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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Addison: #6. Loot Up and Suit Up (Solo) [IV]

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PostSubject: Addison: #6. Loot Up and Suit Up (Solo) [IV]   Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:21 pm

"There you look all nice and pretty again" Jenny said with a half hearted smile as Addison used a mirror to check out her roots that had been coming in since she couldn't bleach her hair while she had been in the asylum. Addison then blinked noticing Jenny's smile and lowered her mirror and frowned a bit.

"Jenny.... I know when your smiles are fake..." jenny frowned and looked down. "Sorry I just." Addison leaned forward and poked Jenny's forehead making her blink and look up to Addison. "I'm still the same girl you grew up with... I know its partly not what you want to hear but it's true... I was hoping to hide this side of me from you just a bit longer so that i could still be there for you until you had you didn't need me anymore and I'm sorry that I had to leave early but... I will always be there for you."

"You come and see me almost every day so I know you still care for me too which is all I could ever ask for... But you should know that I am who I am, I am happy, and I am not going to change but you should know not to worry about me. I just want to make sure you know not to worry about me and worry about yourself so don't hide your real emotions..."

She looked at her seriously. "Because like I said.... nothing has changed about me... and you know I hate it when you don't give me a real smile." A few men watched them from behind a glass one taking notes. "Interesting... she seems so sane and level headed when she's with her sister.... I wonder why that is..."

Addison then hugged jenny close and whispered to her. "But again don't worry... I get along just fine with everyone else in here." Jenny hugged her back and nodded. "Just be careful..." Addison smiled brightly. "You know I won't but I'll be okay."

Later That Night

Addison laid in the lap of the white haired boy she had been dancing with before as he looked over her roots. "She did a marvelous job on your hair. Do you think she could do the same for me?" Addison smiled up to him "of course she could!" he chuckled and smiled "That's good to hear." She said looking up at the clock then looked down to her and leaned down and kissed her deeply and softly.

She kissed him back gently holding his cheek until two guards pull them apart. "Come on guys you know you can;t get with each other in here." They then got them up to their feet and started to walk them back to their cells. "Now come on it's time to hit the sack anyways." Addison and the boy look from each other smiling to a few others being taken back to their cells who smiled back at them.

They did this every night for the past few weeks so it was normal now to the guards so they didn't really think to much about it. The doors were closed behind them and they did what they normally did every night and after some guards fell asleep while at their guard like they normally did when guarding and watching Addison's cage.

She was always so well behaved so just closing their eye's wouldn't be that bald right? Addison smiled and sat up in her bed. She then placed some stuffing from the mattress she was laying on on er pillow where her head normally did. She then pulled up the bottom sheet that she had been covered in that was pulled apart into its thread like form and laid it over the stuffing making it look like her hair.

She then bunched up more stuffing where she laid making her body shape and quietly crawled out from under her covers and covered up the double she left behind that in the dark looked just like her. Addison looked to the boy with white hair and smiled to him as she seemed to smirk in his sleep. he knew she wouldn't leave him or the others behind.

She wouldn't make it out of the asylum without their help and they couldn't make it out of their cells without her help Addison then quietly climbed up to a vent on the ceiling of her cell and moved her head up to one of the screws. She then moved her tongue in her mouth until she smiled bearing her teeth to show a make shift screw driver now being held in place by her teeth.

She then used it to unscrew the vents screws quietly. When it was lose she moved the vent plate out of the way and climbed into the vent quietly placing it back in place as she silently made her way through the vents. She went from cell to cell pulling out a make shift key from her mouth and lowering it into the hands of the 'sleeping' inmates hands by strands of her very long hair tied together and to the keys.

She gave the keys to 4 different people  but not to the white haired boy all while the other guards that glanced at her bed thought she was sleeping in her bed still. She tapped the vent twice when she got to the last person and he silently got out of his bed. when the others saw him getting up they did the same in the same fashion.

Each of the people moving as the others guards weren't paying attention to them. They then all opened their cell doors and quickly took down their guards and as the other guards then noticed them they moved quickly. The other inmates woke up and started to shout to their escaping allies to set them free.

The white haired boy's eyes went wide when he heard this and lost his smirk as she rushed up to his cell door as he saw Addison kick the vent that's screws had been loosened over time and opened it out and dropping from the vent. "Stop!" The guards shouted as the inmates easily took out the guards in the area as Addison walked out of the cell she was in with a grin on her face.

The inmates she freed armed themselves with guns and secured the only exit as guards started to rush to their floor. "QUIET!" Addison shouted to the other standing on a table. The others slowly went quiet as instructed and Addison smiled. Though the white boy just went to snarling at her.

"I know you all want to be freed! Which you will be! But you all need to know that if you want a chance you all need to work together with us! Because if you don't... none of us have a chance... But if one of you don't follow us you are on your own and will probably be recaptured or killed in the cross fire...."

