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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Sky Lights: #2. A Life That Is Worth The Cost (Solo)

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PostSubject: Sky Lights: #2. A Life That Is Worth The Cost (Solo)    Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:18 am

"So... Is that a no then....?" A man who looked to be just a little in his 20s asked a woman who could be the same age but it was hard to tell with how she hid her face with the shadows of her back hood. What could be seen though was her un amused look her mouth showed as she stared at the man who asked her the question.

"Come on can you at least tell me yes or no rather than staring at me in that fashion...?" She sighed looking at the man who wore a similar out fit to her but had armored shorts instead of a skirt. His hood was down unlike hers though letting his messy blond hair run a muck on his head. His eyes a beautiful emerald color.

"No I will not go to eat a meal with you to see if we would be fit to be bonded as each others one and only romantic relationship. She said in an amused fashion. He stared at her for a long while before speaking up. "How about a walk through the garden then and talk?" She shifted her weight to her other foot and had her hip out a bit as she held her crossed arms silently.

"Please....?" She sighed another annoyed sigh "No Luke... I am not looking for a romantic relationship let alone finding my one single romantic interest." He frowned to her "Why....?" "Because having one will just distract me from serving the Sky Lights." He shook his head. "But passing on lives to the sky only takes place at night, that means during the day after you rest you could be with me."

"I mean come on we aren't going to live forever... and you must have thought of starting a family by now, why not just make one with me?" He said with a hopeful smile reaching out to her but he looked heart broken as she looked down and stepped backwards from his hand silently. He looked down lowering his hand but after a moment or so he looked back up to her with a determined look.

"You didn't say no so.... I'll wait for you when you are ready.... I think we could be wonderful together... and.... that we could have an even more amazing family that could be well protected by the goddess of the Star Lights. So I'll wait for you until you are ready..." he said with a soft smile and started to walk away.

She slowly looked up and watched him walk away and clenched her jaw a bit as she frowned but looked back down. She started to walk down the hall of the building while looked down and gently glided her hand on the wall until it ended and were replaced by pillars that follow the path that the hall was going down.

Pat the pillars were women and men playing with their children in the soft grass laughing happily all of them wearing similar clothes to her even the children. She looked to the children laughing and running around. Like her and many others they were born into the Sky Lights, born into the life that was watched over by a goddess that demanded life in order to protect it.

To her and many others this made sense it was a fair trade that and the spirits they sent to their god would be protected and cared for as their strength was used to give their goddess power to protect them all. Though.... she figured that just meant protection from death of plagues and beings from out side their understanding from killing them since old age and others killing them still seemed to work...

Their members still dead when killed by those who wanted to kill them all killed them when they tried to protect each other... They still ended when they got too old though they have yet to be killed by unnatural beings and sicknesses. and everyone who was born here got to grow up around other kind beings. They got to grow up in protection.

They got to grow up where everyone saw everyone as equals away from all those who saw body shape, color, and size as ways to look down at others. Many said that their goddess was false... but the way she saw it... even if their Goddess turned out being false.... living in a place so safe, so kid and equal.... was worth the cost of a few hundred lives a month....

She was lucky to have been born into this place and not in the outside world where she would have been forced to be a 'lady' then someones wife who only stayed at home to cook clean and tend to the children, one where she couldn't have been the warrior she was now...

She would gladly go out every night to kill someone to pay for that gift for herself and others She wasn't ready to start settling down yet.... not while she was still in her prime when she could be out fighting at her maximum potential to keep peace going for the Star Lights.

She did like Luke though... She honestly hated having to shove him away and make him sad like she did but...she had to focus for now on her job of being a Star Light warrior.The dark of the night would be closing in soon.... she needed to get ready before that happened....
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Sky Lights: #2. A Life That Is Worth The Cost (Solo)
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