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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Imperfect: #1. Imperfect (Solo) [IPMV]

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PostSubject: Imperfect: #1. Imperfect (Solo) [IPMV]   Sat Feb 06, 2016 6:12 pm

Perfect House
Perfect Family
Perfect Friends
Perfect Life

Perfect Weather
Perfect City
Perfect Scenery
Perfect School

Perfect World

Imperfect Girl...

But that's okay
Or at least that's what the others say...

"Hey!" The imperfect girl blinked and looked up from her note book as she wrote in her note book to her teacher. "You always write while I'm trying to teach!" The teacher sighed and smiled as the rest of the students followed suit. "But that's okay I'm sure that what ever you are writing is far more important than what I'm saying!"

The teacher wasn't being sarcastic, she was being honest like she really believed it.... The imperfect girl really wished someone would get snippy with her at least once.... or that someone would say her name.... no one ever said her name and despite how much she asked them why they would just say that they couldn't because they would ruin it's beauty.

When she said it was okay they just pushed more and said they would not say it. The imperfect girl certainly didn't think that this world was perfect.... it was always trying too hard to be nice and beautiful to ever be perfect. Though she never would say such things out loud when no one else ever had. Yes it may finally make someone get mad at her but she was too scared at the same time to see what that would be like in person.

She silently sighed as she looked back to her note book, life was so boring.... school was boring... everything was boring.... The intercom let out a voice. "School is being let out early again kids!" The students cheered and started to pack up as she looked up with a blank stare. When ever she got bored with something or thought to much about how boring perfect seemed to be something would change.

She always figured it was just the word trying to have perfect timing for her. Some kids walked over to her they all looked the same like they were all photocopies of each other. They were all one kind of perfect making them all the same, they all acted the same, they all looked the same. There was one thing that was odd to her besides the opposite for this perfect world.

There was no color besides the color red.... How she even knew that there was no color? Well she didn't at first, at first she just thought the colors of the world was just everything from white to black. But then she found an odd red flower that wasn't the normal colors and just some how knew... this was a real color.

"Hay Hey!" She blinked being pulled out of her thought process again as one of the boys looked to her with a bright smile that all the others had as well. "Come on let's go!" They helped her up to her feet as some others pick up her stuff to carry for her. "Let's go to the mall!" The boy said as they walked her out of the room.

They never really asked her want she wanted to do, but then again everyone always wanted to do the same things so it would be odd and different if she didn't want to do the same things as well. She didn't want to stir the world wrong if she did there was no going back and despite how lonely and boring the world was as it was she wasn't sure if she was ready to do that just yet.

She looked down as she walked a boy walking past her who look just as bored. He paused as he noticed her and looked to her as she walked down the hall. She didn't look like every other girl in the school, and neither did he. He started to turn on his feet and follow her trying to catch up to her but a group of teens surrounded him.

Like the imperfect girl the boy was imperfect, and bored with this world so the sight of something not looking like the rest of the world.... he just had to see who she was he had to! He hadn't seen her before so that could mean he wouldn't again if she left. He ignored the group of students around him trying to distract him... like he shouldn't be interacting with the girl....

He tried to push past the group but he couldn't and the girl was slowly getting too far away he had to try something! His eyes went wide he had it! "HEY YOU FUCKING BITCH LOOK AT ME!" He would shout out something that no one else in this would ever would something he never heard anyone say to others. He didn't know where he had heard such language before but it still some how came to him.

The imperfect girl's heart felt like it stopped as time slowed making her eyes go wide as she heard the boys voice. She turned to see him and the two locked eyes both thinking the same thing as the people around them seemed to freeze in time as she felt something come from inside her and push out her of lips. "FUCK YOU! YOU FUCKING ASS LICKER! NO ONE TALKS TO ME LIKE THAT!"

Despite her words the two of them started to smile as she spoke, they weren't perfect, which was what they both always wanted to see, someone that was like them. The people around them started to violently twitch as they started to walk to each other slowly walking faster and faster towards each other as they allowed their bodies to do what they felt like they wanted to do.

The two clenched their fists and rose them and punched each other at the same time square in the face as their smiles grew wider. Time slowing again for them as they were both sent falling to the ground as they smiled at each other. Suddenly though everything felt like it was glitching out as everything around them flashed as if they were different things.

The imperfect's girl's eyes went wide as her smile faded. She saw the area around her change as she now saw herself in a giant tube looking thing. She was floating in some green liquid and there were single straps covering her privates. There was a mask over her mouth connected to some cords to all her to breath.

She blinked as she looked up to see what looked like an endless pathway going up into the sky and then looked down to see the same thing. She spotted a small little window above her on the side of the tubing and she swam up to it the liquid she was in was thicker than water but not yet really too thick to not be able to swim in.

She looked out it gently placing her hands on it. There were tubes like hers lining the other side of the wall in a dark metal looking area. Everything was tinted green due to the liquid though it was still something very new to her. She looked straight forward and blinked as she saw someone in one of the other tubes pounding on his window trying to get her attention.

She looked closer and it was the boy she had seen not even minutes before. Like her he was very confused but before they could look at each other a moment longer they were suddenly hitting the ground back in their school again. The girl winced in pain as she hit her head hard on the ground the boy doing the same.

They looked at each other and the blood now on each others faces, his coming from is nose that she had hit and hers coming from her upper lip that he had hit. They started to get up and tried to talk to each other but before they could the people around them covered their mouths and started dragging them away from each other looking angry.

They both struggled to get loose but their girl failed though the boy shouted out to her managing to get a hand off his mouth. "I'll find you again and we'll figure out what the hell that was!" She nodded as he was pulled out of her sight and she was pulled away from the location. This world... was perfect.
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Imperfect: #1. Imperfect (Solo) [IPMV]
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