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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 False Fusion: #4 The Pack (Solo) [IV]

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PostSubject: False Fusion: #4 The Pack (Solo) [IV]   Mon May 09, 2016 2:39 pm

The child never really felt connected to the other blood metas despite being just like them. She ever really could get into their mindset either since unlike them she seemed to still hold elf awareness and consciousness rather than losing it and moving into a more animalistic mindset that thought the humans were just prey to kill. She oddly always could find herself able to think straight, she only ate the already dead, she never really killed, and she commonly went on walks to think.

Despite how different she was the rest of the blood metas still saw her as one of them and treated her as such. Though one day after years of living with them something changed the girl’s life drastically once again. The ground rumbled and shook making the girl and many others fall down as a large man with a long thin red tail and a small girl with a matching tail rose from the ground as their eyes burned like fire as they stared at the blood metas in silence.

The girl with the tail looked about 14 while the man looked in his early 30s both having bright red fire like hair. The little girl spoke in an odd language and pointed to the blood metas that were getting up and starting to run at them roaring monstrous roars as she could slowly make out the two’s faces. They both looked human besides their tails and hair, they wore burnt red clothes and white wrappings on their arms and legs.

But the man unlike the girl had an almost cat like metal mask hanging on his hip. “Doschu.. fo reck lo kowl?” ((Father… may i kill them?)) She asked in an innocent tone as her father grinned an unsettling grin. “Croo do melow ti tio, rara meek tem….” ((Of course my dear, make them bleed)) As the Blood metas neared them the girl extended the rest of her fingers and shot out fire at them all making them fall to the ground screeching in agony as she flailed on the ground.

The girl watched in horror as her adoptive family was burnt alive by the tailed girl that now work a sadistic smile as she burned them alive. They all on by one exploded into black sludge and the girl with the tail slowly looked to the young blood meta and rose her hand at her. The man gently held the tailed girl’s hand and lowered it before patting her head to say he was proud and they were done there before they walked back to where they appeared and slowly moved back into the ground as the ground rumbled.

Black sludge rolled down the girl’s face as she trembled looking at the sludge explosions on the ground that used to be her pack and crawled over to them and slowly rested her head on the ground by it as she cried out letting out monsterous wails as her sludge started to form a puddle that connected with the explosion she was next to and it started to move towards her as the rest of the sludge started to creep over to her as she cried.

The sludge seemed to start to flow into her hands and feet that were on the ground and she wailed out louder as she started to feel like she was in major pain as the sludge flowed into her and her spikes on her started to retract. As more and more sludge flowed into her her wails turned more into a little girl’s crying and she started to look more human again. As the rest of the sludge besides some father out explosions flowed into her she fell on her side pating as black sludge tears rolled down her nor normal cheeks.

Her now normal brown iris eyes looked at the explosions in the distance her black hair fell in front of her face having being the only thing not turn back to the way it was before. She saw her hands and trembled as she held them up to see better and blinked as they looked normal once again and she slowly touched her face to feel its now normal shape. She then looked up as some humans in tattered rags walked over staring at her in shock.

“.... One of them turned back into a normal human….” A man in the group said as they stared at her in disbelief “She was just a child… do you think that means other blood metas are just children too…?” A woman asked as a boy i his late teens started to walk over to the girl but was grabbed by the arm. “Son…. we don’t know if she’s still dangerous…”

The boy shook his head “You saw her, she didn’t even attack those two when they attacked the rest after the rest had attacked them. She wasn’t violent at all, that and she’s just a kid now…” His father seemed uneasy about it but he let him go and the boy walked over and gently sat her up holding her gently. She let him but till trembled as she looked up to him. He smiled a soft smile down to her and brushed her long black hair from her face. “It’s okay… you’re safe now…”

She leaned her head against him but spoke in a slightly cracking voice. “No one is ever safe in this world….” He frowned but hugged her gently. “I know it seems that way… but things won’t always be as bad as they are now… they’ll get better… I know they will… they have to….” She looked up to him seeing the hope in his eyes as his parents walked over and kneeled down and placed a hand on his shoulder both growing hope in their eyes.

She looked at them… she didn’t want to see the hope in them die… she didn’t want to see them die…. They couldn’t fight for themselves but… maybe… maybe she could get stronger… and one day… protect them…. And everyone else in this world of ruins….. She gently started to hug him back and spoke confidently. “I’ll make sure that they will….”

They nodded but blinked as the mother asked. “Do you have a name….?” The girl couldn’t remember her real one, and she knew that she had been of the spirit bloodline before all of this so… “Spirit…My name is spirit….” She said quietly as she held the hug.
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False Fusion: #4 The Pack (Solo) [IV]
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