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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 False Fusion: #3 Sludge and Records (Solo)

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PostSubject: False Fusion: #3 Sludge and Records (Solo)   Sun May 08, 2016 1:45 am

Tan walked over and under the dome and crouched down as red smoke started to form under her feet. She then jumped up rather high into the air and then crouched again as the red smoked turned into a platform under her feet and seemed to float for a moment until she jumped off it to make another high jump. She did this 2 more times before grabbing hold of a hatch on the bottom of the dome while the red smoke vanished. She then held onto it as she started to swing her feet and seemed to mutter “22-23-24-25”

When she got to 40 and her swinging was very strong the hatch opened and black sludge was let out as he swung her legs into the hatch. She held her feet against the tube of the inside of the hatch despite the sludge and let go of the side of it to allow herself to dangle by her legs as she was covered in sludge. She then started to swing again but with her torso and as she swung up the last time the hatch closed right behind her letting her back land on the closed hatch.

She let her legs go limp as she partly laid on the hatch catching her breath as the sludge absorbed into her through her clothes. She then thought the count down again staring from 3 as she got up to her feet and pressed her back and legs against the tube to allow herself to go up the tube while she counted in her head. Right before she hit 40 again she made it to the top and climbed out of the tube before more black sludge was let loose into the tube to be shot down into the ruins.

She laid there for a moment before getting up to her feet as she heard footsteps coming in the small clan and prosteen room she was now in. She quickly hid as the man walked over to the tube as the sludge stopped and talked into a walkie talkie. “Nothing here per usual, and if there was something its dead now, nothing survives being hit with that much sludge…” The man who wore a jumpsuit said as the walkie let off a voice “Odd the sensors had picked up movement in the tube besides the sludge.”

The man shook his head as she left. “I’m tellin yah it goes off like that every day, which means it’s busted which we gotta get fixed already.” Tann watched the man leave before making her way out of the area. And crawled into a small sewage grate on her way out. She landed in a river of the sludge and walked over to a tied off plastic bag off in a draw area and opened it up to see fresh normal looking clothes inside it. After changing Tann wore a black tank top, black cargo shorts, black and red striped stockings, and finally black combat boots and leather fingerless gloves.

She had 3 gold ear rings on her earlobes going up her ear all right next to each other, an eyebrow, and lip piercing and her long black wavy hair reached her mid back with a long braid on the left side of her head. She left the costume in the bag and retied it before climbing back up to the grate and climbed out of it when the coast was clear. She slowly moved into some shadows as quickly as she could before coming back out to slip into a crowd of people. She walked down the sidewalk of what looked like a highly advanced city tech wise and that looked to have absolutely no crime whatsoever.

The city was a true utopia to those who were able to be lucky enough to live there and not having been taken to be tested on. Tann then split from the group as she came up to a record shop tucking some hair behind her ear as a man sorted out some records. “Guess…” He said not looking up as Tann walked over and started to sort with him. “15?” She offered as a guess with a hopeful smiled to only be let down by his shaking of a head. “2 hours…. Spirit… you have to stop coming in so late…” The man said calling her by the name she went by in the city.

“Dang… Sorry i didn’t realize how late it was I’m s-” The man then cut her off. “No you’re not… but just please try to stop coming in so late…” She nodded “Right s-.... Right…” He nodded back to her and looked to her for a moment before looking back down to the records. “You appear to have gotten more ink on you again, you should clean that up and also stop coming to work with those ink splotches on you…”

She blinked and nodded before rushing to the bathroom and looked at herself to see some sludge having dripped on her chin and lip from her nose that was leaking a bit more from so how much of the sludge she had taken in. She frowned and wiped it off before looking down into the sink and back up to the mirror staring at her face like it was the first and last time she’d see it.
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False Fusion: #3 Sludge and Records (Solo)
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