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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Ryuu "Bassilith" Akibaa

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PostSubject: Ryuu "Bassilith" Akibaa    Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:06 pm

"I hope Karma slaps you in the face before I do."

Ryuu Akibaa


Full Name:
Ryuu Akibaa
Spirit, Young Dragon, and Ry.
Genetically Modified Meta Human
TRW Username:


Hair Color:
Originally Black, dyed purple.
Eye Color:
120 pounds
Other Traits:
-Very small and petite
-Pupils dilate to slits occasionally


Dark Dragon Transformation
Ryuu can transform at will into a giant black dragon standing at the size of an average house. She can do this within seconds and stay in this form up to 5 hours. Once she is out of this form, she has to wait 30 minutes to enter any dragon form again. Ryuu can change into her dragon form twice a day. The downside is that her clothes are always ripped to shreds when doing this.
-Fire Breathing
In this dark form, Ryuu can breathe fire up to 1500 degrees F. This Fire can reach up to 150 feet in length and can even be manifested in fireball form. This fire ball form can make fireballs up to the size of an average car, maintaining the usual temperature.

White Dragon Transformation
All transformations rules apply from above.
-Ice Breathing
In this form, Ryuu can breathe ice up to -1500 degrees F. This ice can reach up to 150 feet in length can can be manifested into an ice ball form. This ice ball form can be the size of an average car, maintaining the usual temperature.

Dragon Physiology
Turning into dragon form gives her hard scales that is like a weak layer of armor. It is a equivalent to leather armor, able to take a few blows before hurting. However, it can be stabbed or shot just like skin. Coming with this also is wings that give her flight. She can reach up to 1000 feet into the air and fly at 100 mph.
Poison Blood
Being a cursed dragon, Ryuu's blood is full of poison, meaning if it is taken by others they could die. Touching it causes the person to break out in a rash and can lead to extreme illness.
As a Dragon, Ryuu has natural giant claws that can break down brick and can rip through iron.

Partial Transformation
In this form, Ryuu can grow Dragon claws, wings, and a tail while maintaining her human core. She can turn into this form within seconds and stay in it for 5 hours. She can do this twice a day.
-Her claws can rip through brick, but that's about it.
-The Tail can be controlled, it's like an extra limb
-Her wings allow her to fly up to 500 feet into the air and move at 50 mph. She can do this for 30 minutes straight before needing a break.

-Fluent in English and Chinese
-Advanced Tae Kwan Doe skills
-Professional level art skills

Physical Weaknesses:
In human form, anything that can kill a normal human can kill her. She can get disease and sickness, and has a pretty weak immune system as well.

Without her Medicine
Every 30 days Ryuu needs to take her medicine or else she'll become bed ridden and very ill. If she doesn't get her medicine within another 10 days she'll die.

Poisonous Blood
Her Dragon poisonous blood helps her in dragon form, but as a human causes her a lot of pain. She has pains day to day because of this, some days making her so sick she cant get out of bed. She needs her medicine or death will occur.

Black Dragon  
When she is in this form, she is extremely weak to cold and ice attacks. She avoids this form in the winter because it can affect her performance. Anything below -50 degrees F. can put her in a coma state and if she's in this state for more than an hour she'll die.

White Dragon
When Ryuu is in this form, she is extremely weak to hot and fire attacks. Anything over 150 degrees can put her in a coma state and if she's in it longer than an hour she'll die.

Mental Weaknesses:
Ryuu is over confident in herself and can do pretty reckless things, ending up getting herself in a bad situation. She usually does stuff before thinking about it, leading into bad outcomes.

Ryuu is deathly afraid of clowns, she´ll do everything in her power to get away and will occasionally break down in tears when confronted by a clown without escape.

Dragon Mask
-Art Notebook
-Pencils, pens, and colored pencils.
-Smart Phone
-Sometimes she'll carry her mural material.


Ryuu is very strong headed, once she makes up her mind her opinion wont change and she can be very biased. She isn't one to trust easily and pushes most people out of her life. She is also very sarcastic, snarky, and even sassy, putting people off. It takes a lot for people to like her, due to her harsh nature.

-Her confidence
-Being tech savvy
-Her art skills

-Avoiding Home
-She isn't very book smart.


Family Members:
Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa.
Place of Origin:
A small village in southern China
Current City:
Ryuu grew up in a small village in China, clouded by the curse of the dragon. The dragon was said to return in later years, causing this village to send sacrifice and alter to this dragon over a thousands of years. The dragon spirit, Bassis, was going to be released at a certain point in time and could only be conquered by a rivaling dragon, Lililth.
The village came together to summon the dragon Lililth, who fought Bassis for many months, causing destruction across their village. Instead of waiting for the battle to be over and for their village to be destroyed, the village elders decided to seal the dragons way in a organic host. They first suggested the Eldergreen, which they planned to seal both dragons into the old tree.

They spent days planning and getting prepared, and when they finally arrived to the tree, they found it destroyed in the midst of battle. The elders decided on another organic host, a baby that would be born in the coming months.
They convinced the parents, telling them her was their only hope to save the village. After agreeing, the elders trapped the dragons within the mothers womb, having no idea what the baby boy will be like when he was born.

After two months of waiting, the village was surprised to see a baby girl was born, but more surprisingly, she had several scales trailing her arms.
Ryuu (Dragon spirited) grew a tail, wings, and claws with her first few months of life, causing her parents to reject the monstrosity. However, her Grandmother knew better. She was a village hero, a child, she didn't deserve the rejection the entire village gave her. Ryuu's grandmother and her grandfather took custody of her and moved to America, the place of dreams.

All three of them moved to StarCity when Ryuu was 9 years old, staying in Japan for so long to study in Karate and Tae Kwan Doe. Luckily, she shed her small wings, scales, and tails, only to make an appearance once she got older. Her grandmother helped her in every way, helping her with her new found powers, her studies, and even through her depression. Her Grandmother was everything to her which made it devastating for her to die of cancer when Ryuu was only 13.
Her Grandmother's passing affected Ryuu greatly, but her husband even worse. He turned to alcohol abuse and became bitter towards Ryuu. Sometimes he'd turn to abuse, which caused Ryuu to have an outrage, summoning her first dragon. She learned to control it over years and she found when she became depressed and closed up, she summoned a different kind of dragon.

Ryuu's Grandfather now tries to avoid her entirely, drinking all night and sleeping all day. The only money they have is what they have left from their savings from Japan, meaning Ryuu will have to find a job soon. She uses her art to escape and tries to shut out her feelings due to it being a strong factor in her transforming.
However in her last year of living in Star, she found an online site dedicated towards young heroes and helping each other out. Ryuu made her own online persona, took time on making her own mask, and now helps out around Star with her powers. She tries to help others, but only when it's convenient.

Opal Allison Welsh                  Roman Torchwick                   Ryuu Akibaa

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PostSubject: Re: Ryuu "Bassilith" Akibaa    Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:32 am

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Ryuu "Bassilith" Akibaa
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