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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Sky Lights: #3. The Doubt And The Traitor (Solo) [EV]

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PostSubject: Sky Lights: #3. The Doubt And The Traitor (Solo) [EV]   Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:48 am

It had been a few months since the hooded black haired girl had rejected Luke. it had been a few months since Sky Lights had set its attention to the kingdom and started to kill their people. Every night they killed about 20 random people adding up to 1840 people dead by now by their hands which the king was not happy about.

Since they have arrived more guards were placed on guard at night only to be made into target my some of the warriors of the cult seeing them as easy targets so they worked together to each take out one guard each some nights. The hooded girl stuck to random targets though but tonight was different... because tonight the king had more than guards standing in protection of the kingdom.

The hooded girl unsheathed her sword as she walked up to a man who appeared to be asleep while sitting on the ground leaning against a wall of a store. The man appeared to be a traveler and had nothing but his clothes to his name. She unsheathed her sword as she stared down at the man.

She rose her sword and swung down but her sword hit a small green shield that was partly see through as the man held his hand up in the direction of the sword. Her sword slightly had cut into the shield but over all it had been stopped by the man's shield. The man opened his eyes and looked right at her.

"You would try to kill a man who was unprotected and asleep...? or did you attack me because you knew I wasn't really sleeping....?" She pulled her sword back as the shield vanished and the man stood up. "Well?" The man asked her as her stared down at her being a good foot taller than her. "My reasons are my own...." he looked her over as he listened to her.

"Very well... How old are you....?" She rose un eyebrow under the shadow that hid her face. "why does that matter to you...?" He smirked at her. "My reasons... are my own..." "Very well..." they said repeating what they both ad said before but in reverse. The man sighed, "To be honest the king told me to kill any of your people I find tonight... I wasn't expecting to encounter a little tiny girl with a tinny thin sword."

She gripped her katana tightly in annoyance which the man noticed and smirked again. "Did I strike a nerve there...? Well to be honest I was going to say that I didn't want to kill let alone fight a little girl but at this rate I doubt I will have a choice..." He placed his hands together then pulled them apart making a large two handed sword. he gripped it with both of his hands and grinned at the girl.

"Come at me then..." She then narrowed her eyes and ran at him and swung which he blocked easily with his sword. He then kicked her square in the gut knocking the wind right out of her as a blast of the green energy that broke a few of her ribs and sent her flying right into a brick wall making her gasp in pain as she felt more of her ribs threatening to fully snap.

She fell onto the ground and coughed up some blood holding her side. He walked over to her and rose his sword and swung down at her. She went wide eyed but quickly blocked his attack with her katana the ground under her cracking from the force he put down on her and she shouted in pain as she felt a part of her bones in each arm crack.

He held the force down as she struggled to hold his sword up and clenched her teeth. “You’re strong… not many can block my attacks after being hit by my power kick.... how long have you been training to be a warrior for your people?” He asked with a smile. “Ever since I was a child” she said between her teeth using this moment of his being distracted to shift her weight and roll to the left letting his sword fall to the ground and crush the ground.

She got up to her feet and fought through her pain and aimed her katana at him. He rose an eyebrow. “You’re not running?” She shook her head. “You fight until you surrender, your opponent surrenders, or until one or both of you die!” he started to laugh smiling brightly a he pulled his sword from the ground his laughing making her frown in annoyance. “She’s a brave little bugger isn’t she.”

A woman said walking over to them wearing full plate armor besides a helmet which she held under her right arm. The hooded girl took a step back with one foot and reaimed her sword to the woman then back to the man. “She sure is, she's tough for how limited her learning is and who all she has had to fight. She took a powered kick from me and is still standing after blocking a down swing attack from my sword.”

The woman looked to her with an impressed smile. “after checking in with the others this one seems to be the only one to prove to pose any bit of a fight, the other ones just died without any bit of a challenge.” Her eyes went wide as she heard the others had died. Her people dead at that hands of god knows who. Was their goddess displeased with them? How could she let the others die? The man noticed her seem very confused by this and sighed.

“Look kid….. Your goddess won’t save you all from death. the only thing that has kept you all alive was the fact that you all have impressive weapons and a good hiding place. I know this because I used to be a warrior of the Sky Lights too I left after learning just how weak we all were compared to certain others were, and how fake our religion was…."

"I wanted to know how old you were because I don’t recognize you nor your voice so i figured you may be 20 or younger in age since i left around 20 years ago.” She narrowed her eyes “How dare you speak illy of my people! If you were one of use you are just a dirty trader!” She shouted angrily at him.

“Oh no you made the girl mad!” the woman said with a laugh as the man sighed. “Just think about it….all who have died… because your goddess couldn’t ‘save’ them….And tell your people that the kingdom is off limits… we will kill any of you who enter it from now on. Though when you come to your senses and want to learn how to really fight and do some good in the world…. come and see me here."

"I will be here every night… and when you come and see me… I will take you to a place where promising individuals like yourself go to learn how to be truly strong…” The man turned and started to walk away with the woman. “Hey! We aren’t finished yet get back here and fight!” She ran after them as they turned a corner down an alleyway.

She ran after them and skid to a stop to turn the corner into the alley way but went wide eyed as she saw that they were gone.She was in pain, angry, and confused but all she knew was it wasn’t safe to stay in the city especially in her current condition so for now she would return home and rest. The man would die another day for what he had done to her and helped do to many of her people.
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Sky Lights: #3. The Doubt And The Traitor (Solo) [EV]
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