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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Rush's Story (Comments welcome)

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PostSubject: Rush's Story (Comments welcome)   Tue May 14, 2013 1:08 pm

Best day before the Worst!

A 14 year old girl with blonde hair who wore a red Flash T shirt under a yellow winter coat like vest, red fingerless gloves yellow cargo shorts, red high tops, a red book backpack, and her hair was in 2 braids but only braided near the ends of her hair. She held onto some books in one hand under her arm as she runs down a hallway of the middle school in Central city. “Hey Zoey!” One kid yells to her as she passes ”Hey!” she’d yell back to many other people as she passed them.

A kid kneels down to tie his shoe and Zoey jumps over him with ease as she keeps on running. “Whoa what’s the big rush Zoey?” A teacher asks as she nears him. ”I’m gonna be late to class!” She replies as there is only 1 min till the bell rang. Zoey ran up some stairs then down the hallway 15 seconds left and Zoey barely makes it to class with a min to spare. Zoey puts her hands on her knees panting as the bell rang a group of kids walk up to her laughing.

“The Rush makes it through the door with only a second to spare winning the race as the crowd goes wild!” A girl says smiling as the rest of the group makes cheering sounds doing down touchdown dances and chest bumping. Zoey laughs standing up straight high fiving her friends pretending to get a trophy. Many people in the school called Zoey The Rush because she was always Rushing everywhere and Zoey gladly took the name.

Zoey looks around then at her friends. ”Wheres the history teacher?” Zoey asked seeing all the other kids socializing but no teacher in site. “She got sick last period and the principal still hasn’t gotten the sub but I don’t think he’s going to.” A boy says in the group of friends. “How come?” Another replies “Last period of the day duh! And not to mention last day of school!” He answers with a large grin “Last day! Oh yeah!” The group of friends all then do the very very old dance move Raise the Roof before laughing. They like to use old dance moves in school as a joke mainly because the moves looked funny.

Zoey sighs after the dance before smiling. ”Man I’m gonna miss you guys this summer.” Zoey said as one of her friends get an oh yeah face “That’s right you’re heading to that sports camp for the summer I almost forgot.” One of the male friends she hand put an arm around her shoulder and smiles. ”Well you don’t have to worry about missing me. I am going to the same camp after all” The boy said with a wink.

The boy had brown hair and brown eyes his skin flawless and his hair a little long. He wore a black short sleeve dress shirt over a long sleeved green T shirt. He wore baggy blue jeans with black boots. The boy looked pretty fit for someone his age. Zoeys smiles at him ”Totally Turbo you got in!” Zoey said happily ”Noooo they were going to let in one of the best athletes at the school in.” He says in a sarcastic tone with a laugh at the end.

The rest of the group laughs and continue to talk as the bell rings ending school the group stands outside the school all of them waiting on rides to get home as a blue car pulls up and a guy who looks like the boy who had put his arm around zoey earlier but older, shorter hair, and a bit more muscular pops his head out the window.

The guy wore similar clothes to his younger brother and he shouts out with a grin. ”Hey Zon get your butt in the car we gotta get home and pack for camp and dad has to pee!” He said popping his head bad in the car ”Bye guys!” Zon said waving good bye having his white backpack over one shoulder and hops in the car.

The car drove off fast as another pulls up picking up the last 2 boys of the group leaving 2 girls and Zoey. One girl sighs “Man Zon’s brother Torn is so hot” The girl says “And dreamy too!” The other says as Zoey shrugs ”Meh not my type.” The girls grin “Oh yeah thats right you only like cute nice guys who are fast.” She said in a teasing tone ”Dang straight!... uh hey what time is it”

One girl pulls out a phone looking at the time. “4:15 why?” Zoey runs off hopping on her skateboard with a lighting bolt spray painted on it. ”Gotta be home before 4:45!” Zoey yells as she kicks off the ground more to go faster on the skateboard. Zoey pops in some headphones as she rides down the sidewalks all the songs about going fast and racing around. Zoey rides around in a circle around a girl with black hair and wore gothic clothes that had a strange tattoo on her wrist that looked like one of those greek letter things. Who looked a little older than Zoey.

