Teen Revolution

Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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In Character Date

Month: September
Year: 2016
Season: Fall


Recently more villains have been entering into the fray even the playing field for villains against neutrals but there are still a surplus more of heroes than villains. Though the villains are certainly putting up a fight to further themselves very quickly.

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 Jennifer Nicole Necowl

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PostSubject: Jennifer Nicole Necowl   Wed Jan 13, 2016 7:56 pm

"Why is bewilder in the name? Well cause it fits cause it's how I make you feel. Well your confused why its in my name right? Then it works!"

Jennifer Nicole Necowl


Full Name: Jennifer Nicole Necowl
Nickname(s): Jenny, Jen
Codename: Scythe Bewilder
Age: 16
Classification: Human
Affiliation: Neutral Good
Birthday: November 20th
TRW Username: Shadow_Butt_Cheeks


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 112 lbs
Other Traits: N/A




  • Master Hacker and Programmer
  • Advanced Acrobatic Skill Level
  • Advanced Skate Board Skill Level
  • Advanced Mountain Climbing / Wall Scaling Skill Level
  • Basic Hand to Hand Fighting Skill Level
  • Basic Dual Chained Scythe Fighting Skill Level
  • Professional Singer Skill Level
  • Professional Violin Playing Skill Level

Physical Weaknesses:

  • Human: Jennifer is 100% human so naturally anything that could hurt any other human can easily hurt her.
  • Tech and Gear: Much of her fighting, defenses, and traveling capabilities are Tech orientated which means with out them she is at a larger disadvantage.
  • New To the Crew: She is rather new to being a hero and fighting making her skills not all that advanced making her not the best fighter.

Mental Weaknesses:

  • Loved Ones: The standard weakness for any hero who actually cares, which would be they are big on protecting the ones they care for which could be used against them.
  • Insects: She has a major phobia of bugs this includes spiders but not scorpions.

Equipment: Black and blue hover board with rocket thrusters: The hover board is about a foot in with, 4 ft in length and 3 inches thick. In the hover board are rocket thrusters that work like a speed boost that can last for 30 seconds straight before needing a 2 minute cool down. The hover board hovers 5 inches off the ground unless a button is it on it to make it lower down (Which also goes for going back up into the air).

These buttons are found on the sides of the front foot panel while the thrusters are by the heel of the back foot panel. The hover board can run for 24 hours straight before needing to be recharged with electricity for 4 hours. The foot panels are magnetized to help the user to not fall off and to turn off the this function you just have to press the button by the toes of the back panel.


Metal Plated Boots: These boots work as steel to boots but the soles have an inch of metal in them with a thin rubber layer on the bottom and between the main shoe and the metal plates that  allow her to stay on her hover board easier and kick harder.

Main Mask: This mask can pop out a light blue lens that covers her eyes that protects her eyes like any standard goggles do and make her eye color look light blue and tinting the rest of that area of her face look tinted blue. This mask also alters her voice to a deep toned woman's voice. The front part of the mask also filters out  the air like a standard gas mask and allows her to filter out air in water.

Dual Chained Scythe: Over all these are just normal 6ft chains connecting 2 normal scythes. But there is a button hidden at the bottoms of the handles that push out strips of metal over the sharp blades to make the blunt to work like non lethal weapons. If you flick the weapons just right you can also snap the blade from their normal angles done over the handles like hand guards and back again.


Personality:Jen is not too social in person and can be rather shy and timid. She tends to stick to herself when in public when its just her out there but when with others she knows she usually either just sticks close to them or talks to them. With friends she talks a lot to say the least and she is known to be a smart ass at times. Jenny is a hero though if she knows that someone is a good person and what they are doing isn't thaaaaaat bad she won't really stop them at times and just act casual about it and even accept their help at times.


  • Hacking
  • Programming
  • Singing
  • Playing The Violin
  • Acrobatics
  • Skateboarding
  • Problem Solving


  • Hackin, Programming, and Playing video games
  • Skateboarding and other physical activities
  • Preforming music
  • Rabbits, but more importantly her pet rabbit Alcrid


Family Members: Jane Necowl (Mother) Mike Necowl (Father) Addison Lane Necowl ((Twin Sister)Your_Left_Nostril)
Place of Origin: Star City
Current City:Star City
History: Jennifer grew up living a rather normal life and a rather happy one. She spent much of her time spending time with her twin sister learning how to play the violin while she learned to dance often practicing together, she learned how to program while her sister learned how to build due to the two never liking toys in stores too much and wanting to make them more 'interesting' and she helping bleach her sisters hair and taking the blame while her sister helped her cut up and redesign her clothes and took the blame.

A few years ago though she got another friend who quickly became her other best friend, Laney, who the two now commonly preform music together in their two man band. After the raise of the teen revolution Jenny decided she wanted to become a hero as well while her sister wanted to abuse the situation and make gear for the heroes and then sold the addresses to villains and gangs online. Though despite this the two still stayed very close and Jenny letting her sister do what she wanted while keeping her online friends well informed not to buy from her and her sister making her gear for her for free.[/center]
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PostSubject: Re: Jennifer Nicole Necowl   Wed Jan 13, 2016 9:49 pm

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Jennifer Nicole Necowl
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