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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Riot, Peacekeeper

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PostSubject: Riot, Peacekeeper   Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:52 pm

Lukas Siegfried Reinhardt


Full Name: Lukas Siegfried Reinhardt
Nickname(s): “Stonewall”, “Rocky”, “Mr. NO” “The NObot”
Codename: Riot
Age: 19
Classification: Human
Affiliation: Hero
Birthday: April 15th


Hair Color: Dirty blonde, usually kept in a loose, messy ponytail that rests just between his shoulder blades.
Eye Color: Golden, with flecks of green
Height: 6’5” if he could stand up, 7’0" in his armor
Weight: 195 lbs unarmored, 1,285 lbs armored in his minimal loadout.
Other Traits: If not wearing at least the leg section of his armor and a power supply, he requires either a wheelchair or a pair of crutches to move on his own.


Nth Metal armor: Riot’s primary offense and defense, and indeed the source of his powers. This suit completely encases him, leaving him sealed within his own environment. It has a variety of systems, however can only supply enough power for a set number of them at once. He is able to customize it’s loadout between missions, but not while in battle, and some loadouts are incompatible with others. As of now, he only has one loadout, described below. He will however eventually gain access to more pieces of equipment, granting him more flexibility in combat.

Sub: Increased strength - Thanks to both the presence of the Nth metal and powered assistance from the suit. Riot can lift up to five tons.

Sub: Durability – The outer carapace of the suit if made of Nth metal and therefore nearly impervious, however it is not one solid piece. The Nth metal plates are merely the outer layer of protection over a titanium alloy skeleton. While the main carapace is essentially unbreakable, the joints, couplings, circuits, and framing of the suit are subject to damage, and the suit itself is vulnerable to compression and tension forces – that is to say it can be crushed or pulled apart. The amount of force the under skeleton/inner circuitry is able to withstand before failing is 5 tons per square inch.

Sub: Healing factor – Nth metal affords those in close contact with it a sort of healing factor. As Riot spends the vast majority of his time completely encased in this metal, he is similarly affected. Broken bones will heal in roughly 24-48 hours depending on the severity of the break, and cuts roughly an inch deep will be healed within an hour. This effect is not permanent, and would fade from Riot were he to be separated from his suit for more than 24 hours, however it would not immediately fade all at once. After 24 hours away from his suit, his healing factor will begin to degrade at a rate of 25% per hour until he is brought in contact with Nth metal once more, where it will stop declining and slowly recover back to its original strength at the same rate it declines so long as he remains in contact with the metal. Riot can act as a sort of medic by letting others take advantage of this healing factor so long as he can ensure that they remain in contact with his suit for more than an hour. This is most commonly done by him simply touching them while wearing the suit, however its applications in combat are severely limited by the need for constant contact.

Flight: As Nth metal is capable of negating gravity, Riot is able to fly without many of the weight constraints that would otherwise hinder him, allowing him to achieve great speeds with minimal thrust– Top speed depends on his loadout, but with a minimum weight, ie. only his shield/sword, wrist mounted gun, and Type 0 generator, he is capable of keeping up with fighter jets (Mach 2/3) However he is not able to instantly speed up to that point. It takes approximately 30 seconds for him to go from a standstill to these speeds.  He is capable of shutting down all other systems for a short boost of speed or maneuverability, allowing him approximately 15 seconds of speeds capable of outpacing standard heat seeking missiles (Mach 5) however if he is too high when doing so, he will only have the oxygen in his helmet while his air recycler is shut down for the extra power. As such, Riot is often holding his breath at these speeds and doing so more than twice in five minutes brings an extreme risk of him passing out as the suit can only protect him from so much of the G-forces at work. As a side effect of his suit's ability to negate it's own gravity, he can float an inch off the ground and use the thrusters on his back and the backs of his legs to effectively "skate" across any solid surface like a person on roller blades. While this technique uses his thrusters, it also uses his own skating motions, and as such he is only capable of speeds you would see on the highway, capping out at approximately 85 mph.

