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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Imperfect: #4. Unrefined (Solo)

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PostSubject: Imperfect: #4. Unrefined (Solo)   Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:33 pm

"So she really doesn't remember anything....?"
"Apparently not...."
"They are going to pay for what they did to her.... and I'm going to tear them so far apart that no one can even identify them as people or their operation as even existent...."
"Honey... I know you're mad but for now we should just focus on our daughter and her memories..."
"*sigh* You're right.... I just...."
"I know... Well be back in few hours..."

"Morning..." Morgan looked away from her apparent father as he stood behind a tree talking on a phone and turned her attention to her brother. "Good to see that you're finally up... remember anything yet....?" She softly shook her head and he sighed. "Bummer..."

He looked to their father. "I haven't seen dad so upset since Rick told mom and dad how Fred was treating-" He looked back to her to see her clueless face and sighed. "Never mind...." She blinked. "Whose Rick?" Her brother shook his head. "It's not important, the memories you should be regaining or being reminded of should be ones about people who are actually around to be there for you not to come around to try and talk you into break into a castle to kidnap someone."

He stood up and held out a hand to her. "Can you walk?" Her brother seemed to deage then into a 8 year old who was covered in scrapes bruises and dirt and wore a scuffed up t shirt shorts and tennis shoes. "She saw a 5 year old blonde girl come out of her as the girl got up to her feet she looked like a younger version of the girl from before.

"I'm fine, I didn't need you're help..." The girl said stubbornly, some gauze looked to be wrapped around her nose and mouth to fully cover it and covered a bit of her neck. The boy frowned and lowered his hand. "I know you like trying to do things yourself but you won't look weak just because you accepted help from your big brother just to get up on your feet...."

The girl looked off with crossed arms with a huff and the boy sighed in defeat as he started to walk past some boys knocked out on the ground. "What ever.... let's just go home already...." The girl kept looking off with her arms crossed as she walked beside him heading home. reality then faded back into place and her brother looked at her annoyed.

"You going to take my hand or not....." He said annoyed clearly expecting her not to at this point. She looked to him then his hand before reaching up and gently taking it making him look rather surprised but he helped her up to her feet. The father then walked over to them and nodded. "Come on lets get going your mother is starting to make some food for us since we aren't too far away now."

They started to walk on without her as she started to follow though as she walked it felt as if the entire world was turning on a tilt under her as she walked forward. The world moved closer to her and swallowed her hole but she couldn't stop walking forward. The world now seemed to be at night now as she walked forward wearing the same outfit the girl had before as a man with longish orange red hair walked besides her in a suit and tie.

"For a mere meta human you certainly have much potential..." "But all I can do is make an orb that I can see things with and floats in my hand...." She said to the man unable to control her body as the man chuckled. "Everyone started somewhere... and now look at your aunts... your father, mother, at me..." He grinned

"But you are still different from them but in an amazing way.... you control orbs like your mother father and grand father... but you can see into them unlike they can... they can only fire them off... but you can see what they want to show you..... and I believe you can do far more than just that...." She looked up to the man.

"What makes you say that.....?" He smirked and stopped walking and kneeled down to get to her eye level and she looked at him as he spoke. "I have looked much into your family and someone on your grandmother's side of the family who died an untimely death due to police officers putting her down because they didn't understand her."

"She could do what you could... but much more... She could show others what she saw.... and she could guide them around like they were her performers in a play by using her orbs... she used her orbs to guide others in the dance of life and death rather than forcing them with brute force like the rest of your family on your fathers side does..."

"She found her second orb inside her like you found your orb.... I believe when you can get them both out you can do what she did.... I know that you hate being seen as weak but after you unlock this... you will never be seen as weak again... you just have to trust me and allow me to show you how to guide people through life and death like your grand aunt could...."

He smiled to her. "Now... would you like to train with me to do this Morgan...?" She nodded to him. "Yes I would uncle Fredric... I want to be strong...." He grinned and pulled her into a hug. "Good girl....." Everything went black and after a few moments morgan slowly opened her eyes as she laid in a bed staring up to a ceiling... she must have passed out again.... But now she knew who that girl was.... it was her...."

She turned her head and saw herself in a mirror.... that girl was her alright... it was weird though... seeing your real face... and it looked so different from the one you thought you had for years.....
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Imperfect: #4. Unrefined (Solo)
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