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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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Month: September
Year: 2016
Season: Fall


Recently more villains have been entering into the fray even the playing field for villains against neutrals but there are still a surplus more of heroes than villains. Though the villains are certainly putting up a fight to further themselves very quickly.

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 Toji Rai-Okami

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PostSubject: Toji Rai-Okami   Thu Jan 14, 2016 9:24 pm

"Wow.....what a amazing world...."

Toji Rai-Okami


Full Name: Toji Rai-Okami
Nickname(s): NA, for now
Codename:nLightning Wolf
Age: 14(physically and mentally) 17(chronologically)
Affiliation: Good!!!
Birthday: Feb 25
TRW Username:(Eventually) Shocky_Farts


Hair Color: Bright blue(Reg), red(When he's Sealed)
Eye Color: Blue(reg), bright green(Sealed), black and gold(when he's Angry)black(devil mode)
Height: 4"8
Weight: 100
Other Traits: He's wiry instead of bulky when it comes to muscles, and prefers comfortable, sleeveless clothing, with either high collars or scarves. He has a tribal like mark on his cheek that glows and spreads all over his body when entering devil mode.Also seems to like fingerless gloves. When its cold, he really likes to bundle up, turning him into a speeding cannonball of warm garments.His hair is very spiky, though when he's Sealed it becomes more like normal, human hair.Usual outfit: Sleeveless shirt, with high collar/scarf,oversized cargoshorts that go down to his shins, fingerless gloves, and reinforced running boots.He has marks around his neck from wearing the collar.



Okamian Lightning:Has the ability to produce and control with high precision  bright blue lightning, that has the ability to Banish demons or evil spirits that are inflicted with a 'kill' wound, so long as the lightning reaches the wound upon contact.Has a,for the moment, small arsenal of techniques, from basic lightning bolts to more intricate aattacks.(List of current ones:Lightning RipperChanjels Electricity into his fingers and make a clawing motion, sending out crescent waves of lightning that cut into things.Storm Cutter:Close quarters equivalent of the ripper, makes sword like constructs of electricity that can cut through steel.)

Super strength:His demon blood gives him 5 ton strength,,allowing him to put out a good portion of force.

Sub|Durability: He can ignore standard human melee, and low caliber firearms. If going up against someone of equal strength, he won't fall apart, but can suffer broken bones and wounded flesh.

Superspeed: He can run up to 200 mph, though his preferred speed is 125.

Sub|Flashstep: Exerting incredible speed and instinctive techniques, he's capable of a type of teleport called fleshstep. Unlike standard teleports, thus is all physical. He is currently capable of 6 in normal conditions.

Okamian Physiology: He can process food very quickly, providing him with energy that fuels his lightning.

Sub|Near immortal:His body ages very,very,very slowly, unless under special conditions.

Skills: BFS fighter:Is capable of wielding oversized blades with medium skill.Agile: When not swinging a giant's kitchen knife, he is extremely agile, and often shows it in his fighting style, instinctive movement that looks like parkour and breakdancing.Multilingual: Knows multiple demon languages, and some Japanese and English.

Physical Weaknesses:

Cold: It saps his speed and strength the longer he is out in it. Can wind up being the equivalent of a standard human boy till he's warmed back up.

Water: It absorbs all but his more powerful lightning attacks, and if he's fully submerged without some kind of advanced diving suit, he laspes into a comalike sleep till he's brought back out.Though this extends his drowning time from minutes to hours, it leaves him quite helpless.

Lightning absorbing materials: They can stop all but his more powerful attacks.

Holy objects: blessed weapons can ignore his durability, while holy water scalds him like acid.Entering any place blessed by any other then the Forger makes him off balance and nauseous.

Mental Weaknesses:

Naive: He's incredibly easy to trick if he doesn't have a watcher, due to no experience with the world.

Pack: Go after the ones he cares about, and you can get him to drop all other efforts...though you'll now need to deal with a teed off okamian halfling.

Equipment: Hidden Claw: Looking like a all metal walking stick, this corgitech weapon uses nano bots to form a huge,busterstyle sword when activated.Interestingly, its weight increases to 1 ton when in weapon form. He can also use it like a short staff when its powered down. Servant Collar: A corgitech collar that forces the wearer to obey commands, though those of strong will can resist somewhat.


Personality: Though he's somewhat hesitant on meeting you, he quickly becomes a outgoing, playful, and yes, mischievous boy. He regards the 'modern' world with wonder and curiosity, and enjoys exploring and wandering around it.He can be gentle to those smaller and weaker then himself, but can also be stubborn, and his pranks can go a bit far.


Strong willed: He's extremely strong willed, and can power though most things that would give others pause.

Bouncebacker: Bad things don't effect him long, unless they're extremely bad/and or constant.

Loyal: No matter what, he stands by those he trusts, and this can sometimes inspire the same loyalty in others.

Charisma: Though no country leader yet, hecan usually guid a reasonable person over to his point of view.

Interests/Habits:Playing, exploring, learning, having fun,sparring,


Family Members: Dad(alive), Mom(missing)
Place of Origin: Pocket demension
Current City: NA
History: Born in a currently unknown earth city, the baby Toji and his father were seperated from his mom when, in a desperate attempt to escape angered clanmates, the ex okamian forms a unstable portal to their Safe Zone, a pocket dimension that would keep them safe. Though the two males made it there safely, the mother was sent elsewhere in the world. Though saddened, the man raised the boy, who,under the effects of the magic in Safe Place, grew normally.Eventually, he found a Seam, and slipped through...into the hands of Corgi. For the next three years, he served as the mad scientist's attack dog, but that's about to change....

Sample RP:
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PostSubject: Re: Toji Rai-Okami   Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:52 pm

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Toji Rai-Okami
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