Magic negation: One of the primary properties of Nth metal is its ability to disrupt and negate magical properties and dimensional shifting. As such, blows from Riot’s armor, shield, and sword are capable of dissolving magical barriers, disrupting magical effects such as mind control, and even harming ghosts. This also includes anything Riot is inadvertently thrown into, such as an ally with magical powers, as his entire suit carapace is comprised of Nth metal. Furthermore, any spell that is cast within five feet of him will fail, as the presence of so much Nth metal negates the sorcerous energies. He does possess a means of expanding this bubble, at a cost. (see below)

Robotics: Riot is first and foremost a skilled engineer, capable of designing and building modules for his suit as well as repairs when necessary.

Training: Riot has undergone military level training and as such is a skilled hand to hand fighter. His fighting style is very similar to that of a boxer, though he uses his shield as much as possible.

Ambidextrous: Riot is capable of using either hand equally well for any task.

Human: Without his suit, Riot is nothing more than an intelligent human. Furthermore, his suit can only absorb so much kinetic energy. It is entirely possible for a blow to knock him unconscious without damaging his armor, especially if he’s been thrown around or otherwise subjected to high levels of G-forces.

Crippled: Riot’s biggest secret and his main weakness is that he’s actually unable to walk on his own. His armor allows him to walk, run, and fight like normal, but without it he is confined to a wheelchair. He also has a pair of crutches stashed in a compartment in the wheelchair for when he has to ditch it.

Power supply: As mentioned in individual equipment and power descriptions, Riot's suit only has so much power available. He is capable of routing power to any system or systems he wishes, however some systems are incompatible. For example, when his Type 0 generator is running, he cannot fly or run, as the device in incompatible with those systems As a fail safe, he cannot activate the Type 0 generator unless both feet are planted on something he can stand on, however he can walk and lightly jog once it is active. Another example is his speed burst: Nothing else can function during those 15 seconds besides what is needed to maneuver. This includes his oxygen supply, and he has approximately a single breath of air in his helmet to use during this time, however if he's already used it, he cannot get another breath until after he has deactivated his speed boost and reactivated his other systems. Furthermore, Riot's suit runs on an experimental fission battery. It is capable of sustaining him for 24 hours in a non combat situation, 12 hours of continuous flight, or 6 hours of constant combat. He is capable of carrying a single spare with him, but must either leave his suit to replace the battery or rely on help from someone else.

Compression and tension: While the Nth metal plates are nigh invulnerable, the titanium skeleton of the suit is far from it. The suit itself is vulnerable to being pulled apart or crushed, as the internal skeleton and framing joining the plates that make up the Nth metal carapace will fail far before the carapace itself.

Repairs As Riot fights and takes damage, stress fractures inevitably begin to form on the internal framing of the suit, and occasionally the titanium skeleton and various circuits must be either repaired or replaced. Riot diligently checks his suit a few times a week, and on average has to replace parts on a monthly basis.


Nth metal shield: Affixed to Riot’s left forearm is a large Nth metal tower shield. It is four feet tall, a foot and a half wide and excluding the trim is an inch thick, with a slight curve in its face in order to better deflect incoming projectiles. In addition, there is a notch at the top in the center, making a V shape that perfectly fits with the hilt in his sword when it’s sheathed. His shield is affixed to a heavy duty plate on his forearm that, at the push of a button, is capable of rotating the shield 90 degrees so that it runs parallel with his forarm rather than perpendicular to it. This is also the point where the shield detaches from his arm, should the need arise. However as this device is relatively flat, it is inaccessible while the shield is attached. This shield, while Riot’s main defense, is also his main offense. His style of hand to hand combat involves deflecting with the shield, drawing out his opponent’s defense with his gun, and then delivering a rapid series of crushing blows with the shield. The shield features a scabbard attached to the inside, running down the center so that it is behind his forearm when the shield is worn.

