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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Robot Sniper

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PostSubject: Robot Sniper   Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:41 am

"Hmmm hm hmmm hm hmmm hm hm."

Robot Sniper


Full Name:m11p217
Nickname(s): Robot Sniper
Codename: m11p217
Age: 0 (Only activated very recently)
Classification: Assassination Robot, built by DAR in the Kezz asteroid belt.
Affiliation: Unalligned (no knowledge of morality). Functions as Chaotic Evil under instruction from Deviant Assassination Robotics (DAR).
Birthday: Activated January 13th.


Hair Color: n/a
Eye Color: Red
Height: 6'6”
Weight: 400 pounds (he's very dense)
Other Traits:
His head looks like a WWII helmet, with a face mask in front. You might think by his head that he could be human, except for the glowing red eyes peeking out from beneath heavy shadows. His body looks human enough, though a bit thin. It is covered in black, dull metal. Hidden beneath his metallic shell, his most notable systems are his: power supply system,repair system, memory chip, navigation system, and his processing unit.


Built Strong
-He can lift up to 5 tons. His physical attacks are very destructive against normal humans. He can break through brick walls if he needed to, but would damage himself in doing so.
-He can run up to 20 miles per hour, and jump up to 20 feet in the air.

Armored Frame
-His metal shell can withstand a high amount of physical damage. Bullets will still harm him, but melee weapon attacks by normal humans will probably bounce off of him.  
-His body will repair itself within 5 days, as long as his central repair system is not damaged.

-Immune to poison, disease, radiation, and other things that would only affect carbon-based life forms. He does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. His energy core is the only sourse of energy he needs.
-As long as his memory chip is intact, he will not “die,” even if the rest of his body is destroyed. Getting his body back, however, is a different question.

-Able to build a sniper rifle and a mini-gun. This requires him to use nano-bots from his repair system exclusively on the task for 24 hours, with an adequate supply of metal.
-Able to expertly use both sniper rifles and mini-guns.  

Robot Mind
-Immune to telepathy, discovery via psionic sensory, and mind-affecting attacks.
-He can choose to see his surroundings in thermal vision.

Basic Operation
-He is capable of operating most forms of human technology, at least on a basic level.

-Due to instruments inside his body, he almost always knows where he is, and the general direction he needs to go.

On the Fly Fighting
-He is capable of fighting with nearly any weapon.

Physical Weaknesses:
-An Electro-Magnetic Pulse will cripple his body. Depending on the strength, it may leave him unable to move for several hours.

-Made of metal, he will attract electrical attacks, making it nearly impossile for him to dodge or avoid them. Electrical attacks will harm him, but will not cripple him, like EMP's.

-He cannot swim. His body is too dense.

-He is entirely made of magnetic metal, and is defenseless against someone wielding such power.

Mental Weaknesses:
-Unable to receive benefits from psionic allies.

-Unable to speak. This makes getting specific information nearly impossible.

-His humming will sometimes reveal his location, whether somebody is looking for him or now. He also seems drawn to music, and will get as close to it as he thinks is safe in order to listen.

-A large machine gun that unleashes a violent spray of bullets. A devastating weapon, but has a long reload time.

Sniper Rifle
-A long ranged weapon. Used to fire upon enemies that are unaware of the sniper's location. Also has a long reload time.


-He has been programmed to seek out and assassinate humans with either political or combative power. The main purpose of his mission is for DAR to study his effectiveness. It is, essentially, a field test on live targets.  
Robot Sniper himself feels no hatred for any of his targets or adversaries. If he is unaware that he is being watched, he seems to adopt a whimsical nature, kicking his feet, humming tunes, and even dancing by himself. In the middle of a mission, however, he usually limits this 'creative outlet' to just humming. If he was given a choice in what he did for a living, he would choose to be a musician.

Midnight Black Paint Job
-Despite his size and weight, he can be very quiet. In a pinch, he can turn out the red lights on his eyes. This limits his vision severely, but can help avoid detection.

Advanced Target Assessment
-His reflexes in combat are remarkable. This doesn't allow him to dodge bullets, but he untrained opponents will be lucky to land an attack on him.

Although he is unable to speak, he is often humming simple tunes. His voice seems to be masculine, though heavily mechanical. On occasion, he will fingerpaint (poorly) scenes he remembers.


Family Members: There are hundreds of brother and sister assassins in the m11 classification, and thousands of cousins in other models, built by the arms dealer DAR.
Place of Origin: Kezz Asteroid Belt
Current City: Star City
Robot Sniper has little history. He was built in space. He was programmed to kill. He was stationed on Earth and activated. He was assigned to kill targets seemingly at random, so that diagnostic teams from DAR would be able to improve upon the m11 design. Certainly, m12 will be more deadly.

Finding himself on Earth, Robot Sniper goes about his job obediently and emotionlessly. As soon as he heard music, he fell in love with it, and hopes to one day write his own song. He is content to continue his odd little existence, at least for now.  

Sample RP:
Metallic fingers loaded the final bullet into the magazine. A quick snap later, the sniper rifle was armed and dangerous. Five bullets. That meant there were five chances to succeed. The likelihood of completing the mission was very high. After days of crafting his weapons, Robot Sniper was ready for his first big mission. Was he excited? No. There was nothing special about these circumstances. Robot Sniper wasn't eager to start his assigned work, either. It was just work, and he would do it.

He started humming. It was a simple tune. Childish, in fact. He had heard it from some human children that had passed by his hiding spot. It was a curious thing, music. Was it a code of some sort? If it was, what was the intended message? And to who was the child communicating? Robot Sniper found itself repeating the simple melody over and over.

Walking up staircase after staircase, Robot Sniper noticed a small camera on the ceiling. It was an observation device. The authorities would know he passed this way. That was acceptable. He didn't care if they knew what he looked like, as long as they didn't know where he was presently.

Opening the door on the rooftop, Robot Sniper was greeted with beautiful rays of light from the morning sun. Spotless glass windows shimmered in a full spectrum of colors. It was what most people would call a heavenly day.

Robot Sniper knelt near the ledge, balancing his elbow on his knee. Staring down the scope with his red eyes, he found his target.

And he pulled the trigger.

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Master poster
Master poster

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PostSubject: Re: Robot Sniper   Thu Jan 14, 2016 2:43 pm

I have no real issues with your app i just noticed 2 little flaws in your app that you can fix if you want before I lock approve and move it.

Unliving: As long as his memory chip is intact, he will “die,” even if the rest of his body is destroyed. Getting his body back, however, is a different question.

I don't know if you forgot to add 'Not' before the die when I read it that was the statement made more sense, you can edit that if you'd like. And the coding for the strengths is broken as you know just add a [ to the beginning of the code to fix it. Again not too big of a deal but this is the time to fix it before I approve lock and move your app. Just post here when you are good to go.
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PostSubject: Re: Robot Sniper   Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:03 pm

Thank you for pointing that out. I have made the appropriate edits.
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Master poster

Posts : 3624
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PostSubject: Re: Robot Sniper   Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:07 pm

You welcome, Welcome to the site.

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PostSubject: Re: Robot Sniper   

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Robot Sniper
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