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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Sky Lights: Bonus Short Story #7 (Solo)

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PostSubject: Sky Lights: Bonus Short Story #7 (Solo)   Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:30 pm

"And then she dies before she can reach her family!"
".... that wasn't a scary story... that was a sad story..."
"Whats the difference both types of stories make you cry anyways."

A girl with blue eyes and black hair perched her lips and puffed up her cheeks. As a boy grins at her that looks about the same age as she was and had blue eyes and black hair like her. "What?" He said giving an innocent look to her as she playfully shoved him. "You're such a dick."

He gasped "You cursed!" she whipped out a sharpie and drew a line on the wall of the tee house they sat in that had dashes all over it with crosses going through them. "Just about 100 more an were going to nee to start covering the floors too." The girl said with a laugh. "Jaaaaaane! Jooooooohn!" their heads perk up as they poke their heads out seeing a woman calling out to them at the bottom of the hill their tree house was on.

"That woman is trying to interact with us again..." John said with a certain distaste in the tone of his voice. "Come on John she's just trying to be nice." Jane said looking to John "No she an her husband are trying to replace our parents...." She sighed looking down "they never will... but you can at least be nice to them since they are giving us a house and home..."

"I'm not saying you should accept them as our parents I'm just saying to be nice to them as strangers who are helping us out until we are old enough to leave...." He looked to her to see hope hopeful and begging expression and sighed. "Fine." She smiled and hugged him and he held her close with one arm. They then touched their fists together.

"Necowl, not Nickel, never sell each other out or short." they said together and John grabbed a bird kite and its string. He got up and he started to spin it in a circle in the air by a string before flinging it forward as he grabbed Jane's forearm and Jane grabbed his. His kite flew into the air as he held the string. The kite turned into a massive bird that was bigger than he was.

He held onto its ankle as its claw held onto his forearm as it flew through the air. "You have got to show me how to do that one day." Jane said smiling up to him as they flew down the hill towards the woman. "Maybe one day." he said smiling a goofy smile down to her. "Come one give me one little hint?" "Fine, its all about spirit." She blinked and stared up at him curiously.

Before he let her hand go letting her land gently on the ground as the bird turned back into a kite as he landed on the ground and the kite fell and hug by the string. He then rested the kite over his shoulder and walked up and stood by Jane as the woman smiled to them.

"What did you need mam?" The woman opened her mouth to say something but paused and said half heartedly. "It's time for dinner." She said not really saying what really was on her mind. Jane nodded and followed her as she walked back to the house while John eyed the woman knowing she was withholding information.

___________ Later That Night __________

John snuck out of his room though as he passed Janes door she poked her head out. "What are you doing up?" She whispered as she blinked looking to her. "I'm going to go see something.... how did you know I was up?" He whispered back. "I dunno I just felt like you were close by over by my door." He smirked "You got a lot of spirit.... go on and go back to bed I'll be back up in a bit okay?" She nodded "Okay John."

John walked down the hall way and looked at the stairs, they would creek if he walked on them. He then looked to the railing and climbed up on it and stealth fully crotch walked on it with amazing balance. He heard the voices of the woman and her husband. He stopped on the railing placing his had gently on the wall as he leaned down when he got to the point to where he could clearly hear them.

"They don't know what it is... but they said that at this rate what ever it is... it will kill her...." The man said sadly as Johns eyes go wide and the woman gasped. "They think she has a few years to live... and they don't know the cause... nor how to fix her...." "h-how do we tell them...?" "we don't" John narrowed his eyes at this. "If we do then their remaining together will be sad an-"

John couldn't listen to this blasphemy any longer, these people were not fit to take care of them...John would find a way to save his sister and he would save her and then they could keep living together so they could keep being each other's family. He then made it back into his room and packed up everything he could in a leather bag and put on his day clothes and snuck into Jane's room and started to pack up stuff for her as she blinked and climbed out of bed.

"What are you doing?" She whispered as he handed her day clothes. "We need to leave..." She blinked "Why?" He looked to her seriously. "Please... just trust me on this..." She bit her lip but nodded "Okay..." once she was ready to go he opened up the window and spun his kite around before throwing it out the window. The two then rode the bird away. "Where are we going...?" Jane asked curiously. "To ask advice from our family..."

________ Several Hours Later ________

The two arrived at their old house and Jane waited out side for John who went into the cellar and came back out with a sheathed Katana. "Is that...." John nodded. "I should tell you story of this weapon...." They tarted to walk into a forest together. "Around 450 years ago one of our ancestors gained this weapon from her mother who one day showed up dead on the side of the hill that their house was on.

After years of grieving she decided to try and find out what or who killed her mother. In these travels she used this very sword to kill all who opposed her and found a secret talent of it.... it would kill any man with one stoke, with one landed attack... and it grew strong with each death due to it apparently adsorbing souls.

After any years she also found out that if one draws in their own blood a long streak with a circle in the center the sword will project out images of all the soul collected in the sword that is related to them. After finding this our the members of our family killed each other before the would die by another's hand or even by old age to collect their soul in the sword to keep their loved ones close and so that their loved ones could live on through the sword as a force of guidance and to give strengths to all who wield the sword.

Dad told me about this sword the week before they died.... but i was too slow and i couldn't get their souls before they passed on... but... I think that maybe one of our ancestors can help us, you're apparently sick an the doctors are no help to help cure you... So since our family has many doctors and herbalists and spirit awakened beings like myself and the original owner of this sword.

