others. her limitation is Perspicuity and Sound Absorption nullify this ability.

Skills:playing the guitar,cooking,and writing music for the guitar

Weaknesses:having no guitar makes her powerless and Perspicuity and Sound Absorption nullify her musical emphatic projection ability.

Equipment:guitar it is used to give her abilities and if she gets mad can smack them up side the head with the guitar. if you can count it she also has a chip in her arm that allows her to control her music instead of acidently setting it off from time to time


Personality:Lilac is a calm girl with a cheery personality. She loves to play and write music is her favorite thing to do. She is always willing to help someone out if she thinks they need help and can sometimes go from one mood to cheery in an instant. Though she can be set off if someone messes with her music.she dislikes classical music and country music she also dislikes people who hate music.she is usually in a cherry mood but it is not rare to see her in a upset mood.she likes rock music,heavy rock,light rock, chocolate,and guitars.she usually thinks about only two things herself and music but if she is in a fight she will concentrate more on the fight then herself.her mental state is very sane.

Strengths:she is courageous,she is very good with music,and her ability to play the guitar

Interests/Habits:write music and play her guitar


Family Members: unknown
Place of Origin: unknown she was found on the doorstep of a orphanage
Current City:jump city
History:as a child she grew up in a orphanage.when she was 5 she was able to play the guitar.when she was 6 her powers started coming in every time she would pluck a string she would make a small explosion.when she was 7 she meet a girl from the school she was going to they became best friends when they met.when she was 8 her guitar broke and for Christmas she got a Gibson guitar that she got from her friend.when she was 9 she decided to show her friend her abilities by this point the explosions got much bigger. she accidently set off a to big of explosion and ended up hurting her friend.her friend went to the hospital for what felt like 4 weeks to her.

when she was 11 her friend wanted Sara to show her how well she had became with the guitar.she showed her friend how good she became but it once again ended badly instead of sending her friend to the hospital this time she sent her to the morgue.her friends funeral just so happened to fall on her birthday.so now every time on her birthday she always gets upset because of it being the day of her friends funeral.when she was 14 while she was was practicing on her guitar she once again set off her powers and made the orphanage explode by accident. in the accident 4 adults were killed 5 teens and 2 children.she kept telling herself that she should give up on the guitar but instead she kept on playing a decided to use it as a way to express herself.when she was 15 she ran away rembring what happened a year earlier.

while she was running away she meet a man.the man offered her help with her powers wanting help she agreed to letting him help her.the man built her a special chip that he injected into her skin. that helped advance her powers far more than what they would ever be at and she was able to choose when to activate her powers.he told her about a academy she should go to he said it would help her master her powers he told her the name was hive academy.so believing him she went to jump city and became a student at hive academy.she dawned herself the codename of the violet raven since her favirot bird the raven and her favirot color being violet.was not caring what side she was on just as long as she got help with her powers or at least she thought she was.

sample rp: Sara walked back and forth in the hall way waiting impatiently. for the man who only months before offered her help with her powers to finish on the chip. he had told her to be ready to get it injected in to her. it was finally time she thought as the door to the mans private lab opened up. "is it finished" said Sara to the man."yes it it now if you will please come into here and not touch anything" said the man as he lead Sara into his lab."okay sit down right here and take these you wont feel a thing" said the man handing Sara some pills. " okay sir i will and i want to say thank you for your help with my powers.' said Sara to the man. "Sara it was no problem no please look the other way as i inject the chip into your arm." said the man as he cleaned off a spot on Sara's arm."okay Sara you should fill a small pinch but not that big off one." said the man to Sara as he injected the needle into her arm and pressed down on the top of the needle."get out of there Sara cant you see this mans crazy find a different way to control your powers" thought Sara as the man injected the chip into her arm."okay it is done please sit there as the chip kicks in and the pills wear off i will go get your guitar so we can test it out." said the man to Sara as he left the room. Sara could start to feel the pills wear off before she knew it she saw the man in front of her holding her Gibson."okay here is your guitar now if you will you please follow me to the testing area i chose out for you." said the man to Sara. "im just wondering what if there are would be the side effects to the chip." said Sara to the man. "oh the side effects would be whitening of the hair and increase in your power nothing major no why do you ask." said the man. "oh no reason just was wondering" said Sara. "okay please go into that room right there and start playing try to set your power off the first time and we will do two trials to get your powers to go off by accident." said the man to Sara."okay i will" said Sara as she walked into the room the man told her to. as Sara looked around she could see that there was a mirror in there but she thought it must have been a one way window. all of the sudden the mans voice came over a speaker "all right please start playing now"."okay i will" said Sara as she pulled her guitar pick out of her pocket and started off playing her favorite song. as she approached the very end she set her power off a couple of times to see if the explosions would happen. as she got to the very end a loud boom came from behind her.when it was over the man came back over the speaker "okay now please just play a simple melody twice so we can see if the chip helped you or not." said the man. so as he told her she started back up and when the two melody were over there wasn't a boom at all. "okay you may come out now' said the man over the speaker. as she walked out of the room the man came up to her."i know a place that could help you with your powers" said the man. "what is this place called if it can help me then i would like to go." said Sara. "okay then the place is called hive academy its located in jump city. if anything goes wrong with the chip then you are welcomed back here and i will fix the chip or replace it" said the man. "okay i will" said Sara as she walked out the entrance that she had walked in when she firt met the man. (please note i don't post this long of a post when i role play it just so happened that all of this just flowed to me)
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PostSubject: Re: sara andrew   Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:10 am

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sara andrew
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