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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Sky Lights: #5. Awaken (Solo) [MV]

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PostSubject: Sky Lights: #5. Awaken (Solo) [MV]   Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:09 pm

The hooded woman fell to the ground panted as she clenched her chest and teeth. "Pathetic.... Do it again..." The ban said coldly to her as she growled. "You do it then! It's not that easy! it feels like i'm tearing my insides apart then trying to yank it out of myself piece by piece!"

He eyed her a bit seeing a bit thoughtful about her description like he wasn't expecting that kind of description. "It doe not matter, normally I would allow you to rest but we are on a time limit.... now.... AGAIN."

He commanded her. She glared up at him but got back up to her feet. She held out her left hand as if holding something large and then brought her right hand close to her chest with all her fingers pointed out besides her ring and pinky finger being curled down.

She then closed her eyes and went through the instructions he gave her prior to this over in her head again. envision your soul, how it courses throughout your body. everything around her faded to black as she faded into a light blue color. Envision your body that encases your soul trapping it inside of your making you unable to release it out of your body.

She imagined a body shaped cage surrounding her soul as she steadied her breathing. Now.... break the cage and release your soul. She imagined the cage breaking as she forced her soul outwards and she cried in pain as she felt her body being torn apart fro the inside out again but she managed to hold up under the pain and let her spirit flow out.

Suddenly glowing blue winged butterflies shot out from her extended hand and flew into the air though due to how fast she was expelling them she got too weak too fast due to the butterflies holding some of her strength in each one and she fell to ground again clenching herself again panting.

He walked over and eyed her and the butterflies now scattered around the floor. "Nicely done... though I'm not sure what good some butterflies will be... especially when they leave you in such a state...." He said as he picked one up by it's wings. "...." he dropped it and it fluttered its wings to slow its fall and landed back on the ground.

"Rest for now.... tomorrow we move onto learning how to use them in battle..." He said leaving as she looked up at him tiredly. She fell on the ground passing out then. A woman then walked around the butterflies and smiled softly to her and sat behind her on her knees and lifted and rested the hooded girls head on her lap.

She stroked her hair as The hooded woman slowly opened her eyes looking at the woman she though didn't feel threatened so she just stared at her and listened as the woman spoke to her. "Don't listen to him.... what you have in terms of spirit powers is amazing... it's what I had when I was alive and trust me.... they are wonderful battle tools."

The hooded woman nodded. "I believe you but... what do you mean when you were alive....? Surely you aren't implying you are-" "A spirit?" she chuckled "Of course I am, surely you can't be shocked to see a spirit after all of this can you?" The woman went silent again and looked off.

"It's alright... normally you wouldn't be able to see me as I guided you but because of the goddess bringing the dead back to life and freezing time you are able to see me... as much as I love being able to be seen again, to speak to someone again... I will not be selfish and try to side with the goddess and kill others... no... i will help you by teaching you how to use your butterflies...."

The woman blinked and looked back up to the one smiling softly to her. "The one who teaches you now can only teach you how to fight without them but I can teach you in your dreams how to use your butterflies, so that you can learn how to use them together yourself...."

The hooded woman sat up "why my dreams though....?" The woman laughed "because its the only place I can speak with you freely at the moment. Now let us begin." The woman said before she could ask further questions. For now the hooded woman trained though soon after several hours but she then looked to the woman after seeing the sun coming up.

"If we don't stop now I will have no time to rest before i have to start my other training...." The woman started laughing. "Whats so funny?" the woman laughed still as she started shouting "Wake up!" The hooded woman shot up sitting up as she opened her eyes panting as she looked to where the other woman was and saw the man who was her trainer.

"Good now get up I want to get some training before breakfast." The hooded woman blinked confused. Had she been sleeping that whole time....? She felt fully rested but.... "TO YOUR FEET!" The man shouted as she refocused and got up to her feet as the man formed his weapon.

"Draw your weapon we are starting now." He ordered her. She drew her katana out and he raced towards her. He was very fast but as he swung down at her as backed up as her body scattered in the front into butterflies the moved apart to avoid his blade then back together again to reform her chest. She skid to a stop and blinked holding her chest as they both started in shock at her chest after seeing what she had just done.

"I take back my harsh words about your butterflies...." He said before they would return to training where the two would spend the next few months training... though they believed it to be moths, they had no real way of telling time since the sun only went up and down in their dreams.
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Sky Lights: #5. Awaken (Solo) [MV]
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