So I think they could help guide us to getting you better...." She nodded but looked at him "what's wrong with me though...?" He frowned. "I don't know... but it's going to kill you if we can't fix you..." She grew pale but nodded. as they walked to a clearing of the forest and then unsheathed the sword and bit his finger and drew the symbol on the sword with his blood. The blood was adsorbed by the sword and it started to glow as 100s of people that looked like they were colored in blue and white with a soft glow and were slightly see through all of them looked like they were in their early 20s or younger.

"You're much older..." A woman with long hair that probably used to be black and wore an outfit that probably used to be black that looked very warn down and had metal plates on her gloves sleeveless top and pleaded skirt. John bowed to her as she bowed back to him. "I am, it's been a few years, I'm sorry I did not come for you all after our parents deaths but I thought if i did the sword would just be taken from us"

She shook her head. "We understand..." John looked to Jane. "This is Jade, the spirit that I snuck off to all the time to teach e how to use my spirit power and also the 2nd owner of the sword, and the one who discovered what the sword could do." Jane blinked and looked up at the smiling woman and bowed to her. "It's an honor mam."

The woman chuckled and bowed back to her. "The honor is all mine. So what can we assist you two with?" John explained the situation and Jade looked to jane kneeling down and looking into her eyes. "I'm not sure what is wrong with her but she doesn't have long... and there is nothing we can do to save her... yet...." John looked heart broken as Jane looked down in defeat. "But... there is something that we can do to avoid her death until we find out how to save her..."

The boy nodded. "Tell me what is needed to be done!" two twin boy's walked over. "These two can freeze her body in time. That way we may be able to freely without a time limit find a cure for her condition and bring her back when we have one." He nodded. "And the cost...?"

She sighed. "Smart boy... the cost is that you will be froze in time as well though when we unfreeze her you will unfreeze though unlike her you will age to the age you would be if you had never been frozen meaning that if we take too long you could instantly die of old age... and there is always the risk of the possibility of us not being able to bring her back at all..."

Before Jane could protest her brother spoke up. "I'll do it." Jane looked at him worriedly. "John..." John gave a soft smile to her. "Don't worry Jane, I'll figure out how to save you and I'll bring you back before the aging thing becomes an issue!" She bit her lip but nodded. "Okay...."

As she said the words the spirits placed their hands on her and her eyes went completely black as she fell but was caught by the spirits. Johns hair faded white. He looked to Jane and put the sheath on his belt and sheathed the sword as he picked her up bridal style and closed her eyes now to work to keep his promise.

___________ ??? Years Later ___________

Jane slowly opened her eyes as a man with a soft smile like Johns smiled down to her his hair totally white. he gently brushed his thumb over her cheek and held it gently. She reached up and gently placed her hand on his. "J-John...?" She asked tearing up. He nodded "Yeah... it's me..." "How long was i gone.....?" She asked clearly scared to hear the number.

"20 years.... but... now I'm going to have to go too now... but we found a way that i can be put into the sword so you can always be with me still..." She shook her head. "N-No! That means you're going to die to save me!" He chuckled "You were always smart." He said as he laid her on the ground. "John no! I won't let you die in order for me to live!"

He laid the sword on the ground. Next to her "I have a friend who will be waiting for you at the house, he'll keep you safe until you're old enough to live on your own." She clenched her fists. "You're not listening to me! I'm not letting you sacrifice yourself!" He smiled softly to her as he gripped the blade of the sword and held her forehead to his as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry to say this but I'm not going to give you a choice.... You will live... you will have a family... kids of your own.... and you'll live for the both of us and you can always come to me for help with the sword.... I love you Jane.... you're the best sister I could have ever asked for.... I hope your kids grow to be as great as you are."

"John no-!" before she could protest she felt his life force flow into her a it repaired her body fully and his soul flew into the sword as he body blew away into the wind. She stared forward with wide eyes as tears fell off her chin into her lap. He was gone.... She looked down to the sword and with a shaky hand she slid it into its sheath and hugged it close as she cried. "John...."

She sat and cried for a long time before she got up to her feet and hugged the sword as she lowly walked to their old house where a man who looked like he was in his 30s and a boy how looked about her age who had short black hair. She walked up to her and the man gently hugged her and handed a beaten up bird kite that used to be Johns.

"He wanted you to have this." She took it and hugged it gently close to her. "Thank you..." The boy gave her a nervous smile and wave. "H-H-Hi I-I'm Mike" She gave a small wave back. "Hi Mike..." After the introduction to each other they then walked off together.

_____________ 29 Years Later, 2015 ______________

Jane smiled to her twin daughters one with long black hair and one with long bleached white hair. She handed them both lunch money as she kissed the tops of their heads. "Have a good day at school you two." They smiled brightly to her. "Will do mommy!" They said before racing out the door. She smiled and sighed as she walked up stairs to her bed room and opened the closet.

She had hidden away the sword long ago but she still had kept the kite since unlike the sword the kite wasn't super dangerous to have around her kids. She smiled and picking up the kite and gently held it in both hands. "Thank you John...." She said smiling softly and she hugged the kite gently before putting it back and closing the closet.
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Sky Lights: Bonus Short Story #7 (Solo)
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