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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Imperfect: #2. Blemished (Solo)

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PostSubject: Imperfect: #2. Blemished (Solo)   Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:28 am

Grounded..... the imperfect girl had only thought that this was just a myth.... she didn't really think it was a thing that could happen in a world like the one she was stuck in, but here she was... sitting alone... in her room... grounded... and having no regrets. If anything this grounding made her happy, something interesting finally happened, the endless loop of perfection had finally been broken with meeting that boy....

Thinking back more to it the feeling she had when she saw him was filled with so much relief and joy... yet a hint of anger like she knew him... but... she had just met him, there was no way she had seen him before.... right? That tube... was it just her imagination...? No... It couldn't have been she hadn't seen that color before that everything was tinted so there was no way that she could have imagined it so randomly without trying to imagine it....

"I'll get you out of there baby girl" a voice echoed through out of her room as she blinked looking around for the voice. It felt so... familiar... so reassuring, she felt joy welding up inside her to the point of her eyes teared up but she didn't know why. She started to get up to her feet but then froze as she felt like something was starting at her.

She quickly took a step back as she looked quickly to her window only seeing a blur of what ever it was that was staring at her leave. She looked around for some sort of weapon, she didn't know why but she felt like what ever that was that was watching her was going to try to hurt her and that she should be ready for the attack and run as fast as she could from this place.

She looked around and could only find her messenger bag but it would have to work. She kneeled down by it and started to fill it with her hard back text books. She felt foolish for freaking out so much but after everything she felt like she should trust her feelings. She then grabbed her bag and stood up as she felt the same feeling again of being watched.

She looked up to the corner of her ceiling as she saw a black creature that looked like it had some messed up morphed body that was a mix between man and mutated beast. It had no mouth but it stared at her with wide completely white eyes. She gasped and stumbled back as the words

"Too Slow, Imperfect, Bad Girl" whispered inside her head over and over the words slowly getting louder and louder as she closed her eyes and covered her ears. She wanted to run, she didn't know why she didn't but she couldn't she could only try to cover her ears and stand there. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" The whispers started to turn into echoing shouts as she back up into the wall holding her head now.

She felt like the monster was closing in on her but she couldn't open her eyes to check she could only fall down onto her butt on the ground, clench her eyes shut and cry. "CRY BABY! FIGHT! SCARDY CAT! WIMP! PATHETIC!" She opened her eyes as she saw the creature only inches from her face and its claws clenching her head now too.

She trembled as she saw it so close as it pressed its forehead to hers. "I shouldn't have ran." the voice echoed in her head calmly now as her surroundings seemed to glitch and then fade away leaving her in the tube again. She panted as she looked around with wide eyes again until she found a window again and swam up to it. She looked out it again but didn't see the boy from before. What was this place...? What was-?

The tube stared to shake and she moved away from the window and looked around again and looked to the window as it cracked. She blinked and moved closer to it before it shattered and the liquid she was in started to flood out of the hole taking her with it. She gasped as she fell out of the tube and the mouth cover she had came off her face as she started to fall.

She looked around as she fell seeing hundreds of tubes like hers in both directions neither way seemed to have an end though she fell hard onto the ground and winced in pain as she hit the ground hard enough to where she felt like one of her ribs nearly cracking. She slowly got up though and out of the liquid pouring down on her from the tube.

She looked confused as she looked around and started to walk forward though the air felt like there was way too much of it as she breathed and she started to feel light headed like you did when you hyper ventilated even though she was breathing normally. She fell to the ground and covered her mouth and nose to try and lessen the air flow but it only slightly helped.

Though suddenly a white surgical looking mouth mask was put on her from someone behind her and the air seemed to be regulated properly and she could breath with ease again. She lightly touched the mask with her fingers though froze as she saw her hand in normal color and not black and white.

She though then looked be hinder her to see a man that looked familiar to her yet she felt she had never seen before at the same time who also was in full color. His hair was long and in a small pony tail and seemed to be light brown. He had on an eye mask and some weird looking costume as he teared up and smiled warmly to her before hugging her close.

She didn't know why but she felt so safe in his arms like a fathers hug should and that she could trust him. She also felt the same surge of joy he did before though this time in a greater value. She couldn't help but hug him back as tears ran down her face. as she hugged the man back.

"You're safe baby girl... you're going to be okay now... daddy's got you." Her eyes went wide as he said this, it felt true that he was her father but this wasn't the man she remembered who raised her... and yet he felt more like her father than anyone even her own father felt like so far. Maybe the world she knew really was too perfect to be real after all....
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Imperfect: #2. Blemished (Solo)
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