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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Addison: #1. To Smile (Solo)

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PostSubject: Addison: #1. To Smile (Solo)   Tue Jan 19, 2016 8:30 pm

"Here I got the documents you wanted." Jenny said tossing a flash drive to Addison who caught it and smiled brightly looking to it. "Thanks Jen!" Jenny smiled brightly to her "No problem, but why did you want the videos and records from arkham and the asylum here in star?" Jenny asked with a blink. "You have your friends you like to give info to and so do I."

She said with a shrug. "Oh alright then, need anything else?" She nodded "could you shut the door on the way out? I dont want mom or dad stumbling in when I'm working." Jenny nodded. "Sure thing" She said with a nod as she left and shut the door as Addison watched her leave.

She didn't lie to Jenny..... She never lied to Jenny.... She just merely told her the wrong truth.... Because it was the best way to avoid complications of the right truth. And the right truth was the fact that she didn't get this info for someone else.... she got it for herself.

She smiled a wide smiled as she plugged the flash drive into her laptop and pulled up a video file of a prison break at Arkham as she hugged her pillow in excitement. Addison was very.... odd.... Addison didn't know why she was like this but she accepted it and accepted the fact that one day this acceptance could get her in trouble....

Unlike jenny she found an odd sense of... beauty in death.... she found an odd sense of joy in hearing and feeling bones break.... even if they were her own. Her parents thought as a child that her picking at her injuries or messing with them was just not knowing better and child curiosity. Which it was... but it was so much more...

Though Addison knew she wasn't ready for the life she wanted... her life she wanted took more preparation than Jenny's chosen life. and it always made her laugh when she thought about how different yet similar she and her twins life style and interests were and what they wanted to be and have for their life styles.

Over the year Addison knowing that she couldn't go into the life she wanted because she wasn't ready for it yet so she life through others and the people she found the most like her were in gotham. They like her were human, they like her found a laugh in others suffering, they... like her... found jokes... when others didn't.....

So Addison loved to watch them the most and even now she hugged her pillow and watched them escape from arkham like an excited teen age girl watching a new episode to her favorite tv show. She laughed at every joke, every death, and couldn't stop smiling as she watched them... They were marvelous...

She would love to be like them when she was ready but she also wanted to come into her own. She didn't just want to copy them, no, you shouldn't copy the people you idolize and want to be your friends so badly so you could laugh and dance together over the ones you killed...

You wanted to be your own kind of fucked up... yet still be similar to their kind of fucked up because its just where you felt most at home. She smiled brighter seeing blood splatter against the wall... oh how beautiful blood was... it was all the right shades of red... she wished she could just reach out and.... make it into a picture...

A picture and maybe a.... smile... to go along with it like a signature... and a reminder..... to always.... smile...

But no... she wasn't ready yet... but for now she would stick to building up her money and working on her own costume... while thinning out the hero count so she isn't over whelmed when the time came... thinning out the count was easy an made her money...

All she had to do was sell the addresses to as many gangs and mobs and villains as she could after getting them to ship out the gear she sold to the people... and then they would be taken care of all on their own... like good little boys and girls...

Dieing so that others could be happy... dieing so that people like her could be happier easier and with less troubles stopping them from doing what they loved....... to smile.....
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Addison: #1. To Smile (Solo)
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