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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 The Patriot

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PostSubject: The Patriot    Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:36 pm

"I Fight For Those Who Can't"



Full Name: Andrew Pettiglio
Nickname(s): The Patriot, Eternal Flame
Codename: Patriot
Age: 21
Classification: Metahuman/Kryptonian
Affiliation: Lawful Good
Birthday: February 7th
TRW Username: Andrew


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'2
Weight: 220
Other Traits:Very tone, broad shoulders, scar across his back, Superman tattoo on his right arm.


1.Super Strength: Andrew posses incredible strength. Lifting 30,000 tons with ease! His Strength allows him to leap buildings in a single bound!

2.Super human speed: Due to his partial Kryptonian DNA The Patriot is able to move at incredible speeds! Usually faster while flying, his speed allows him to react much faster than your average human.

3. Superhuman durability: Like mentioned before he has kryptonian DNA mixed in with his own metagenes. This lead to him being durable in every sense of the word. Bullet bounce from him. Regular knives shatter upon connecting with his flesh.

4. Energy Projection: The Patriot's original power is the gift of creating objects with his mind. They can take many forms. From mists, to objects, to weapons, to structures. This energy is cold to the touch. Nothing that's going to cause serious harm without prolonged exposure. His constructs are as durable as he is. However for larger constructs he needs to focus much more.

5. The Gift of Flight: Once more thanking his spliced genes, he has been given to the gift of flight. When flying he can move near the speed of sound. However that requires quite a bit of build up, and flying straight. Any distraction from his straight line causes him to slow significantly.    

-Excellent hand to hand combatant. He is in no means an expert but his powers usually compensate against more trained fighters.

-Excellent Leader

-Great strategist

-Great at talking both villains and civilians down

Physical Weaknesses:

1. Kryptonite: The most obvious due to his DNA.That's right. Green Kryptonite will diminish his ability to truly do anything, but hope to escape.

2. Magic: While conventional weapons such as guns and blades have no effect on The Patriot. Magic will seriously hurt him. There are few people that know this is a weakness of his, and he tries his best to keep it hidden.

3. Stamina In Flight: When flying too long he will become extremely tired. He is new to the flight ability so he can truly only go top speed for about 15 minutes in a straight line without a 5 minute breather.

Mental Weaknesses:

1. Bound for good: Andrew is mentally obligated to help those in need.
He will not kill unless there is no other option. He will even let criminals get away if it means lives will be saved.

2. Susceptible to illusions: While his body is weak against magic, so is his mind. Low level illusions are able to be broken, however a strong enough mage and Andrew won't know up from down.

The Mask: Very Similar to Robins he wears this mask to do his best at protecting his identity.

The Suit: This suit is fire proof so long as it isn't superhuman fire, same goes for electricity. It's very tight fitting yet stretchable for the most movement while fighting. The cape isn't always on him, in fact he usually takes it off for a fight.


Andrew is above all else a natural leader. He is kind and caring, especially to those he calls his teammates. He would literally give you the shirt off of his back if you were in need. All life is precious to him and this sometimes can cause internal conflict when dealing with criminal activity. If you ask anyone, Andrew is certainly a heroes hero. A man's man. One who loves this planet and would lay his life down to protect it.

Listed in skills.

Sports mostly football. He loves the metropolis sharks and hates the gotham knights.
Working out.
Spending time with his good friends.
Learning new fighting styles.
Helping others.


Family Members: Grand father, Mother, Father, and Sister (all diseased)
Brother still alive, in hiding somewhere.

Place of Origin: Boston, Massachusetts
Current City: Gotham City
History: Born to two metahumans that kept their powers hidden. Andrew was raised with the hope he would continue in the family business of Law. His father a big time lawyer in Boston, as well as his mother being the DA.
His grandfather however thought he should be trained. He came from a line of metahumans that could all manipulate a special white energy that had glimmers of gold. Molding it to their will.

His father just wanted to be a lawyer, but Andrew loved watching the heroes growing up. So he trained hard with his grandfather who was once known as The Vanguard. Back before the justice league formed he was a bit of a freelance hero. At the age of 14 and right before highschool his grandfather passed away from cancer. The young man was heart broken. He continued to read the old books of his family and trained himself more. At age 15, his dad was transferred to Gotham. A place Andrew HATED. It was so trashy and dark, and full of crime. Plus there was the Batman and boy wonder running around. Andrew began fighting crime on his own with his energy powers at the young age of 16, while still attending school. Juggling two lives was difficult. Lying to is mom and dad, having his younger siblings cover for him constantly. One night while Andrew was out fighting crime, there was an attack on his district of Gotham.

He raced home as fast as he could, and to his horror, his entire family was killed. The only survivor his brother Hartley. His brother happened to be outside smoking pot when the attacks happened and he hid when he heard explosions going off. It was the joker's doing. A crime lord Andrew had known of for quite some time.
Andrew felt weak, hopeless, and lost. He inherited the company after high school at age 18 , and the millions that came with it. However that didn't change the feeling of helplessness. That was when his luck turned around. While chasing a criminal one day, he was tripped and dragged in to a back ally where a man who claimed to work for Star Labs. This was certainly a weird place to meet a scientist but he was informed they were working on recreating an experiment. Superboy. Andrew knew of the guy. They wanted to put Kryptonian cells in Andrew's body.

Prep time took place and Andrew agreed to the surgery knowing there was a 90% failure rate. However on his right arm there had been a superman tattoo. He clenched it tight as the needles all entered his body and let out a scream.
He awoke to find himself on a rooftop on BludHaven.
Andrew still not fully aware of his surroundings tripped off the side of the building and instantly his flight kicked in. He began to hover. When he realized what happened, he went to punch a brick wall in excitement. The structure crumbled like putty. He felt powerful. Like no one would ever be harmed again. A week later, at is home in Gotham, a box arrived. It had a costume and instructions. "Use your gifts wisely.-CK" Andrew confused looked at the costume and instantly fell in love. He put it right on and stared in the mirror. "I'm gong to be The Patriot!" he exclaimed. Three years have passed since then. Helping all the people he could. And this is where our journey begins.

Sample RP:"Ever since I was a little boy, my mom told me stories of saviors, heroes, gods among us. I didn't understand why things were the the way the were I just knew that I was meant for something more than the boring life of a lawyer." The hero thought running rooftop to rooftop. "Some people, crawl to their destination. Some people walk. Some people run." Leaping from the last building he spread out. "Not me. I prefer to fly."
Taking off into the night he smiled brightly. He was six foot two and he felt ready to take on the weight of the entire world. To him that's what he was destined for. To him it was time to save as many people as he could.
Letting out a cheer high above Gotham City, he let small amount of his energy trail behind him in the night sky, illuminating where he was. However like his future, what remained in front of him was certainly a mystery.
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PostSubject: Re: The Patriot    Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:18 am

Assuming the admin makes doesn't overrule me on your strength when she gets back, you're good to go.    


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The Patriot
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