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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Sky Lights: #4. Lost To Time (Solo) [MV]

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PostSubject: Sky Lights: #4. Lost To Time (Solo) [MV]   Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:49 am

"Watch me!"

Luke grabbed the hooded girls arm as she tried to leave. "Let go of me..." The girl said coldly as she started on wards. "No...." Luke said in a shaky voice. Making her blink and look back to him to see tears rolling down his face. "You nearly died out there with everyone else who fought that night..... Please.... I know you're mad but... I can't lose you...."

She turned to him and he let his hand fall from her arm. "Luke...." She said quietly. "Living here... it used to be the safest thing but now.... Now it has a target on it for deaths arrow to strike.... so please... don't go back to the kingdom... come, be my partner in life and we'll live in peace far from here and all the pain in the world and have a family..... we'll live, and we'll keep our children safe... they won't lose their parents or sisters like you or I, They will live happy and safe lives."

He smiled softly to her caressing her cheek as she gently held his biceps. "Be my partner in life...." She smiled to him and nodded "Okay" She moved close to him as she kissed him lovingly as the screen faded to black.

7 Years Later

"Mother!" A little girl with black hair and a black small dress ran and stumbled a bit as she ran through tall grass waving her hand as she ran towards a woman with long black hair the reached her lower back who wore a black pleaded skirt and a sleeveless black top as she picked some herbs from the grass. She smiled as she heard her daughter's voice "Yes Dear-"

She looked up and froze as she saw her daughter seemingly froze in time. "Jade....?" She dropped her basket full of herbs that started to fall before freezing in time as she ran over to her daughter "Jade!" she ran to her but skid to a stop as a woman wearing a similar out fit to her stood between her and her daughter.

The woman stumbled back seeing the woman in front of her who looked up to her as the ind blew both of their hair from their faces as the woman who stood between her and her daughter's hair faded to white both sharing the same face, eyes, hair everything. "How are you here.....?"

The black haired woman asked the white haired who smiled. "The goddess of the Sky Lights...." Her eyes faded from brown to deep blue. "She brought me back... and all her other strongest warriors from her caring arms..." Her smile started to stretch from literal ear to ear. "To kill everyone...." The black haired woman grew pale.

"Why....?" The white haired woman laughed. "Because silly... all of her warriors stopped killing for her cutting off her ever growing power.... and now she will punish and take the lives of the followers who left her side... and those who never believed in her and took her follower from her... and then when were all dead we can all live happily in her arms...."

The white haired woman slowly started to walk to her. "But there are bad people who are tying to stop us by stopping time it's self besides a select few who are strong enough to stop us.... You did't freeze before I came to you so that mean's you're one of them...." She gently took the woman's hand and wrapped it around her throat.

"Could you do it dear sister...? Could you kill your kin....? Or will you let me kill you... so that you can be with me.... so we can fight together again...?" She said as the woman stared in shock of her sister as her sister wrapped her own hand around her sisters neck.

"Come back to the light sister... come back and we can be together again.... so that you never have to fear the dark again... not even the darkness sin your own hair...." The white hair girl whispered as she started choking her sister who seemed to be in a trance and unable to respond to the choking.

"You'll be safe forever with us dear sister....~" Things started to fade to black for the girl before her sister was suddenly cut in two by a green sword. Her sister vanished as she fell to her knees gasping for air as a ma with some silver hairs caught her. She coughed and panted holding her throat as she looked to the man to see the older version of a man she had fought long ago.

"I will admit, when I was told that an untrained person of our guild was to be potentially strong enough to help fight with us I was certainly not expecting you...." She narrowed her eyes at him as she pushed his arm away getting up to her feet. "Oh come now you are not truly still mad at me are you?"

She crossed her arms glaring at him as he grumbled standing up. "Man you remind me far too much of my wife from back in the day.... Look it's been 7 years, it's time to move on and help stop the ed of the world." She rose an eyebrow to him then. "What? You had proof just there sweet heart," he said jestering to where her sister was.

"the world is ending... and its either help stop it... or sit in silence here staring at your family that will be forever frozen in time until the sky lights goddess kill them or until we stop this all..." She blinked realizing the danger that was posed to her family and her stubborn look softened.

"Good you're connecting the pieces... now, go get your things so we can go we have to fit 10 years of training in a very limited amount of time." she glared at him but sighed. "Fine..." She looked to her daughter and frowned walking up to her and kneeled down gently placing her hand to her cheek.

"Mother is going to keep you safe and kill the boogie man before he can ever get you..." she normally said that to her every night when her daughter would say how she was afraid of the dark and the monsters lurking in it but she figured it also applied now. She gently hugged her daughters frozen body and kissed her forehead before placing hers to her daughters.

"I'll return to you.... I will come back so if you unfreeze and I am not there to hold you when you race out to where I was standing... Know that I will return to hold you once again soon... I will not leave you live alone without a mother..."

She closed her eyes and walked with the man back to her house. He waited out side as she got dressed in her old sky light armor and attached her sheath to its rightful place before walking into the kitchen where Luke had been getting ready to serve dinner, which was probably why their daughter was coming out to see her....

She smiled softly placing a hand on his bicep and then moved to hug him from behind and pressed her cheek to his back. "I know you will be sad if I don't return in time... but don't be a baby okay....? I'll be back soon for you .... I-.... I won't leave a note because I know I'll be back... I know you would not like me going but... I have to... in order to keep you and Jade safe..."

She moved on her tippy toes and gently kissed his cheek. "I love you Luke..." She whispered before walking out the door and looking to the man. "Took you long enough" the man said as they started to walk away. "Don't make me hurt you..." the man laughed. "Kid unless you got any better at fighting you won't even be able to land a hit on me and you know it."

She narrowed her eyes and looked off but... he wasn't wrong... "So you gonna teach me how to do that green weapon thing?" He shook his head. "No because no spirit power is the same... not even certain races of spirit monsters are the same. For example even if your entire family has spirit powers that revolve around birds doesn't mean you'll have the exact same power."

"It just means you may have a bird related power. What I will be teaching you... is how to unlock your spirit power. Very rare few people in the world can unlock their spirit power so it is normally unheard of but it normally runs through the family blood line. So that little kid of yours one day if you ever teach her how may be able to unlock her spirit power."

"The only way we can win this war is if we gather as many people like you and me and unlock their spirit powers and train them for the up coming war..." He explained as she looked forward and put her hood up hiding her face. "No man can ever defeat a god... not even if they have god like powers..." She said coldly.

"That is true...but lets see how well an army goes." He said with a smirk as the two walked to an unknown location thus starting the story... of the war for the world... that was lost to time.... and fairy tales...
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Sky Lights: #4. Lost To Time (Solo) [MV]
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