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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Charles Magnus

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PostSubject: Charles Magnus   Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:39 pm

"Science fact, you fool. The brain waves of a person are electromagnetic and thus, open to...influence"

Charles Magnus

Magnetus wears a white mask with red and gold styling over his face, a voice synthesiser built into it in order to hide his identity. He wears a blood red hood over it, which is attached to a tattered, red cape that covers both his shoulders as well as his back. He wears a pitch black kevlar body suit with grey highlights, designed for quick and agile movement and stealth, with metallic grey bracers and a steel grey belt, filled with tools and compartments.

Magnetus' Mask:


Full Name: Charles Magnus
Nickname(s): None
Codename: Magnetus
Alias(es): None
Age: 18
Classification: Metahuman
Affiliation: Evil
Birthday: 13th October


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Height: 6'2
Weight: 187 lbs
Other Traits: His eyes glow an burnt orange when using his powers


Magnokinesis: Charles has a near-limitless control of all forms of magnetism, capable of manipulating any metal nearby him to do his very biding. He can also create electro-magnetic pulses using his powers, capable of knocking out most electrical devices. He can also manipulate said devices using magnetic waves, such as activating programs within a computer or clear the computer's drives. His power of magnetism is so great, he is even capable of manipulating the iron within the blood of some individuals

Mental Control: Charles can halt the bodies functions by interrupting the brainwaves of another, forcing their body to cease movement, or in some cases, to completely rewire the synapses of a normal human, making their bodies responses wrong, e.g. trying to move your right knee curls your finger. Trying to blink straightens the finger. He cannot however, control the brain-waves of super-powered people from a distance and needs physical contact with the back of the neck in order to influence the brain waves.


Intellect: Charles is an extreamely intelligent person, capable of forming complex and intricate plans and machinery in a few moments. He is able to recognise the signals of a person's actions from the slightest of movements, and knows exactly where to focus his powers in order to get the result he wants. He also does research about those around him, be their friend, foe or just acquaintance

Acrobatics: Charles is a skilled acrobat and is capable of performing acts of great skill, agility and grace'

Coldness: Charles has a generally cold personality and thus, views those who do not follow him as pathetic or weak. He also holds great anger at any who try to stop him from doing his actions

James ALWAYS keeps some manner of metallic object on him in order to keep himself defended, be it a bracelet, a pack of ball bearing or such
He is also constantly tinkering with devices and machinery in order to create effective weapons that work in conjunction with his powers


Personality: Charles is an extremely calm and composed individual, remaining an enigma to both enemies and allies alike. As a result, not much is known of his true personality by anyone.

The epitome of an evil mastermind, he is clever and calculating, never coming into view unless he has the complete advantage. A master manipulator, he prefers to bait others into traps rather than directly confront them himself, and uses his powers to their fullest extent. Using his intelligence and charisma, he exploits his foes weaknesses and fears

Master Strategist: Charles is able to create complex plans and elaborate schemes quickly, and is capable fo thinking on the fly should there be an unexpected change in his plans

Martial Arts: Should his powers be nullified or fail, Charles is capable of defending himself or going on the offensive with strong martial arts skills, getting him in a position to use his magnetism

In his spare time, Charles designs and attempts to create weaponry, either for his own use or to distribute to others. For the right price of course, though he will always keep the better version of a weapon for himself, should the need for it arise


Family Members: Jack Magnus [Father], Lucy Magnus [Mother]
Place of Origin: Unknown
Current City: Jump City
History: Not much is known about Charles Magnus, other then his family owning one of America's largest producer of weaponry. A true enigma, Charles is known to attend confrances in the place of his parents, who often too busy to pay attention to the boy, leaving him to his own devices.
Charles takes great lengths in order to keep his 'activities' hidden, instead taking the persona of 'Magnetus' to hide himself
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Master poster
Master poster

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PostSubject: Re: Charles Magnus   Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:57 pm

I call this thread!!!

Opal Allison Welsh                  Roman Torchwick                   Ryuu Akibaa
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Master poster
Master poster

Posts : 1299
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PostSubject: Re: Charles Magnus   Sun Jan 27, 2013 7:04 pm

Okay, this character is so creepy!!! It's amazing!

To start off we need some basic numbers for the whole manipulative stuff. Nearby for you could be 30ft, but for someone else it could be 10ft... So a basic number for a couple things would be good.

Okay The whole blood manipulation thing is cool, but there needs to be a limit. The person your trying to control has to be able to resist, and Charles can't do this too often, that would be basically God Modding.
He needs a physical weakness, such as Superman can't touch Kryptonite.

Fix those things and you have a character Very Happy

Opal Allison Welsh                  Roman Torchwick                   Ryuu Akibaa
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PostSubject: Re: Charles Magnus   

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Charles Magnus
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