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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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In Character Date

Month: September
Year: 2016
Season: Fall


Recently more villains have been entering into the fray even the playing field for villains against neutrals but there are still a surplus more of heroes than villains. Though the villains are certainly putting up a fight to further themselves very quickly.

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PostSubject: Robin    Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:44 am

" There is good and there is evil. There are those who commit crimes and those who stop them. The two sides are opposite, as different as day and night. And the line between them is clear. Or at least it's supposed to be."



Full Name: Richard Grayson
Nickname(s): Dick, Bird Boy
Codename: Robin
Alias(es): The Boy Wonder
Age: 16
Classification: Human
Affiliation: Teen Titans
Birthday: Secret


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Unknown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 158 lbs
Other Traits: Hair is always spiked unless wet. Never seen without something covering his eyes.


Powers: None.

- Martial Arts Expert: Robin has trained with the master of true martial arts and picked up skills from combat with multiple others. He is as skiled or at least on par with the best hand to hand fighters in the world, human or otherwise.
- Detective: Robin has been trained to notice things in his surroundings that normally escape the notice of others, allowing him to find clues to crimes, puzzles, and read people fairly easily.
- Slealth: Robin is pro at sneaking around and being undetected, disusing himself, and escaping traps.
- Acrobatics: Robin is arguably the best acrobat in the world and can perform any feat. as long as it's humanly possible.
- Master Thief: Robin will often be found with things the enemy nor his allies saw him take. In addition, to being able to hotwire vehicles and hack most machinery.

- Humanity: Robin is affected by everything normal humans are; including aging, chemicals, fatigue, injury, sickness, the elements, etc.
- Over competitive: Sometimes Robin allows his desire to succeed override his better judgement and takes things too far in order to gain victory.
- Rules: Robin has a set of rules he operates by; no killing, no guns, and every life is invaluable. This restricts him from using methods that would be more effective than others.

Equipment/Utility Belt:
- Bird-a-rangs
- Collapsible bo-staff
- Explosives
- Flashlight
- Grappling hook
- Makeshift bird-a-rang sword
- Anesthetic/knock out gas
- Flash & concussive grenades
- Marbles/tacs
- Electric discs
- Gasmask/rebreather
- Smoke pellets

- Element resistant cape
- Kevlar armor

- R-Cycle: Motorcycle with missiles and other gadgets built in, which can also break apart into different machinery and shoot grappling lines.
- Glider: Robin uses to fly sometimes assisted by rocket boots
- Helmet: Safety first when on vehicles


- Heroic: Robin is bound by his moral code and will sacrifice his body and well being at a moments notice to save lives, whether that be his teammates or pedestrians. All life is sacred and he would never take one.
- Strategic: Robin thinks of life as a war zone; he sees his surroundings and others as obstacles, targets, allies, innocents, etc. This helps him use his surroundings for battle or free running and helps him distinguish friends, foes, as well as goals. In addition, to always being prepared for a fight, making it hard to sneak up on or surprise him.
- Fearless: Robin is a take charge kind of guy, and will leap while he looks. He doesn't hesitate and knows what he's capable of at all times.
- Kind Hearted: You would think the leader has to be tough all the time for everyone, but Robin is also the kind of person you can confide in and have heart to hearts. He gives good advice and is also not judgmental as well as very understanding.

- Natural Leader: Robin is a perfect example of leadership material. He takes responsibility for his actions and lives by an unshatterable moral code.
- Willpower: Robin is very competitive and has a never give up sort of attitude, which aids him in leading others and pushing his limits.
- Genetics: Robin is the son of one of the worlds top acrobats and has inherited his near perfect physical physique, other than his short stature.
- Intimidation: Robin can instill fear into his opponents without actually hurting them, a trait not easily achieved.

- Signing note cards at the library
- Rigorous training
- Solving cases
- Eating Pizza
- Starfire
- Saving others
- Fighting Evil
- Sports
- Videogames
- Sunrises


Family Members: All Deceased
Place of Origin: Gotham City
Current City: Jump City

Robin was born to 2 acrobats who were killed by a mob boss at a young age when he rigged the trapeze wire during one of their performances. He was then taken in by Batman and trained under him to take vengeance, disperse justice, and use the night as his weapon. However, as time went by Robin tired of Batman's brooding ways and never fully trusting Robin to do anything on his own. He eventually left Gotham and tried a solo career in Jump City. Upon finding out Batman knew which mob boss killed his parents and never told him. However, no sooner did he arrive there, did he cross paths with a rampaging beautiful alien and 3 other metahumans that helped her escape the clutches of evil aliens trying to hunt her down unlawfully. On that day they formed the Teen Titans; Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin as their leader. For the next year the team seeked out crime, fought evil, and defeated anyone that terrorized the weak and prayed on the helpless. Some of their greatest enemies being the Hive 5, Trigon, Blackfire, Brother Blood, The Brain, and worst of all Slade...Plus the betrayal of temporary member Terra. Along the way though, the team made just a many allies as they did enemies and now Robin finds himself the leader of multiple factions of Titans spread all around the continent/world. So now there's nowhere evil can hide, as long as the Titans are ready to GO! and stand TOGETHER.

Sample RP
It was a normal day in Jump City's Central Park, at least until Mad Mod decided he wanted to educate the kids on what a real game of football should be like. The kids were under attack by Rugby players manufactured by Mod himself. The robots were nearly 10 feet tall and had engines in them to make them run faster as well as wheels on their feet.

"Well, well my lil duckies. How does it feel to be playing a real man's sport now, eh?"

Suddenly from above 2 bird-a-rangs went zipping past Mad Mod's head and then crossed each others path before colliding with the heads of 2 of the Rugby robots. Then once lodged in, they both emitted an electromagnetic shock, causing the robots to shut down and stop them dead in their tracks. Meanwhile, up above Mod turned to find the silhouette of Robin staring back at him from the top of a tree.

"Sorry Mod, but I'm calling foul here and your punishment's going to be 4 years in the penalty box."

Mad Mod then used his cane to refocus all his robots on Robin, then as they charged towards him Mad Mod taunted the boy wonder.

" Look the Red Robins decided to show up. Little birdy, there's no way you can beat my team all by your lonesome. Go Home."

Robin smiled and then pointed to the trees behind him, where multiple other Titans were stationed just waiting for the order.

"Who says I'm alone? And in case you haven't noticed, you're on our turf Mod and weve got home field advantage. TITANS GO!"

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PostSubject: Re: Robin    Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:44 pm

Wow you really do know your Robin facts this app is so awesome it is insta approved! which means it's....

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