She walked off the table and went over to the cell door she was in and grabbed the key and 2 guns off the guards and tossed the key to one of the inmates. "But you should know that what I'm about to do is to save myself because there's someone here none of us can trust..." She walked over to the white haired boy and aimed a gun at his head.

"You'll regret this you bi-" She shot him in the head and smiled brightly. "no I won't...I'm not stupid... You are too much like me and we both know that if the roles were swapped you'd be doing the same to me because we both know" She reached in his cage and puled out a make shift shiv from his boxers and tossed it and the one in her bra into his cage.

"That we would have ended up killing each other anyways..." She then smirked as the other inmates were freed and got armed up. She while they did collected many other guns and then ripped off pieced of her jump suit making her jump suit into a skirt by ripping the divider that made it into two different paints legs, she tore out the mid stomach section form the jump suit, and made the top sleeveless and into a tank top with a low cut in the chest region.

"What are you doing?" one inmate asked her as the others armed up and she started tearing up the clothe more and tied other parts together and got other parts of cloth from the guards that were now dead. "I'm making a back pack." The inmate blinked as she finished the make shift back pack and filled it up with the guns and other things from the guards belt.

"Why? And why did you have to tear your own clothes couldn't you have gotten all the cloth you needed from the other guards?" He asked as she tied her hair  into a pony tail with a long piece of cloth. "Well I'm thinking in advance for when i'm alone in the outside." The inmate blinked as she put the back pack on and grabbed her two pistols.

"uuuuh" She sighed and looked at him. "Hello sir!" She struck a cute pose. "I'm cosplaying as that insane girl Addison Necowl! But a more cuter version cause normal jump suits just aren't my thing!" She then went over to a female guard and rubbed her finger on her eye lids then onto hers getting  a light coat of eye shadow on and did the same with the woman's lips stick then looked back to the inmate.

"Can I hitch a ride? my friends left the convention center early so I have to walk home and I didn't think how far I had to walk when I told them to go on before me!" The inmate blinked then pointed to her make up. "But a normal inmate wouldn't have make up." Addison nodded and smeared some other woman's eye shadow on her face that was another color to hide some of her other noticeable features.

"Exactly, not every teen cosplayer thinks of that when doing a 'sexy' or 'cuter' version of what ever they are dressing up as." The inmate  nodded slowly. "And whats with all the gear in the back pack." Addison looked to it and shrugged. "It's for future gear I'll be making for myself. Now get ready to go and don't get in the way of the others. They will claw through you. Literally." The inmate gulped.

"W-why would they do that?" She smiled back at the inmate. "Cause most of them didn't lie about being insane like you did to get into here and not normal jail and nothing will get in the way of them from freedom not even a confused fellow inmate. That and they sooo could turn on the rest of us at any moment. Us really crazies are a bit unpredictable."

She then shot at the security cameras destroying them before shouting out to the people in front. "WE'RE READY GO!" The doors then opened and she and the main other 4 duck under tables as the other inmates had a fire fight with the guards most taking out the guards but many dropping dead from being in the cross fire.

They then charged down the halls to the first floor as many guards chased after them. not noticing the five of them. Addison and the others look to each other and nod and going to her cell as they left behind their guns. Addison put hers in her back pack as they then unlocked her cell and closed it behind them. They then climbed into the vent and put the vent panel back in place as they made their way though the vents.

They made their way down to the first floor and into the laundry room while they heard people dying and fighting off in the distance. They saw the windows all bared up and one looked to her confused but she smirked and looked to a large man and nodded. He smiled and easily tore the bars out. He was a meta but no one but he and Addison had known that he was one.

He then climbed out the window and the others followed and made their way away fro the asylum. They then made their own ways apart. Addison smiled as she walked down the side walk and walked up to a man unlocking his car who looked at her funny. "Hello sir! I'm walking home from a convention and well I sorta miss judged how far away my house was, can you give me a ride home my parents will get worried if i'm out any later."

She asked with an innocent slight puppy dog face. He eyed her like trying to think of where he saw her before but shrugged and nodded. Unlocking his car he looked to her. "Hop in kid." She smiled brightly. "Thank you sir!" She got in the car as he started it up and the radio turned on.

"There is a break out at Star city asylum and many inmates are yet to be found after the surviving inmates were recaptured. One inmate that yet to be found is the recently convicted mass murderer Addison Necowl-"

As the man's face showed realization of who she was she turned off the radio. With a gun shot the driver door opened and the man's body was pushed out and onto the ground and closed again as Addison buckled up and drove off. "Poor guy... if only his radio had stayed off he'd still be alive." She said with a smirk a she drove off into the distance now free and well armed.
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Addison: #6. Loot Up and Suit Up (Solo) [IV]
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