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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Spark - The Electric Girl

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PostSubject: Spark - The Electric Girl   Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:47 pm

"Only some of us have it. And even fewer have it like I do. It's called a Spark."



Full Name: Samantha L. Knight
Nickname(s): Zappy
Codename: Spark
Alias(es): Glow, Pulse
Age: 16
Classification: Altered Human
Affiliation: Good
Birthday: January 1st


Hair Color: Dark brown (Her hair turns electric blue when she uses her powers)
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'8”
Weight: 158.9 lbs.
Other Traits: Her body gives of the faintest of glows which can just barely be seen, if you look closely enough.



Sam has the ability to form electricity from her body. She can either electrocute someone by touch, or shoot electricity from her fingertips. It is easier by touch, and the result is a few more amps than the lightning she can shoot. By touch, she has enough amps to stun a rhino, about three hundred thousand amps, but using her max would more than likely put her in a near-death comatose state for the amount of stress it puts on her body.. Her lightning has the amps to stun a crocodile, only about one hundred thousand amps.. On some occasions she wears her gauntlets to fine-tune her powers to allow for one more amp. But they take a couple of days to recharge, so she will rarely use them. There are also other ways she utilizes her electrokinesis.
  • Static Cling'- Electrical wall crawling. This works better on metal surfaces.

  • 'Speed Battery'- If Spark were to store energy for a long time, say an hour, then she would be able to run at about 60 times her normal speed, about 80 mph. Without charging up, she runs at about 30 mph. Her reflexes are also quite fast from this heightened speed.

  • 'Power Punches'- Sam can use electricity to charge her kicks and punches. But this also leaves her defenses quite low.

Nerve Stimulation-
The ability to react with one's nerves through electrical signals. Sam can only use this ability while in contact with another person. This power also has a few uses.
  • 'Reboot'- Sam can use her electricity to make a person's mind 'reset', which would basically make them black out for about half a second, making them not know where they were or what they were doing for a moment or two. (This would only be used about once every ten posts)

  • 'Electric Massage'- Through contact, Sam could relieve all pain felt by another, but the effects would wear off after she stopped touching the person.

Intellect- One of her best weapons is her intellect. She has an I.Q of 174, making her smart enough to be in at least her 5th year of college at her current age. The mechanical gloves she wears occasionally, she built herself. She has the thinking capacity to solve several equations mentally at a time.

Athleticism- Sam goes to the gym at least an hour a day. She also goes running at night, so she has very strong muscles and lungs. This helps in defending herself in combat situations without relying on her powers all the time, and being able to run to safety if she needed to.

Diplomat- More often than not, Sam will take the diplomatic route, mostly with petty criminals she know can be reasoned with. Her reasoning skills are strong, probably from her high intellect.


One of her main weaknesses. Small amounts of water only fizzle on her skin, but being drenched or submerged will cause her to short out, and usually pass out.

Magnets- Magnets cause her powers to be erratic and not function nearly as well as normal. If in direct contact with a magnet of large enough size, she will lose complete use of her powers until she is no longer in contact with it.

Zirconium- Coming into contact with zirconium will cause her to lose control of her powers, letting out powerful discharges, and she will also feel extreme pain.

Boost Gloves- Her gloves allow an extra amp of power to be used. They take a few days to charge, so Sam tries to only use them for special missions.

Amp Pack- Small bombs that Sam charges herself, they give out about 10 amps, enough to put a small burn on someone.


Sam is like a normal girl when interacting with people she meets. She will act flirty, and bubbly, basically what she sees in girls her age. She tries not to act smart in public, only around people she is close to. She does this so boys she likes (she IS a teenage girl) don't think she's weird. But, around people she's good friends with, or family, she acts as she normally would, being smart and calculating.

Potassium- Potassium helps with her electricity levels and keeps her healthy.

Metal- Most metals can be used to conduct her electricity, allowing her to shock someone 40 yards away while not having to use her lightning.

Brain- Sam's brain calculates faster than most computers. And thus, many obstacles and challenges she comes across are easily solved by her thought process.

Wears glasses even though she has good vision
Will read a book she has read before, and act as though its a new story for her
Refers to villains as 'baddies'


Family Members: Deira Knight, Mother (Missing), Hank Knight, Father (Missing), Julia Knight, Sister (Deceased)
Place of Origin: Providence, Rhode Island
Current City: Seattle, Washington

Sam was born in a hospital just inside of Providence, Rhode Island. The delivery went smoothly, and after three hours, the Knight family had grown by one member. They named her Samantha, after her grandmother. The only thing that seemed strange was the slight buzzing that could be heard in their ears....

After a few years, Sammy grew like any other person, besides one thing- she was electric. Almost as soon as she turned two years old, she began exhibiting powers. She was shocking people all over the place, giving them child-hand sized burn marks on them. Soon enough, she was able to control it, but only through practice. When she was about 12, she started wondering where her abilities came from. Her parents were even more estranged by it. So, she looked up articles on the web, concerning the hospital she was born in and other recent news.

What she found shocked her. In the 6 days after her own birth, there had been several deaths of children born in the hospital, totaling up to about 40 deaths. The causes were unknown. Only three of the children born in those 6 days survived, Sam being one of them. She also found an article about a company called FutureTech, which around that time had built a machine that was supposed to help cancer patients survive using electric treatments. The article had said that thay were going to ttest it at a hospital, the hospital Sam was born in. But they stopped testing due to a technical error. The article ended there. This intrigued Sam. Did this have to do with her powers?

After another few years, the family moved to Seattle. Sam continued going to school. She returned to her house one day to find the house ransacked, her parents gone, and her sister, Julia, dead. Sam called the police, and they immediately looked for clues as to where her parents may be. In the meantime, she went to live with her aunt and uncle, who also lived in Seattle. She has since then taken up the superhero identity of Spark, and still actively looks for her parents. And she will start with FutureTech.

Sample RP
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PostSubject: Re: Spark - The Electric Girl   Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:16 pm

Congragulations you have made an insta approved app, and insta aprroved app is an app thats soo good it doesn't need fixing I've only see 2 apps like this (moon and hotwire) before and may I say congragulations o the insta approve dude!

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Spark - The Electric Girl
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