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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Imperfect: #4. Cracked (Solo) [IVG]

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PostSubject: Imperfect: #4. Cracked (Solo) [IVG]   Thu Feb 11, 2016 1:19 am

A homeless man looks through the trash as two massive sold purple eyes appear in the sky above him as the area around him fades to black. Solid purple hands stretch down from the sky and then purple strings come from their finger tips as they creeped down to the man.

They attacked to his head and limbs and the man gasped and shouted as his eyes started to glow purple but his eyes faded back to normal as the eyes strings and hands vanished. The view of the man zoomed out from an orb and the view panned up to Morgans face her eyes totally purple. Morgan gasped then as she stumbled back but was caught by Fredric who sighed.

helping her stand up right. "I'm sorry...." He shook his head. "It's fine, you at least managed to attach onto him this time.... We just have to train you be able to handle linking your mind to others through your orbs..." She nodded placing her hands over her two orbs again. "Now..."

The man looked around confused as the two stood on a building not too far from him Fred placing a hand on her shoulder. "Try again...." He said rather darkly as he looked at the man as if he was a mere insect. Morgan started at the man and nodded closing her eyes as the orbs started to glow purple.

She then opened her eyes they once again glowing a solid purple as she started forward but her vision looking into the orbs and at the man as the eyes reappeared above him. Morgan sat on her bed staring at her hands as she came back fro thinking about a memory she recently gotten.

She had been home for about a week now, she had gotten many of her memories back now but they still felt like someone else's... she still felt like someone else... she still... she still felt like she was now living someone else's life... but the feelings that girl felt... she still felt like they were hers.... she still felt the need to just watch the world from her orbs, she still felt like she wanted to become stronger...

She still felt like she wanted to work to be able to control her orbs that she had yet to bring out since her kidnapping. So she would work on them... and she would continue to work on her goal.... she would need Fredric's help but before she went to him she wanted to make sure she could still bring out her orbs.

She closed her eyes and brought one hand by her stomach its palm facing up, and brought the other to her color bone with its hand facing down. She then exhaled and her hands started to glow a soft purple as she slowly brought them together and then as she pulled them apart 2 purple orbs of light formed in between her hands.

They then grew as she slowed her hands to a stop and once they were large enough they faded in glow to show 2 clear sold orbs the hovered over and under her hands. She then held her hands out in front of her with their palms up and she opened her eye to seethe orbs hovering over the palms of her hands and smiled. Okay now it was time to find Fredric and contact him.

She closed her eyes and focused before opening her now glowing solid purple eyes though as she tried to search for Fredric all she could find was a grave. Her eyes went wide as a memory came back to her then. She stood in her dress standing on the roof that she normally met Fred at and looked around.

He said that he might be late because he had to visit his daughter before he came to see her but she was a bit worried since he was still late so she figured the best thing she could do to ease her worries was to check on him so she brought out her two orbs and tracked him down with them.

She saw him backing up as a blonde haired girl who looked about a year older than her stood up and walked up to him looking upset as she spoke to him in an odd language though despite it not being English she seemed to know it. "Father.... I am done being your play thing... and I am done allowing you to hurt and destroy our kingdom..."

Fredric slipped as he backed into the icy part of the ground and fell down as the girl with bright blonde hair walked across the ice with bare feet. "Please don't do thi-" Fredric plead but was cut off by the girl. "SILENCE!..... you are not permitted to speak in MY kingdom.... this kingdom is now mine... and you... are going to die... but not. before. you. HURT."

The girl said coldly to the man before she placed her hand on his shoulder freezing it easily making him shout in pain. "That's right... CRY OLD MAN!" the girl shouted as she then made his shoulder shatter and break as she clenched it making Fredric cry out in pain as his arm fell off onto the ground. The man shouted as he held the spot where his arm used to be.

Morgan went wide eyed as she saw him in trouble but she had no idea how to get to him. "P-please d-d-" The girl place her hand on his mouth. "You don't get to beg.... no one of the royal blood line should ever beg for mercy... right father....?" She asked as he looked at her with wise tear filled eyes. Morgan had to do something! She just had to! So she did the only thing she thought to do, Fredric was strong!

She knew he was! He just had to fight back and he would win! Right? Her strings reached out and attached to him and the bond seemed to form with ease. The fingers that held the strings that were invisible to the girl moved and made him reach up to the girl's hand though he moved as if there were tons of weight on his limbs but that was because the person moving his hand did have weight on them due to them not being strong enough to manipulate living creatures yet.

The girl noticed this and grabbed his hand with her other hand and froze and shattered it causing Fredric massive pain making him shout in pain and his pain going through the strings and into Morgan making her cry out in pain and lose focus. Her orbs vanished as she fell to her knees shaking in pain holding her hand.

It felt like it had actually been frozen and shattered... but as she looked to it it was still there in one piece. She trembled but used her hand that had not been hurt to form and orb that she looked back into to look back in on Fredric as her eyes went wide as the girl froze his entire body besides his head. The girl looked coldly down at him as she held a foot over his chest.

Morgan whispered out "No...." as tears formed in her eyes before the girl spoke out coldly towards him. "Good bye father..... I shall not miss you, you insufferable poor excuse for a father and king...." She then slammed her foot down and shattered his entire body leaving his head as Morgan cried out "NO!" She let the orb vanish as she hugged herself hunching over crying.

'How could he die..... Fredric was strong... how.... could.... he die like that....?' She wondered as she came back from her memory and let the orbs fade as tears stained her cheeks. "Fredric...." She said with a heart broken voice.

Fredric had been most of her memories thus far and fro what it looked like he had trained her to use her powers when her father wouldn't allow it, he had gifted her the dress.... he protected her and gave her hope for the possibility of being strong like she always wanted.... but now... he was gone.....

She held her hand that had been hurt in the memory with her other hand as she placed it close to her chest as her head fell and she closed her eyes crying.... Fredric was gone.... her mentor.... was dead... and she was now alone.... all because of one girl.... Morgan narrowed her brows as she clenched her teeth thinking of the girl..... she would pay......

Morgan had only seen Fredric help and be a wonderful man who did nothing but good.... and she killed such a wonderful man... She clenched her hand into a fist and then clenched the fist with the other. She would pay for the horrible thing she has done......
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Imperfect: #4. Cracked (Solo) [IVG]
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