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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 False Fusion: #5 Band Pratice (Solo) [MP]

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PostSubject: False Fusion: #5 Band Pratice (Solo) [MP]   Mon May 09, 2016 3:35 pm

Tann gets home after a long day of work and closes her front door and walked over to her bathroom of her decent looking apartment. She leaned forward and stared at herself in the mirror and saw herself with long needle like teeth, no nose, having nearly just eye sockets for eyes and numbs for ears. She narrowed her eyes and looked down shaking her head muttering. “You’re never going to look like that again…. You’re not like them anymore…”

She slowly looked back up and saw her normal reflection and closed her eyes resting her forehead on the mirror as she let out a slightly shaky breath as a hand rested on her shoulder making her jump and quickly turn to the violet haired girl who then rose her hands up in surrender. “Sorry, I forgot how jumpy you were…” Tann looked down and shook her head “No… I’m sorry you’re fine.” The girl smirked “Good now are you ready to go to band practice the guys are blowing up my phone.”

Tann nodded “Yeah sorry I’m so late Lauren I got to work late so my boss made me stay longer.” Lauren nodded clearly not caring based on the look on her face and her body language. “Okay okay, we’ll keep making more excuses or don’t but hurry up and move to the door cause we really gotta go.” Tann sighed but nodded “Yeah yeah yeah I know…” She grabbed a small violin case as Lauren grabbed a guitar case on their way out the door.

After a long walk of Lauren going on about her conspiracy theories about the government of new star city. She tried not to comment on the ones that she knew to be true mostly because she didn’t want to raise any eyebrows nor did she want to encourage the girl to come up with more. Tann honestly didn’t really like the girl all too much, but she could play the guitar so she made the cut of being in the band and the brief crush she had on her when they first met a year back got her a place as a roommate with Tann.

Tann didn’t really like many people to be honest, she just pretended that she did so that she could try to cause herself to think that she was able to connect with others when she couldn’t really honestly connect with anyone now and days, especially with any new star city people who don’t even know nor think about the horrors that the humans that they abandon have to face. To them their live was just in this city and there was no evil in the world.

It made Tann sick, she was going to destroy this dome and force everyone to have to live like the rest of the world…. But spirit… the girl that everyone here thought they knew was just going to try to become a famous musician with all of her ‘friends’ Lauren smacked her in the back of the head then making her stumble and hold her head “The fuck was that for…?” Tann said annoyed. “You were zoning out again, I have 5 more theories to cover and only blocks to do it in so listen up!”

Lauren would be the first to die…. As they arrived Tann looked to the white haired boy who was setting up some drums. His name was Andrew Tonn, his powers were passive though he could beat the life out of anyone that he set his mind to it... he was just like his girl friend to a scary level who bleached her hair to match his. Her name was Annabella Necowl and they both needed some hours of private therapy in an asylum.

Or a bullet to the head either way worked for her because she couldn't stand either of them, especially not Anna and how she looked so much like her... it was rather disturbing how much he looked like her and how she would jokingly call her her long lost twin. If she turned out to be her twin when she found out who she really was she swore upon the first time hearing the joke that she'd kill Anna an bury the evidence immediately so that no one would ever find out because there was no way that she'd accept having a twin as insufferable as that girl.

She then looked to the setting up her Bass guitar who had bright red fire like hair. Her belt was hanging a little low and Tann knew why... because she saw what it really was years ago. She walked up to her as the two locked eyes and grabbed the end of her belt and yanked it to a tight fashion making the girl bit her lip and make a muffled shout. The two narrowed their eyes at each other. "Your belt was hanging low.... oh and your necklace its looking very bright to day, its almost as bright as fire."

She said with a passive aggressive tone as the girl spoke back with the same tone with a Japanese and british accent. "Thanks but I like your hair better, it almost reminds me of the black sludge in the sewage pipe lines...." Both girls knew what each other really were and who they had been when they first met, and both loved to hint at it and be passive aggressive with each other. But both had the same goal of bringing the dome down, both having different reasons on why they did, but in the end they both still had the same goal so they secretly worked together knowing that one would probably kill the other when the time came when the done was taken down.

But for now they were just band mates. "Girls, make out later lets get practicing already." Andrew declared as the two glared at each other a while longer before breaking eye contact and getting ready for the practice. Lauren and Andrew then smirked and muttered at the same time "I so ship it..." making Tann decide that they both would die first now. And based on the look on the tailed girls face, she was thinking the same thing.
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False Fusion: #5 Band Pratice (Solo) [MP]
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