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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 False Fusion: #1 Blood Metas (Solo) [IVMG]

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PostSubject: False Fusion: #1 Blood Metas (Solo) [IVMG]   Sat May 07, 2016 12:20 pm

A girl stands on the top of a building wearing a black with red trimming vest that has a large hood attached to it that caused her whole face besides a black and red mask she wore on her mouth in shadows. The peak of the hood that dipped down more than the rest of the hood had diamond like shape in red that was on it and had an off black symbol on it. Her mask was covering from her bridge of her nose all the way down to her chest and went over her shoulders like a skin tight short sleeve shirt that’s only trimming was on the top of the mask part of it.

On the part of her mask that was on her mouth was a red drawing of a mouth that looked like someone showing their teeth as they grinned with their sharp canine teeth. She had on skin tight forearm gloves that had the same fashion of design as the rest of her outfit but the gloves were fingerless, her thumb having nothing covering it, her ring and pink having covers to the first join in their fingers, and the middle and pointer only really had the fingernails part of the finger left uncovered.

Her shirt was split into 3 parts, one in the middle coming to a point that went down to mid thigh and the other two coming to a point but reaching down to her knees and were mostly on the sides of her legs. She wore skin tight boxer like shorts that were about as long as the middle part of her skirt. Finally she wore black and red trimming boots that came up to mid calve and the opening part of it where you put your foot in looked much wider than her actual leg.

She stood above the streets holding her large staff that was about 2 feet taller than her at her side as she looked down at some men that looked horribly deformed chasing down a woman wearing rags as clothes. The men laughed as they chased her and black sludge came gurgling from their mouths as they did so. The girl then stepped off the roof as they neared her way and spun hr staff with one hand as her other started to let off bright red smoke and she held her palm by the staff and something seemed to grow from its ends as she spun it.

She landed between the woman and the men and spun the staff around herself and swung it as the men pounced at them and cut them both in half. The men’s two halves fell to the ground lifeless and seemed to start rapidly rot away. She held the pose that she had after she had swung her blade to reveal the now bright red glowing scythe blades on both ends that both went in opposite directions and a bright red glowing eye peeking out from the shadows of her face that faded away along with the blades as she stood up straight.

The woman looked relieved at the sight of the girl who turned to her and helped her up with her unarmed hand having tripped and fallen upon looking back to see the men pouncing just moments ago. “Tannascurath” She said in a thankful and relieved tone to the girl who was much smaller than the woman. “Are you alright?” The girl asked as the woman nodded. “I’m fin Tann, once again you saved me just in time.” Tan nodded “I’m glad” She gently placed a guiding hand on the woman’s back and lead her off the path towards some odd looking ruins in the distance.

“I’m glad, though let’s be on our way before more blood metas sniff you out.” The woman nodded and walked with tan over to the ruins. As they approached Tann walked over a highly molded and rusted over sign that’s only letters could be made out were ‘Cl------ -ills’. There were ruins like the ones here that looked to be made of molded over brick and rotting wood all over the area but this one looked like the best preserved which was saying a lot considering it probably was only 5% of the building it used to be.

The area that surrounded them looked like a sewage dump mixed with an odd path going between all of the ruins that looked like the standard linking path found all over the place that was black and had some yellow rubble going down the middle of it with sometimes white or grey like rubble going along it’s sides. The woman walked over with Tann to a rusty molded hatch and opened it and called down. “It’s just me.” To what ever laid beyond the dark shadows that the hatch’s ladder that looked not as molded but just as rusty lead down to.

The woman started to climb down then and looked up at Tann “Thank you, I’m glad that not all of the Bloodline has left the powerless behind to be food for the blood metas.” Tann kneeled down and placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder. “I may live among the Bloodline and Meta Borns in New Star City, but I will never forget about the humans who took care of me and brought me to the city upon finding out my powers who live out in Star Ruins…. Unlike most in the city… I still see the powerless as people, and I will make sure that none of you die to become food for the blood metas…”

The woman hugged her with one arm and Tann hugged back before letting go to allow the woman to climb down and shut the hatch as she went down. She walked out from the ruins and looked off in the distance past all the ruins to see a large floating and glowing city that floated in a large dome in the sky. “.....” She stared at it but looked off seeing a pack of some blood metas off in the distance heading in the direction of the ruins and spun her staff as she started to walk in their direction.

“Hey!” She shouted out getting their attention but they seemed to look at her like she was just another person rather than something to kill like the woman. “The kingdom in the afterlife awaits your arrival…” She said as she neared them and made the blades grow on the staff and rose it to strike them down….
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False Fusion: #1 Blood Metas (Solo) [IVMG]
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