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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Sky Lights: #6. End (Solo) [EV]

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PostSubject: Sky Lights: #6. End (Solo) [EV]   Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:12 am

"Time tends to repeat it'self.... And you will too. When you take your book off your self, what will you do, when your story repeats too?"

"Please... I don't want you to die....please... I don't want this to end.... I don't want our world to die in this last moments we have together.... please.... don't leave me.... no don't say good bye! I know you won't really leave me! You're too strong to just let yourself fade away! No.... you can't be gone.... you were the last thing I had left to hold in this world and if you're gone... so is our world... and I'm not ready to let that go....." 

_____________ Several Months Later ______________

"You all have worked so hard to become so strong, and many of you will die in this up coming battle... some of you will have to face many of your lost love ones.... I won't say that this is your chance to back down because none of us have the pleasure of doing so because we are all this world has to defend them.... no one but us here today will remember this war..... none believe us if we spoke of it...."

"but that fate is far worse than the one where all of us and all our loved ones are dead and where our children cant grow and have their own lives... where our children's children will never exist, were all of our lives won't even be able to be remembered. So let us stand together and fight for the right to live even if it is in a mad world!"

The leader of their army roared out as the soldiers cheered our and rose their fists even the hooded woman. As they roared the sky turned totally black yet some how light was still shining down as orbs of light flew down towards the ground as they morphed into white haired people as a large orb slowly lowered from the sky.... the Goddess...

The soldiers quickly moved into battle as the hooded girl saw the people fly down from the sky. for every one of them there was a 100 of them... and they didn't even know how strong any of them even were. The hooded girl shook her head to refocus and drew her katana as she followed her fellow soldiers into battle.

As they cut through the enemy troops their spirits were held high as they didn't even seem to need to use their spirit powers because the enemy troops were so weak and the army stood in the center of the dead bodies as their leader held his sword up to the goddess "We have defeated your troops now come down and face us and stop being a cowar-" He froze along with half of their outer line troops that were in the crowd of troops.

Suddenly enemy soldiers slowly faded from being invisible with their hands placed on the faces of the troops who started shouting in pain as the other troops either freaked out or tired to save the others only to be pulled into the painful trance the others were upon touching them.

The hooded woman narrowed her eyes and moved forward to try and help one of the troops as she shouted in pain though unlike the others she still moved and as she did so she stabbed her sword into the troops chest that was attacking her fellow soldiers and the fellow soldier fell down panting since he was out of his trance.

As the troop started to shout in pain the others had the other troops rose their free hands as they and the soldiers started to glow. The hooded woman couldn't move then as her sword and the troop started to glow. A large orb of light came out of the soldiers and one came out of the troop.

The orb then flew into the troops hands then shot into the air while the one from the trooper that had been stabbed flew into her sword that glowed brighter then like the bodies the the orbs flew into. her sword and the bodies then stopped glowing then as the troop in front of her blew away like it was ash as the bodies slowly started to get back up again while their soldiers dropped to the ground dead.

The hooded woman fell to her knee as her heart pounded as the soldier she saved slowly got up as a trooper zoomed up to her. "Look ou-" as the trooper swung down at her she  did something equivalent to a flash step but she briefly for a second turned into butterflies that flew  tot eh side and reformed in a split second. She then b stepped again behind the trooper before they could react and cut him in two.

An orb then flew into her sword and the trooper seemed to blow away into ash. She and the solider blinked looking to her sword. "That one trooper you stabbed must have altered your katana.... you can totally finish them off..." She looked to him ad as the two locked eyes they knew what to do or well what she had to do.

She then b stepped quickly as she cut down completely each trooper as her katanna almost felt... stronger... as she finished off the last one she panted and looked up to the orb that was now lowering down to the ground. "You killed all of my troops... after you even betrayed your faith in me..." The hooded woman stared her down as she pulled down her hood.

"You killed my fellow soldiers.... after letting y parents and sister die when you promised my people eternal life....." The orb formed into a little girl with white hair and a white dress. "So the debt between us have been paid.... except for one thing..." The girl waved her hand and with a gust of air the hooded girls eyes went wide as all the soldiers on her side fell to the ground dead.

"Now... I will not allow you to stop me from my purification of this world so di-" Before she could finish her sentence  the hooded woman was already in font of her swinging at her with her eyes wide and her pupils dilated from anger. The goddess just barely dodged the attack as she crouches down.

