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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Addison: #7. Ready To Go (Solo)

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PostSubject: Addison: #7. Ready To Go (Solo)   Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:19 pm

Addison giggled as she put on an eye mask and looked closely at it in a mirror or well a giant shard from one.

_____ 2/4/2016

Addison rammed the car she stole into the mall's front doors laughing as she drove further inside and into a store.


Addison smiled satisfied at her job well done on the mask and focused carefully. The mask then read her brainwaves increase in focus on a particular thing and the blue eyes and circuits lit up on the mask and the eyes let out a blue light working like a blue tinted flash light.

_____ 2/4/2016

Addison walked into the store that she broke into and started to grab hard wear supplies and power tools and put them into her make shift backpack. She then looted some safety goggles and some steel toe'd boots and put them on and grabbed some gloves on the way out.


Addison laughed happily as they seemed to work correctly. She had the lights turn off and she skipped across the ground of an abandoned building. She went past her sewing machine that looked like it was trash but had a few patch jobs to make it work again. She then passed a table of weird looking pieces of metal with a large button sitting next to them with her signature creepy smile spray painted on it.

_______ 2/5/2016

Addison dragged a metal table to the center of an abandoned building's room and dusted it off. She placed her make shift back pack on it and took out the loot she obtained and the guns. She then started to mess around with the guns and loot and began altering the weapons.

________ 2/5/2016

A manikin was ripped to shreds with bullets, the screen then pans out to see Addison aiming at it with a smoking gun that looked very large and like a weird patched up make shift gun. She then looked to the man who was in the wear house with her and smiled as he nodded. "You never fail to disappoint...." He then motioned to the men behind him with a satisfied look on his face. A large man took the gun from her as she handed it to him and another man handed her a suit case. "Contact me if you come up with anything else kid." She nodded with a grin "Will do."

_________ 2/6/2016

Addison digs through the giant piles of trash in the junk yard making a pile of things that she liked in a busted up grocery cart. "HEY YOU!" A woman's voice called out to her. "You can't take that!" The woman said angerly as Addison tossed a broken sewing machine in the pile and grinned hearing the woman.

"Wait those clothes.... y-you're-" Addison then skipped and hummed happily as she pushed the cart out of the junk yard with now a pile of clothes on top of the pile leaving only a body of a woman behind who 'failed to hold her breath long enough'.


Addison then skipped up to a dress and smiled happily looking it over, it was stitched to perfection, it even had a place for a sheath of the sword she made. Under the table the dress laid on wear her new version of her exo skeleton arms and boots, next to the dress was her sheathed sword and some thigh high stockings and blue face paint at the ready. She ran her hand over the dress.... soon.....

______ 2/7/2016

Addison walked through a store her hair hidden by a hoodie with the word's "Star City Junk Yard" on the back, the hood to the hoodie seemed to be a different color and it didn't seemed to fit all to much to the rest of the top. Her face was hidden in shadows from the hoodie and she wore her steel toed boots and a re sized pair of jeans as she carried a large pile of fabric and some blue spray paint and face paint up to a counter and pad for the things with money she had gotten from the man she had met with the other day.

______ 2/9/2016

"Here's the blue cobalt you wanted" The man from before said handing her a large case. "Is it shaped to the way I wanted?" He nodded "She is, do you have the bomb I asked for?" he nodded and handed him a metal chip and a button. "Here you are, I made it along with some others for myself." he smiled and looked it over. "If you ever change your mind on selling me the others just let me know, and again, it was wonderful doing business with you." She then nodded to him. "Same to you.


Addison then grabbed the sheathed sword and un sheathed it to reveal an oddly shaped blue metal blade. She then spun on her feet and swung it down on a wooden table and cut deeply into it and then yanked it out looking at the blade. "Sharpened to perfection..." She said with a grin. She had bought and designed the blade but she had made the handle all by herself. As she re sheathed her sword she decided... that she was finally ready....
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Addison: #7. Ready To Go (Solo)
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