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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Addison: #3. After all (Solo) [EVG]

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PostSubject: Addison: #3. After all (Solo) [EVG]   Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:23 pm

Addison went to her knees hunched over with a straight face as a man stood over her with a gun to the back of her head. "So you think you can just get away with stealing our guns would the crew was away?" The man asked a box full of heavy duty guns sitting not to far away from them. She was silent and he jabbed the gun against her head harder "Well?!"

She then quickly ducked down grabbing his hand and jerking it to aim the gun to his food as he pulled the trigger at her sudden movement and screamed in pain as he shot his own foot. She then Rammed her shoulder into his crotch as she yanked the gun from his hand.

He fell back shouting in pain as if trying to figure out to hold his foot or crotch due to the pain. she smiled as she got up and walked over to him aiming a gun at him so he wouldn't dare to fight back. He froze in fear staring into the barrel of the gun as she walked over grabbing him by his hair and yanked up to a sitting up position.

She then smiled as she smashed his face hard enough to break his nose into the ground. As she did so she said happily "Say 'aaaaaahhhh~' " He shouted in pain as she said ah and then she pulled his arm under his leg and then his fist into his screaming mouth and giggled. "Good boy!" she leaned down as he muffly shouted into his fist and spoke into his ear.

"Now stay still the doctor tends to fuck up if the patient squirms while she works!" His eyes went wide but before he knew it she angled his arm so his fist was in the air straight above his elbow holding his head up while also locking his leg in place with his knee bent and up right.

She then sat on his back and jabbed her right foot on top of his he'd to pin his arm and fist in place in his mouth and her other foot into his free arm to hold in in place. She then showed him the gun as he squirmed and pretended to shoot him closing one eye and going "Pew!" as she pretended to shoot it with a giggle and put the gun off to the side and pulled out a swiss army knife she made and popped out its exacto knife she built into it showing him it with a giggle.

The doctor never leaves home with out it!" He started to freak out and squirm more as he made more muffled shouts into his fist. "Now now don't squirm!" She said pulling off hs shoe and sock placing his bare foot on the dirty ground that was mow covered in blood from the bullet being lodged into it. "The docotr wants to get the perfectly good shell out cause the doctor haaaates wasting good metal she can reuse when it's so easy to get!'

She then started to cut into the hole making him shout in pain. She looked down to him as she dug around in the hole and smiled. "You should know that the doctor never went to medical school..." She said seriously then started to laugh. He seemed to be begging her to let him go as she continued to fiddle around in the hole and she paused leaning over to his muffles and suck a clean part of her fist that didn't have blood on it yet and muffled out sounds from her fist trying to mimic hi then pulled out her fist and kept going trying to decode them.

"Et Meh Gog eye wig ell any won...." He nodded to tell her that what he meant and she shook her head. "Nah that can't be it." She said before laughing and continuing. Soon enough he passed out from the pain and he got the smashed shell of the bullet and its fragments out getting blood all over her hands.

She then tossed the gun and bloody metal shell bits into the back and flipped out the lang knife of her swiss knife and then leaned down to his head and smiled brightly as she pulled her food off his head. "I would let you live but you saw my face.... so night night!" She told the passed out man before slitting his neck deeply letting him bleed out and pocketed her knife.

She started to get up but then paused staring at his blood and smiled brightly thinking of something. Soon enough she left the alley way with the box only leaving the man with a creepy smile draw on his face in his own blood. and left his corpse there. Maybe she was more ready than she thought she was before after all...
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Addison: #3. After all (Solo) [EVG]
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