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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Mrs.Gray (NPC)

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PostSubject: Mrs.Gray (NPC)   Thu Feb 11, 2016 3:16 pm

"Seeing isn't believing."

Laura Andrea Gray


Full Name:
Laura Andrea Gray
Old lady Gray, Blind Anne
Meta Human


Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Milky White
168 pounds
Other Traits:
-She's been blind since birth


Future Vision:
Laura can see all the possible future outcomes if she looks for them. This means she doesn't see the COMPLETE outcome of the future, but she can see the many rivers of decisions that could lead to an outcome. It helps if she knows what she's looking for. I'll only be using this for plot reasons.

Seeing Someones Past:
Mrs.Gray can looking into someones past by either touching either side of their head or holding their hand. She can go back 50 years of their life and go through their memories, although these are usually brief flashes. It helps if she knows what she's looking for in this case. Usually she can only do this for 5 minutes, and to stop it you just have to either throw her out of your mind or make her stop touching you.She can only do this several times a day since she gets tired so easily.

-Despite not being able to see, she is able to read someone using the vibes they put off. She can almost sense the happiness, sadness, or uncomfortableness in a room.
-She's amazing at knitting
-Great seamstress
-Makes great masks

Physical Weaknesses:
Being old, Mrs.Gray is very weak and it doesn't take much to hurt her. Pushing her over can take a huge toll on her body.

Anything that can kill a human can kill her

Horrible Lungs
Laura has been smoking for 30 years, so her lungs aren't in the best condition. She gets out of breath very easily and can't do much in terms of walking or running.

Mental Weaknesses:
She is VERY stubborn, making it hard for her to do what you want. Once she says no, that'll be her final word. Moving a mountain will be easier than changing her mind.

Weak Emotional State
If she is ever in an emotional state, she can barely use her powers. She'll have to be very distraught however.

-Black glasses
-Walking stick
-Pack of cigarettes


Like most old women, Mrs.Gray is very nice. However, she won't lie to you just to make you feel better, she's very honest and rather blunt. She knows what she says can affect people, so she'll do her best to lead most people into the right direction. She personally feels like protecting Meta Humans in StarCity is one of her life's purpose.

-She's very strong mentally
-Very confident
-Knowing a LOT of Meta's in Starcity

-Watching TV


Family Members:
Mr.David Gray (Husband)
Alexandria Gray (Daughter)
Place of Origin:
Current City:
Growing up in Starcity, you come to love all of it's quirks, even when those quirks include the beating and throwing Meta's into jail. Mrs.Gray married a meta human after meeting him during a rebellion against the police. The two tried to peacefully protest on why Meta's should have equal rights, but they all ended up getting attacked. Laura jumped on the back of his motorcycle and they fled the scene along with hundreds of other Meta Humans.  
They both ended up meeting quite often after that, and even got married. A few months later, they had a child who was equally as gifted as her parents.

However, there was a backlash to a meta human attack, causing the police of Star to beat up any person affiliating with the meta's or even acted suspicious like a meta.
One day, Mr.Gray went out and was accused of being a meta, even trying to fight off the police, they ended up beating him to death. When news got to Laura and her Daughter, her 17 year old daughter went on a rampage and attacked any cop in site. Laura tried to stop her, but it was too late, her own daughter burned herself out. Her daughter killed herself out of grief.

Instead of weeping and doing nothing, Laura learned from this. She dedicated herself to making a safe haven for Meta Humans, feeding, clothing them, giving them a cheap place to live, and anything she could do. This eventually led to a close friend of hers, Ryuu, where she still helps to this day and considers her as her own daughter due to her abusive situation.


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Mrs.Gray (NPC)
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