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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Imperfect: #3. Incomplete (Solo)

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PostSubject: Imperfect: #3. Incomplete (Solo)   Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:59 am

The man carried the Imperfect girl as he run over to the other side of the wall. The imperfect girl had so many thoughts and questions running through her head, why couldn't she remember this man? Why was she suddenly in some weird place? How did she see so many of these new colors?

Why did she need this mouth mask to breath but he didn't?  She wanted to ask the man but she was scared that if he really was her father and he learned that she couldn't remember him that it would hurt him which despite not knowing this man she felt like it would hurt if she made him sad.

The man then adjusted her in his arms and held out his hand towards the tube in front of them's window and formed an odd looking see through orb and fired it at the window cracking it then fired once more busting it open and sending water poring out.

She blinked looking from it to the man, he had been the one to bust her out of the tube... but who was he- She looked back up and blinked in confusion before she saw the imperfect boy who like the man had light brown hair and like her only has a strap of cloth covering his privates.

He unlike her though landed on the ground on his feet crouching down before he stood up and looked to them walking forward slowly picking up his pace before hugging them. He seemed to know who they were.... but he was in the same tube as her.... why did he remember but she didn't....? The boy blinked and eyed the girl.

"Why are you looking at me like that.....?" She  bit her lip as she was caught with her confused look covering her face. She opened her mouth to speak before looking down making the boy eye her more but before he could push her for answers the man cut him off. "Come on Davis we need to go now if we want to get out of here."

Davis looked to the man and nodded before they both started to run. They were both very fast and the man seemed not to be at all slowed down despite holding the girl in his arms. As they ran explosions started going off on the ground and rapidly was heading their way making her eyes go wide but before she could warn the two they were hit into the air by the explosions.

She flew out of the man's arms and as he hit her head on the ground everything went black.... The imperfect girl stood now as she was in the grass of a park staring up at a girl with bright blonde hair she held up her hand with her fingers spread apart as a large orb floating above it. The Girl and what she did felt familiar but she had never seen her before to her knowing.

The blonde girl wore a nice black lose dress with some ruffles and a slight poof to the bottom half and she wore no shoes. Around the waist a small slightly see through waist cape hung that went down to her knees and it showed off her legs rather than closing fully off.

She had on long tight gloves that were also black and stretched back to her elbows and were fingerless for her pointer middle fingers and her thumb. She had a black near skin tight mask over her mouth as well and black cloth bands on her ankles. The girl looked into the orb as her eyes glowed a faint purple color as the orb softly glowed.

"You know you're aunt loaths it when you spy on her..." A woman said as she walked up to the tree she like the girl had bright blonde hair. "....." the woman sighed as the girl refused to talk to her."I know you're mad at your father and I for being so strict with you but please... come home..."

The girl glanced at her but looked back to her orb. "Please... despite you leaving every other week we still tend to worry about you especially when you leave for days at a time like you are now....."

The girl looked back down to her again as her eyes faded to green and she floated walked over to the edge of the tree and rotated her hand to go over top of the orb and stepped off the edge hanging from the orb as it floated down and let her land on the ground gently.

The girl then guided the orb back over to her and held it to her chest and placed her other hand over top of her other and gently pushed it back into herself before looking back up to the woman and starting to walk off with her. "Thank you honey" the woman said gently kissing the girls head as they walked off.  

The imperfect girl blinked as she watched them leave, the scene felt so familiar.... but she didn't know why.... Everything then went dark again and as the imperfect girl opened her eyes again  she could see the night sky. She blinked as she looked over how different it looked now.

She then looked to the man that had saved her as he leaned against a rock sleeping looking a bit cut up as he still held her in his arms and then to the imperfect boy whose name had been learned to be Davis as he started at her. "Morgan..." She blinked and looked at him confused at the random name he spoke and caused him to give a disappointed look.

"So you don't remember huh....?"  She sat up a bit in the man's arms as she spoke softly to avoid waking him. "Remember what....?" "Your name... dad.... me.... you still look at me like you did in the simulation... I remembered things when I came out but you.... you still act like we have never met....." She blinked as her head perked up at his words.

"Simulation.....? You mean-" "It was all fake... that entire world.... all those memories you have... they are all fake but we only hold those memories while were in the machine.... but you apparently still haven't gotten your real ones back... Which explains why you, according to dad, let yourself fall and hit the ground hard and looked so confused and out of it when you got out...

Well... since I know you don't know your name since I didn't know mine while in there and you looked like you had the same set up as me I'll inform you on your name.... You are Morgan Tones.... My little sister..... and that man who is holding you's daughter.... and you used to see the entire world in the palm of your hand.... literally..." She blinked and looked at her hand as he continued.

"You were strong despite the breathing issue you have..... You ran around in a costume allt he time but not to be a hero or villain but to be whatever it was you wanted to be and now here you are.... haven been taken and put into a fake world and seemed to lose almost everything that made you you.... and here I am... watching my own sister act as a stranger because despite trying so hard I failed to save her...."

The boy spoke as if he was admitting defeat as he laid down in the grass. "Try to not run off.... were going to be heading home at day break and i don't want to go back to save you again because you wondered off and was re kidnapped...."

He said before closing his eyes. Her name was Morgan Tones.... it felt right...correct.... but the life he told her... the information he just gave to her.... could it really be true...? Up till today.... that 'simulation' was all she thought she had and was true... it was the only lie she knew.... and now it was all just a lie?

And the life that was truly hers was lost to her....? Morgan laid her head on the man's chest, she didn't know  what exactly to do now but she figured her best bet would probably be to stick with the people who saved her... she didn't want to take the chance that they were telling the truth and he was torn away from her real life and family again....
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Imperfect: #3. Incomplete (Solo)
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