She then punched the air forwards as the hooded woman moved her butterflies to avoid the blow though the attack still hit them like they never moved and she was sent flying as she felt her muscle tissue tear up in her chest and her ribs shatter. She flew back as blood shot out from her mouth.

Before she hit the ground though she exploded into butterflies and reformed into a standing position holding her chest as she breathed staggered breaths. "And to think... you were my favorite when you fought for me...." The girl said as she waved her arm at the woman but the woman blocked with her sword which seemed to adsorb the blow.

The girl narrowed her eyes as she rose into the air as the woman grew large butterfly wings and followed her up. "Mortals should have never been given the abilities to form their souls into powers...."

The girl then sent multiple attacks at her from a far but the woman skillfully blocked and adsorbed each of the attacks though at the last one the girl appeared behind her and sent one with a kick into her lower back shattering her bones in her lower spin pelvis and tore away the flesh as she was sent flying but managed to stop herself in time.

She though could no longer feel the pain in her pelvis or her legs at all which... was not a good sign.... 'Focus.... it will only take one strike with how much power you have gathered in your blade.... look for a point to strike... then strike... but do not lose your sword.... it's the only hope you have to defeat the goddess.' the spirits voice that has helped trained her told her in her head and she nodded as she steadied her breathing as she focused.

She then flew at the woman as the girl came at her and she swung at her as the girl sent another kick at her torso hitting her stomach. The sword cut the girl in two and adsorbed the goddess' power as she was sent flying to the ground. She hit the ground hard and coughed up more blood as her wings faded away and the sky returned to normal.

She felt the wind blow again as the clouds moved in the sky. Despite her condition she couldn't help but smile.... they had won...  her family was safe... the world was safe... no one would know of the battle.... but the cost of winning was worth it to keep everyone safe... everyone she fought with was now dead... but at least the world wasn't. She could go back to her family now and finally live happily with them!

She smiled brightly at the thought as she tried to get up but fell on her side making her cry out in pain. She couldn't move her legs anymore.... no matter... she didn't need them she could just fight through the pain and drag her body back to her home and if she was lucky she might even get back before they worry too much!

So she did just that... she cried out in pain but fought through it and sheathed her katana and dragged herself over the ground and past the bodies of her allies. after about an hour she was dragging her body up a hill just over it.... was her house... Her body was very warm now... she had no idea how much she had really bled out internally.....

She heard them calling out to her in the distance probably looking for her as she smiled brightly but teared up. It had been so long since she had seen their faces let alone heard their voices. She opened her mouth to try and call out but she couldn't talk all the came out was a slight gurgle and blood. She froze in fear as she saw it knowing what it must meant.

More tears raced down her cheeks as she dragged her body as fast as she could but could barely make any distance now due to how week she was from the blood loss. She tried to call out to them again, she had to see their faces again before she died but nothing but blood came out. She cried more as she heard their voices trail off away from her.

She wasn't going to see them again.... so she went through the steps she used to back in the day that she would tell those who wouldn't see the thing they loved ever again before death... 'think of what you love...' she closed her eyes and imagined Luke and Jade running up to her and hugging her close as she walked home on her two feet while apologizing for scaring them.  

'Think of how it feels to be with the thing you love.... To hold it in your arms.... to feel it close to you like it was with you now..' She imagined what it had felt like to hold them close to her. The love and warmth that came off them... how wonderful Luke always smelt. The way Jade always smelled like fresh picked flowers...

'Think of being with what you love for the rest of your days never to be parted with.' She imagined what their lives would have been like she she hadn't died. She imagined jade growing up and and finding love, becoming strong, having kids, and having the perfect life. She imagined growing old with Luke and laying on his chest and in his arms a they would die of old age together like they had grew up together like.... and then as she died in her imagination... she soon died for real....

__________ ??? Years Later __________

No one knee of the cause of countless deaths that added up to a small army that suddenly appeared one day... nor why The hooded woman died.... but based on the tracks they at least knew that she was in the same situation that the others had been in yet somehow survived and dragged herself nearly back to her home before dying...

As the years went by Luke only got colder from his wife randomly showing up dead and not knowing what killed her so he could never know if he could avenge her or not. Her daughter though searched for the killer believing that her mother was so strong that only someone killing her could have caused her death not some sickness or something.

So she traveled endlessly for years wearing the clothes of her mother as she searched, and used her mothers weapon to kill all who stood in her path though one day she met a man... and with the man came acceptance of her mothers death... and two children... who like their mother held the name of their grandmother's maiden name out of honor to their grandmother which was-....

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Sky Lights: #6. End (Solo) [EV]
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