Nth metal sword: A simple sword made entirely of Nth metal with a leather wrapped hilt. From the tip of the blade to the top of the hilt is three and a half feet long, and when in its scabbard it lines up with the V in the top of his shield, allowing it to be easily drawn.

Wrist gun: A twin barreled gun mounted on the back of Riot’s right forearm. The original parts were taken from a pair of AK-47’s, and it was built more for reliability than anything else. It utilizes an ammo feed linking to an experimental “Null-space” storage container on the small of his back. The technology involved creates essentially a pocket dimension where ammunition is stored without weight or size constraints. While it takes no energy to store the ammo, it does take energy to pull it from storage. As such, this does count as a system that requires power whenever it is being fired. Riot has access to three types of ammunition, which he can cycle through as needed, however he does need to empty the internal magazines before it will fire the new ammunition. Each of these magazines holds 35 rounds and are located on either side of his forearm. The twin barrels of this gun will always fire simultaneously, and cannot be fired one at a time. This weapon is not an accurate one, and as such Riot tends to “spray and pray” when he uses it, though more often than not it is merely a feint to give him an opening to use his shield. Once the magazines are emptied, it takes five seconds for the auto-cycler to reload with whichever ammo type he has selected. He cannot fire during this time.
-          Rubber bullets – his primary ammunition for most threats. Nonlethal, but painful.
-          “Foam rounds” – pellets that explode on contact or immediately before if desired, releasing a rapidly expanding foam that immediately sticks to whatever it touches. 15 pellets hitting the same area will expand to a three square foot blob of foam that weighs roughly 75 lbs. and requires a net force of 1 ton per square foot to break
-          Explosive shells – Armor piercing explosive rounds. A last resort to an extreme threat.

This container is completely encased in Nth metal, however were it to be ruptured, the resulting explosion would be catastrophic as thousands of rounds of ammunition suddenly attempt to exist within a few square inches of the same space. If such an event doesn’t outright kill Riot, it would certainly be life threatening.

Type 0 magic nullifier: A blocky armored generator on Riot’s back, this device is encased in Nth metal and is designed to make use of the metal’s main property: It’s disruption of magic. Riot can reroute power to this generator to expand his radius of magic nullification from five feet to roughly a city block. However in order to do so, he sacrifices almost everything else: He cannot fly while this generator is active nor for roughly five seconds after he deactivates it, and he cannot use his "skating" technique while it is active. He cannot run while it is active, however he can walk. While it is active, he cannot draw additional ammunition from his Null-space storage unit, however he can use what is already in the magazine of his gun. This means that once he activates the nullifier, he cannot change ammunition, however he can set the weapon to be loaded with any type he has available once he turns off the generator. Essentially, the playing field is leveled when this generator is active: Riot and his sorcerous opponent must rely solely upon their natural skills and talent to win. That being said, this effect is useless on those who do not use magic to fuel their abilities, and as an interesting side effect, it renders ghosts and other similarly incorporeal entities touchable by conventional means for as long as they remain within its aura.


Riot is a bit of an elitist so to speak. He has a hard time trusting people and has a very strong view on what is right and what is wrong, and dislikes those who don’t agree with him. As such, he can seem very standoffish most of the time, but he is doggedly loyal to those he befriends and will go to any lengths to help them. He prefers to show a detached, almost robotic personality, but in reality he's awkward, a bit of a superhero fanboy, and spends too much time on the internet. As such, it's not uncommon for him to accidentally blurt something out - a reference to an internet meme, comic, movie, etc, or whatever else he happens to be thinking of at the moment. He tends to rely on the bulkiness of his own suit to cover his slip ups and the often resulting internal facepalm.

Strengths: Riot may be a bit of a jerk sometimes, but he is loyal, courageous, and honorable. He will defend the innocent with his life even when he has no chance of winning. He views the lives of others as far more important than his own, however he will not normally throw his life away.

Riot is a surprisingly good cook, though he does not like to show it. If he cooks for you, you’re someone very important to him: As a friend or as something more.

