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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Addison: #4. Music Box (Solo) [EVG]

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PostSubject: Addison: #4. Music Box (Solo) [EVG]   Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:05 am

A dumpsters lid broke and crushed under the feet of Addison making a homeless man jump and stumble as he fell to the ground. Addison smiled and curtsied to him as he stared in hock of her. "Hello, greetings, salutations homeless man. I hope you live through this."

She hopped down walking closer to him wearing her exoskeleton parts. "Because the last 5 didn't and dolly's aren't as fun if they are broken." He treblemed looking at her confused. "come one... lets go to the play house~" She said as the screen faded to black.

Over a few days Addison has been knocking out and or killing homeless people and taking them back to a very large cabin that was abandoned in the woods not too far off from the city. She set it up so none could escape and left food inside for them to eat, she didn't want any breaking before she could play with them.

Soon enough the house was full of about 20 or so men and women all trying to find a way out of the house shouting for help. Addison then walked around the house winding up the last music box that matched several others all over the house and placed it on a track and placed a pin in the winders hole and right into a place for it into the track to stop it from unwinding.

She wound each one to last for hours not knowing how long she would spend playing with her dolls. She then climbed up the side of the house up to the roof and held a microphone to her mouth and spoke into it making her voice echo through out the house. "Hello and welcome my darling dolls to my little play house..."

She said in a gentle voice as all the homeless people started looking around for her in a paranoid fashion. "Today I will be trying to kill you all... each in your won special little ways. Then after wards I'm going to cut all your skin off and dispose of your clothes to avoid finger prints being left on any of you!" She said in a cheerful tone.

"I'm not going to tell you not to run and try to stop me or escape..." her voice then got dark. "Because normal dolls in the city that I'll soon be killing wouldn't just stand still and let me kill them and I want their play time to be the most educational it can be for me..." She smirked as they all started panicking. "There you go... good little boys and girls... lets get the fun started~"

She said as she heard the people panicking and running around. She smiled brightly and hit a button and the pins in place of all of the music boxes were shot up into the air letting the music of the music boxes play all of which playing the same song creepy music box song.

The tracks then started to move and the boxes then rode around the house playing music as the boxes raced around the out side of the house. The music faded then got louder and faded again as each box went around the house making the music feel like it was running around them and almost in a pulsing like manner.

The homeless people backed away from the walls as they heard the music and started panicking more. One man started gasping for air as he kicked his legs and hug from the ceiling above them all. the people gasped and shreeked moving away from him as they saw him hung on a lynch made of long white hair and choked to death before being dropped on the ground.

They all started scattering around screaming as one by one they were picked off each dieing, like she said, in their own unique ways but does over the course of hours to drive the survivors insane as they were stuck listening to the same pulsing song over and over, watch the people they were suck in the house with for days get killed in new ways never knowing how they would die nor where Addison would show up next nor who would dies next.

Soon enough it was just down to one man who staying in the fetal position as he rocked back and forth muttering to himself. The her heard a thump behind him and as he looked up it was the blood covered addison smiling down at him. She then crouched down as his eyes went wide staring at her as she held out a woman's pinky finger to him.

"A pinky for your thoughts?" She said in a cheerful tone and a giggle before she watched the man scream and run in fear of her. She sighed and frowned. "Well I thought it was funny...." She then jumped up and latched onto the ceiling. He looked back and saw her gone and trembled not knowing where she was.

He shuddered as it felt like tiny little hairs were lightly touching the back of his next and tapping it gently the feeling was enough to make his skin crawl though what made it worse was when he heard her voice behind him "Boop boop boop."

He slowly looked up to see her dangling from a light fixture by her feet above him smiling a childish smile as she messed with her hair making it poke the back of his neck and screamed running as fast as he could. As he looked back she was gone again. And once again once he stopped running he heard her behind him.

"Have you ever hear of the one with the priest walking into a bar?" She asked him and when he saw her he shouted and ran. She blinked "Drat I hoped he hadn't...." For another hour straight she did this to him until he fell to the ground crying and started to beg to die, for it to end after he saw her above him again. "Huh... I didn't think my jokes were THAT bad but alright..."

She lowered down behind him and placed her hand on his head and chin gently and whispered into his ear. "Final death.... The mercy kill..." His eyes went wide as he realized what she had been doing and then..... Snap....

"Have you seen the Nightingale?"
"Have you heard it's enchanting song? It's enchanting tale?"
"Oh Nightingale"
"Oh Nightingale"
"Don't let your frail legs break."
"As you sing and dance to the songs you make."
"Oh Nightingale"
"Oh Nightingale"
"Don't let the colors out shine you."
"Don't let the others sneak up behind you."
"Because if you do, You will surely die to~"

Nightingale sang to the ton of the music boxes as she danced ballet around a circle of skinned bloody bodies with a bright smile on her face as she hummed the song and the screen faded black.
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Addison: #4. Music Box (Solo) [EVG]
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