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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Sky Lights: #1. The Arrival Of The Light (Solo) [EGIV]

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PostSubject: Sky Lights: #1. The Arrival Of The Light (Solo) [EGIV]   Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:29 am

A man wearing rags as clothes and covered in gashes and blood and was missing his entire left arm ran across the hard dirt ground that only had a few patches of grass on it holding the spot with his remaining arm that gushed out blood down his side. His eyes full of desperation as he only now wanted to escape with his life.

Though he could only go so fast after all of his blood loss he had thus far. His steps kept slowing down and the trail of blood he left behind kept growing in thickness due to this. He slowly fell onto the ground as he lost all strength in is legs his eyes now starting to gloss over and droop as two steel plated leather boots walked in front of him and stopped.

"P-p-" The feet kneeled down showing the legs of a woman that had thigh high stockings and a pleated black skirt that had some metal pleats on each of the folded pleat. "Shhhh..." A gentle woman's voice silenced him before he could beg for mercy. "You fought nobly to live.... please do not let your last words taint your story...."

Tears rolled down his cheeks as she gently closed his eyes with her index finger and thumb. "I shall make it quick and painless.... think of what you love..." The man did so thinking of his daughter he would leave behind in death and more tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Think of how it feels to be with the thing you love.... To hold it in your arms.... to feel it close to you like it was with you now.." The man did so crying more and more as the should of un sheathing sword came from in front of him. "Think of being with what you love for the rest of your days never to be parted with.... You are a noble man... and you deserve these final thoughts..."

She said softly to him before his head was cut clean off as if it was like butter blood splattering in the direction of the way the sword was swung the blood rolling off it leaving without any evidence of it ever being on the blade as its wielder now stood over the man's body.

The woman slowly slid the sword that looked like an oddly shaped katana blade that was a deep blue color back into her sheath. He sword was crafted out of blue diamonds it was made with blue diamonds to not only to make the sword one of a kind, but for its durability and its incredible power it could hold when made into a sharp weapon and this weapon was crafted into pure perfection.

The woman wore a sleeveless hooded black top that hide half her face with shadows and was covered in many metal plates. her black hair was draped of her right shoulder in a pony tail and it was long enough to be able to reach her lower back. Her hands had on fingerless black gloves and also had on metal plates on it.

She looked down at the mans head silently... the man looked rather peaceful considering how he died. She looked up to the moon and closed her eyes as she quietly spoke. "May is spirit rest peacefully among the lights of the sky that brings us all light from the dark of night. May his spirit be protected in your arms as you become stronger with his strength.

May the night never take any forsaken spirits before they can prove themselves to you in death, and may the night never take your soldiers from you and remain safe under your watchful eyes... the lights of the sky." She said opening her eyes staring up at the stars that twinkled down on her.

"Thank you for taking my sacrifice my goddess..." She heard then the clank of metal hitting against themselves nearing her and she looked down to see armored knights coming in her direction and she fled into the forest off the side of the trail. The knights slowed down and looked down to the body.

".... The sick bastards got another one..." One kneeled down by the head. "What kind of sick cult kills beggars...?" "Better yet what kind of cult has something that could cut someones are and head right off this clean...?" "The Sky Lights...." A man with gold trimming on his armor said making the others looked to him confused.

"I hoped they would never reach the kingdom...." The man said in a defeated tone as the man by the head stood up. "What are the Sky Lights sir?" the man asked his leader. "A cult that seems to kill at random at night. I do not know the exact details of their cult religion but I know that they kill thinking each life they take relights a light in the night sky that keeps the world light up and safe at night."

"Soooo a bunch of cultists that are afraid of the dark?" One asked with a laugh and the leader glared at him and he stopped laughing. "Their reasons may be foolish.... But it does not take from the fact that 1,000s have died at their hands... but that's only the amount of deaths we are aware of.... for all we know... there could be many more that died from their hands..."

"And their weapons are no joke either... All members are equipped with very deadly weapons that could pierce through any of our weapons and armor... So again." He looked down at the corpse. "Their reasons may be foolish... but they are not just some laughable cult group.... and the fact they are now here in the kingdom.... means that no one is safe now....."

The knights then went silent looking to the body some holding their throats as they imagined themselves as the beggar. The Sky Lights were now in their mits... an the first death of many now marked the lives of many others.
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Sky Lights: #1. The Arrival Of The Light (Solo) [EGIV]
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