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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Miley #2: The Shells (solo)

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PostSubject: Miley #2: The Shells (solo)   Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:23 am

“What is all this….” Miley asked in a cold tone as she stood in front of a large tank of water that a man floated in. Her mother sighed and looked down and off at the several hundred other tanks filled with the same man. “Your father’s work that he was paying for with our people…” Miley clenched her teeth as she she glared at the man in the tank.

“Yes I get that… but what are they…?” She asked moving her head to the side slightly to look at her mother from the corner of her eye. “Shells….” Miley blinked and turned to face her mother. “Shells…?” Her mother nodded and motioned for miley to follow which she did. “Your father was trading the feecons into slavery and in return he got the most advanced technology in the upper world, and the finest magic in the underworld. He started working on on all this about 1 year after your birth."

"The machine makes clones that have no emotions, thoughts of their own, nor memories. And the magic half programs the bodies with the thoughts, memories, and personalities of the bodies that are hooked up to them.” Miley shook her head looking to her mother. “Why? What purpose would these shell have?” “To grant technical eternal life and to technically bring the dead back to life….”

Miley slowed to a stop as her eyes widened. “It all started with us…. After he lost me he started to go mad which is when he started to act so brutally with you… though he realized you may die  from his brutality and the thought of losing you, the only part of me he had left… it was enough to try to find a way to keep you stay alive forever but not enough for him to try to stop hurting you…”  

Her mother pointed to  2 new line of tanks. One line was filled with shells of miley, the other of her mother. “He also realized that he could use this technology to bring me back to life….” Miley froze then “So… so you did die….” her mother sighed and nodded. “How…?” Miley asked tensing up a bit. “By giving birth to you…. Its why your father was so brutal to you….” Her mother pointed to a tank that was empty.

“That was my tank…. Your uncle found your father’s plans and decided to bring me back a few months ago to try to save you from your enslaver….” Miley shook her head. “So… tell me… are you really my mother or just a cheap recreation to act like her….?” Her mother frowned and looked heartbroken by her words as she looked down. “A bit of both to be honest… but… i still love you like she did… I’ve raised you since our reunion like she wished. I am the exact same person she was upon her death and I truly love you like you were my own daughter… because to me… you are my daughter….”

Miley looked down. “I do not see you as my original mother any longer…” Her mother grew sadder with her words as miley looked to her. “But… you are the only mother I have ever known… and you may not be the same mother i lost… but you are still my mother….” Her smiled to her gratefully. “Thank you dear….” Miley nodded to her then paused as she saw a tank that was apart from all the others in a much larger tank.  

She then walked over to it to see a clone of herself that looked younger than her, her hair was  a bit shorter, was orange and some yellow in it. Her eyes were partly cracked open unlike the others and looked lifeless and their irises looked to be totally black. She looked like she was in her demon form sicne her hair wasnt totally blonde but she had no tail. “Why is this one so different from the rest….?”

Miley asked her mother who stood beside her. “Because she was the first attempt at cloning you… due to your mixed genetics the machine had to try to mash them together before  deciding to try to stick to human genetics. Due to this it altered her hair and eye color. I don’t know what else is different about her but your father didn’t want to kill her by rapidly aging her like he did with the other clones so she aged normally.

She actually turned 15 years old 5 days ago…. I believe your father even labeled her as defective.” Miley looked to her mother. “Why….?” “because the machine can’t alter her memories, personality, nor thoughts…. Normally any blank slate works but for some reason this one can’t be altered.” miley looked back to it and noticed a label on the tank. “Alexisous…. It…. it has a name…?” Her mother nodded.

“Your guess as to why is as good as mine…. So… what do you want to do with the shells…?” She asked as the two started to walk out of the area. “Destroy father’s shells, I don’t want him coming back.” She said coldly making her mother frown. “He was that cruel… wasn’t he…?”  Miley nodded. “Yeah….” her mother sighed but nodded in understanding. “And as for the rest?”

“Have yours destroyed along with mine except for the named one…. I want to learn more about the named one, but i don’t want shells of myself nor you in existence… As much as I care for you, those who die should stay dead… cheating death in such a fashion… feel… just wrong….” Her mother nodded “I understand…. I’ll have them taken care of right away…” She said as they left the area. After they left the named clone’s finger moved a bit on its own as it continued to stare in it’s lifeless fashion.
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Miley #2: The Shells (solo)
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