Interests/Habits: Robotics, alien artifacts, cooking, classical music, and dogs. Riot has always wanted a puppy, but has never had one. He can often be found alone in his workshop trying to improve his suit or create new modules for it.


Family Members:  Both his mother and father are alive. Richard Aaron Reinhardt, and Sarah Lynn Reinhardt
Place of Origin: Savannah, Georgia (approximately)
History: Born to a pair of scientists, Lukas was destined for greatness from the very start. Or so his parents decided for him. His parents’ marriage was out of convenience rather than love,  as both were assigned to the same project: a weapon designed to hunt and kill metahumans that the government deemed a threat. Initially, when their son was born a cripple, Richard and Sarah were ready to write him off as a failure. Perhaps because of is natural flaws however, they instead decided to use the infant Steven as a guinea pig: to create the perfect operator for Mk1 “Godkiller” suit. Riot grew up on an intense training regimen and was fed a strict diet coupled with experimental growth hormones designed to maximize his size and muscle mass. Riot grew up destined to become a soldier, a meta-killer designed to gun down those grounded in reality, and drag those who weren’t down to humanities level before showing them the same fate. Hence his parents greatest creation since the Null-space stowage system: The Type 0 magic nullifier. An engine designed to make use of Nth metals primary anomalous effect: The disruption of magic and magically based creatures. This was the final piece. With this engine, The Mk1 Godkiller could effectively negate the powers of anyone not following the laws of physics, allowing the soldier within to efficiently neutralize the threat. Riot, however grew up loathing the idea of becoming a killing machine. All he wanted was a normal life. He quickly realized how impossible that idea was however, and instead focused on mastering his parents regimen in the hope of stealing the suit and using it to do some good. He has dedicated his life to “balance the scales” so to speak, trying to do good defending the innocent in an attempt to make up for his parents unethical weapons research and experimentation on live human and meta subjects. Despite his animosity towards what his parents have done and are continuing to do, and their apparent disdain for him, he still loves them both and will go to great lengths to keep them safe.

Sample rp:
“Go! Go! Go!” The gunman adjusted his mask. They were out of time. The cops would be there any second. He swore under his breath as he heard the approach of sirens. Nevermind, they were here THIS second. Fine. If it was a standoff they wanted, it was a standoff they’d get. He smashed out a window with his rifle and opened fire on the police as they piled out of their vehicles and took defensive positions, sending them diving behind the cover of their cars. His fellow gunmen took up firing positions spaced out along the side of the bank. It appeared this would last all day. Then everything changed as the large window near the ceiling exploded in a myriad of shimmering razor shards. In the same moment, one of the gunmen was thrown off his feet in a hail of bullets. By the time he slammed into the tellers desk behind him, an armored giant had landed boot first into the chest of another gunman, driving the wind from him and slamming him into the ground with enough force to render him instantly unconscious, though curiously there was no blood. No one had time to register that fact, however as the fight ended in a two second blur, with the giant gunning down the farthest gunman opposite the leader and swinging a massive shield with a vicious backhand that saw the last henchman thrown across the room into his leader, the two of them slamming into the marble wall behind them. As the leader’s vision darkened, his last sights were of a blue and golden giant of metal striding towards him with the calm casual pace of a predator who knew it had won.

Riot picked up the rifles the two men he’s thrown into each other had been using and smashed them to pieces. He calmly walked over to the hostages, his voice amplified by a speaker inside his helm, though it came out as harsh and mechanical. “Do not worry, you are safe now. The police will clean up this mess and you will all be free to go about your day after giving any statements they need.” He turned and held the door open for the police, who were still staring at him in bewilderment, many just now processing what had just happened. “The situation has been resolved. Several of these men will need medical attention, but they will be more than well enough to face their day in court. Sorry for the scare, officers, however I’m sure y’all will understand the need for surprise in this situation.

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Riot, Peacekeeper
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