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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Miley: #1. Not even for death [IP]

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PostSubject: Miley: #1. Not even for death [IP]   Sat Jan 23, 2016 5:38 am

Miley sat at the spot that Rick usually did at the meeting table as many people who looked up tight and dressed upalso sat at the table they were also known as Ricks family despite none of them actually caring about each other let alone rick....

She felt sick even being around them, she felt like they had no place to be at his funeral let alone his will reading since they wren't there for him, they were there to see if they got anything from him in their will. The will reader cleared his throat. "You are all here today upon request of the will, Now... as for what is in his will... it s very clearly written and cut and dry."

She held up the well with very little written on it. "It reads 'I want all my shit family members at he will reading so they all can hear the news that they will not be getting anything and literally anything that had my name on it and was mine now belongs to Miley.' it then ends in 'P.S. Fuck you Father' All of the legal transfers have been made... that is all."

The man said clearly not wanting to be there just as much as Miley. The family members looked enraged and all looked to her angerly. "YOU B-" Miley then cut him off. "I can kill you faster than you complete that sentence.... I know none of you are really here to honor Rick in death like you did in life.... So you have no place being here in the mansion...."

His brother glared at her and growled out. "Whats that suppose to mean?" She stared then all down as the area around her started to gain frost as she spoke darkly and coldly. "It means get the fuck out of my mansion before I kill you all for being wastes of space you ungrateful fucks..."

They went wide eyed seeing this but filed out of the room. She then nodded to a man on the other side of the door who then closed it behind the last one and she sighed frowning and looking down as a woman's voice spoke out with a thick British accent. "So you were given another kingdom before you can even legally become an adult.... so tell me what will you be doing with this corrupt kingdom...?"

Miley didn't move up nor look to find the voice. "I will be turning the mansion into an orphanage aand use the office here for meetings and the hotspot for the portal back to my other kingdom. I then will return all businesses to their rightful owners except for the illegal ones. "

"With those I will be giving all the workers that are freely working to trusted individuals that will treat them with respect then set free with all slaves and gift them money so they can survive until they can support themselves, all remaining money taken from the illegal businesses and all money in Ricks account will be used to pay off all Ricks debts and then split up to go to several different charities who could put the money to better use then I can."

"I then will be focusing on my then only kingdom and using its money to keep the orphanage running and to pay the servants here for as long as they wish to stay up until they leave." She said plainly to the voice "I'm proud of you...." The voice said to her gently in a proud mother-esc tone. "And I'm not sure who you are... care to explain....?"

She said looking up as a woman walked out of the shadows. She looked much like miley and had very long wavey bright blonde hair. Miley froze as her eyes went wide and her hands frosty as she looked at her. "I take it by that look you have seen enough pictures and heard enough to know who I am based on that look on your face...."

"and before you say it, Yes I should be dead, and no i did not abandon you and your father.... and Yes this is me coming back to see you as fast as I could.... but I see that...." She teared up "I see that my little baby girl isn't a baby anymore but... thankfully I didn't miss all of your life while I was gone...." Miley teared up as she trembled staring at her "m-mommy?"

She asked in feeconic and the woman smiled softly and nodded speaking in feeconic back to her. "Yes My darling little girl... it's me... and I know I don't deserve one but... may I hug you?" Miley nodded getting up out of her chair and the two walked to each other and hugged each other closely as tears rolled down their cheeks her mother just a few inches taller than her.

"I'm here now baby.... I'm here...." Her mother rubbed her back gently. "And i won't leave you again... I promise...." She gently kissed the crying Miley's head and whispered to her "I promise... Not even for death...." Miley held her tight and closed her eyes as she hugged her close.
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Miley: #1. Not even for death [IP]
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