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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Misplaced [MVP] (TW:Abuse)

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PostSubject: Misplaced [MVP] (TW:Abuse)   Thu Feb 11, 2016 4:30 pm

December 7th 2012
It had been two weeks since everything had happened,since everything had... changed. Her dear grandmother had passed away from a sudden battle with cancer, followed by a harsh beating from her grandfather. She still remembered that day clearly, the quiet drive home, the angry look in his eye, the bottle going down one after another. It was all imprinted into her brain..

2 weeks earlier
"YOU DISGUSTING WASTE OF SPACE! YOU ARE A DISGRACE! A LITTLE GIRL WITH A DISGUSTING CURSE!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, throwing an empty beer bottle at Ryuu making it crash over head. The 13 year old girl crouched into a ball with tears streaming down her face, her hands covering her ears. She knew that her grandfather didn't like her, that he wanted to stay in China with the rest of the family. But he followed her grandmother blindly, not realizing the extent of her curse.
"...Please ....stop.." She whispered, having a broken chair leg come down upon her back over and over. "SHE WOULDN'T HAVE DIED IF WE NEVER CAME TO THIS DISGUSTING PLACE! IT'S ALL! YOUR! FAULT!" He screamed again, picking Ryuu up by the throat and squeezing hard. "Yéyé please.." She choked out, not willing to hit him back. He gave up everything to come here.. and looked what happened..

"You're just an accident.." He spat in her face, seething with rage as he threw her into the corner of the room. Ryuu painfully landed on some shattered glass, but for the first time, she felt anger.. She was mad that this was happening, that her grandma had died, that it was her fault!
Usually she'd just cry, but she begun to breathe heavy, she started to shake, and the next thing she knew she let out a mighty roar as her grandfather gave a blood curdling scream. Out of instinct, she shot out of the roof and headed up and away.. Ryuu wasn't thinking.. she was getting away from the threat.

The 13 year old girl flew to the Californian mountains and hid away in a cave, curled up for several days. She was upset, confused, depressed, and she didn't know what to do.
2 days passed before she heard someone coming up the mountain. An old lady with thick black sunglasses, poofy white hair, and a cane came walking it. "There you are.... I just went through hell to find you.." The mysterious women said, followed by a growl from Ryuu. "Oh shush, I'm here to bring you some food.. Now get out of that ridiculous form so I can help you." She told her as-a-matter-of-factly. The older lady proceeded to set out a blanket, some food, and got out a medical kit.

Hesitantly, the dragon turned back into a naked little 13 year old. She covered her body, walking towards the old lady with food carefully. "Will you get over here already, I want to see how bad it really is." She ordered Ryuu setting down some trail mix and a bottle of water.
"I'm... not wearing.. anything.." She explained timidly, her voice harsh and cracking from lack of water. "Doesn't bother me..." She chuckled, throwing her a large jacket that would cover her entire body.

"Now come sit down Ryuu and let me look at your back." This threw her off completely, how did this old lady know her name and about the painful glass in her back. "We don't have all day, you don't need that to get infected.." She said again, making Ryuu shrug the jacket down and exposing her back to the lady. "My name is Laura, you can call me Mrs.Laura." Mrs.Gray introduced herself, pushing the water bottle towards her. "You better drink something, this is going to hurt a lot." The blind lady said bluntly, feeling around her back and ripping out small pieces and large pieces of glass.

Ryuu bit down on the coat jacket, trying not to scream.. "How do you- OW- know my name?" She asked quietly, looking away from her.. "Why are you helping me?" Ryuu continued, to timid to look her in the eye. "Because our lives intertwine more than you know.." She explained, pulling out more glass, disinfection it, and putting band aids on it.

She was on her way to this ladies house.. who helped here when no one else would. She promised her to help guide Ryuu into the 'right path' and help her with her dragon abilites. Something she needed badly, Ryuu had no idea what to do with this curse, mastering it would be very hard.

"How did you know I was here?" Ryuu asked, wrapping herself back up since Mrs.Gray was done. "I don't see like you see.. I'm actually very blind.. Instead I see with my mind.. I see all of the paths of fate, intertwining and mingling. Think of it like a river, all the choices you make in life are little rivers that intertwine to go into the ocean we call life." She said rather wisely, allowing Ryuu to turn and face her. "Wait.. if you're blind.. how did you get up here?" Ryuu asked, followed by a cane to the side of the head. "I'm blind, my legs work perfectly fine!"

Following the directions Mrs.Gray had given her, Ryuu arrived to her house, unsure of what would happen.

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Misplaced [MVP] (TW:Abuse)
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