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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Opal Welsh (Done)

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PostSubject: Opal Welsh (Done)   Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:09 am

"Breaking rules are for those that didn't have proper mothers."

Opal Allison Welsh


Full Name:
Opal Allison Welsh
Ally, Lil bean, and Missy.
Human Witch
Lawful Good
TWR Username


Hair Color:
Eye Color:
120 pounds
Other Traits:
-Her hair is always in a crazy bush
-She has an array of freckles


Magic Spells

She has the ability to make things up to 300 pounds levitate and move around for 10 minutes. She move lighter things 10 mph through the air and heavier things only 5 mph.

Projection Shield
Opal can create a shield 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide for 10 minutes. It takes at least 300 pounds of force to break it. She has to wait 5 minutes before doing another one of these spells.

Voice Projection
She can use this on herself or others, tapping their throat and allowing them to speak as loud as a megaphone.

This spells makes her or an area up to 100 feet around her invisible for 10 minutes. She has to wait 5 minutes to do this spell again.

Protection Ward
This is a low level protection ward that can be cast down in a circle around a 50 foot area. Once an enemy crosses the boundary, it immediately warns Opal of their presence.

Shrink Spell
This can shrink said person down to 10 inches tall and it can last for 20 minutes. She can do up to two people at a time.


Mimicking Potion
This potion needs a hair from the person you want to look like, and once finished must be consumed. It last for 24 hours. This mimics their appearance only, not their voice.

Mimic Death
This potion, as it's name, mimics death. You need a BloodFlower, found in most middle eastern countries, for it to work. It stops your heart beat almost completely for 24 hours, allowing you to mimic death.

Minor Healing Potion
This potion, once consumed, can heal basic internal and external wounds. Things like fractures, small gashes, and mild internal bleeding, will all take 10 minutes to heal after consumed.

Diminishing Pain Potion
This potion, once consumed, will remove all the physical pain the consumer is feeling. It doesn't fix the problem, but it can help if they need surgery or such. It lasts for an hour.

Erumpent Potion
A potion, that once finished, can be thrown to cause a fiery explosion. It's explosion is half the size of a TNT explosion and handling it can be very dangerous.

Fire Protection Potion
Once consumed, the consumer will be protected from all fire up to 1000 degrees F. for 30 minutes.

Water Breathing Potion
Once consumed, the consumer can breathe under water for an hour.

-Photographic memory
-Knows English, Sign Language, French, Greek, and a little bit of Latin
-She's ambidextrous
-She's a great sewer/knitter

Physical Weaknesses:
Frail human
Opal doesn't have any particular special powers that allows her to be stronger than others. She can't fight without magic, and anything that can kill a human can kill her.

Broken Wand
Breaking her wand or even taking her wand away from her will enable her to not do any magic whatsoever, it will leave her powerless.

Dark Magic
Being a good witch, she is extremely affected by Dark magic. It is something that could kill her almost instantly, rendering her useless.

Mental Weaknesses:
Threatening family
Threatening her family will make Opal almost stop dead in her tracks. She cares for them deeply and doesn't want any harm to come to them.

Not a lot of confidence
Opal doesn't have a lot of friends and rarely believes in herself, pointing out these flaws will take a toll on her.

Magic Wand:

Book Of Spells and Potions/Diary:

Her talking cat Tubbs:

(This satchel is a gift from her Aunt who cast a spell that makes it bigger on the inside than the outside. It's roughly the size of a bed on the inside, allowing it to hold as much as she wants.)

-In her home she has an array of potion ingredients


Opal is very caring and sweet, she is always one to play by the rules and doesn't like not going by the book. She never does something that she isn't supposed to, and breaking rules is out of the questions.
However, despite her caring nature, Opal can be quite witty and very sassy. She always has something to say.

-Her photographic memory
-She's very intelligent
-She's very friendly

-Learning new spells
-Talking to her cat
-She is usually messing with her hair out of habit.
-Opal prefers to use magic for mundane tasks, making her stick out more.


Family Members:
3 Older Brothers
Place of Origin:
Limerick, Ireland.
Current City:
Opal grew up among 3 older brothers that were strong wizards in her family. Mind you, her entire family was strong in magic, but she leaned more towards potions.
Growing up in Ireland meant you were near a prestigious magic school and she already had a reputation to up keep due to her three older brothers being in it. Her oldest brother graduated already and has a job in Magical creatures while her twin brothers take their time in this school very seriously. Opal attended for a year but decided it wasn't for her, she wanted to study abroad, learning things the old fashion way instead of sitting in a class room.

Her parents understood and eventually sent her off to StarCity where her Aunt owned a famous Wizarding potions and magical ingredient shop. Opal arrived at the age of 9 and has been studying under her Aunt ever since, managing the store when possible and traveling to find new potion ingredients in most of her free time. However, her Aunt decided that it was time for her to take on her biggest challenge of all, Mundane Highschool.
In a place like StarCity, where people didn't like Meta Humans or magic users, this was going to be harder than ever.

Opal Allison Welsh                  Roman Torchwick                   Ryuu Akibaa

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PostSubject: Re: Opal Welsh (Done)   Wed Jan 13, 2016 9:56 pm

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Opal Welsh (Done)
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