”Hi Sarah Bye Sara!” She said as she rides off nearly dodging a punch in the face. Zoey laughs ”Lemme know when you have moved past that personal space issue you have!” Zoey says jokingly ”Let me know when your past yours!” The girl spoke in a southern accent. Zoey laughs at the accent she had been bothering Sara ever since she moved to Central city and ever since she learned who her mother is or was.

Zoey rides off down the street and sees the fastest kid in school Kenny Tronder Zoey sighed smiling a bit wondering if he was going to the same camp as her nearly every sporty kid in the city was. She hears a honk and sees a car coming at her. Zoey screams a bit as she jumps on the hood of the car running over top of it hopping off barely landing on her skateboard ”SO TOTALLY TU-” Zoey runs into the just now parking car of her parents and falls on her back.

Her dad comes out as Zoey rubs her head helping her up. “Are you ok Zoey?” he asks ”Ow... so totally not turbo...” Her dad laughs a bit patting her on the back as her mom walks over smiling handing Zoey her skateboard. ”Thanks mom...” Her mom kisses her on top of her head smiling. “Man am I going to miss seeing you rushing around all the time this summer.”

They start to walk inside Zoey holding her head with one hand holding her skateboard with the other her dads hand on her shoulder. ”I’m gonna miss you too mom both of you. Thanks for letting me go to Camp instead of staying home like we always do.” Her dad laughs messing up her hair a bit as they get inside the house. “How could we say no to, in the words of an inspiring young woman, someone as totally turbo as you?”

”Thanks dad! So what’s for dinner?” Her parents laugh as they enter the kitchen and Zoey puts her skateboard and book bag down. “Zoey why are you always hungry?” Her mom asks. ”I’m not always hungry.... sometimes.... so what’s for dinner?” her parents laugh again and Zoey smiles as she sits down at the kitchen table. “We as bbq and the Montoruses are coming over to celebrate you kids being out of school.” Her dad says.

Zoey sits in the chair backwards resting her chin on the back of the seat. ”Zon and Torn are coming over? Cool... hey why don’t we invite over the Lamires too? I’m sure Sarah and her mom would love bbq.” Her parents look to each other with sad eyes then back to Zoey. “Look sweetie the Lamires aren’t really the socal types... “ Her mother said making Zoey frown. ”Oh... “

“sweetie how about you go make sure you have everything for camp tomorrow and we’ll call you down when the Montoruses get here.” Zoey slowly gets up putting her chair back in place and grabs her stuff ”Sure thing dad...” Zoey Heads up stairs and into her room. Her room had a bunch of posters of current day and old Speedsters. Zoey moves some of her stuff from her backpack to her slightly larger backpack and gym bag for camp.

Zoey was stuffing her backpack for camp full of snacks just in case when he heard her dad call for her. ”Hey Zoey if you don’t get your butt down here I’m coming up after you I wanna have a race!” Zoey smiles at the thought of a race and runs down stairs running up to Zon ”How long till fod is done dad?” Zoey asks smiling “30 mins!” Zoey thinks real quick then smiles ”Were gonna go race to the park and back real quick!” Zoey shouts to her parents “Stay safe sweetie!” he mom hallers as the two run out the door.

By the time they get back the food was ready and Zoey beets Zon to the door. ”HAHAHA what’s that score again? Oh yeah its Zoey 4,895 and Zon 3.089!” Zoey said gloating ”Bet I could beat you in a food eating contest!” Zon said smiling ”You’re on!” Zoey says smiling “whoa whoa whoa you two can we just go 5 mins without the constant competitions?”The two and sigh shaking each others hands and call a truce for the day.

”See yeah tomorrow Zon you too Torn!” Zoey says the sun already down as she shuts the door. “Bedtime sweety you need all the rest you can get for tomorrow.” Zoey nods and heads off to bed ”Night mom night dad love you guys!” Zoey said putting on her flash pj bottoms and yellow tank top crawling in bed and goes to sleep after about an hour of thinking about Sports Camp.
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Rush's Story (Comments welcome)
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