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 The Ranking System (Important Please Read)

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PostSubject: The Ranking System (Important Please Read)   Thu May 19, 2016 4:52 am

Okay I talked this idea over with the rest of the staff so I am now bringing it up to the rest of you. If there are no issues with this new system it will be passed through and integrated into the site. The system I am talking about is called a Ranking System. This ranking system though is a bit more complicated than how it simply sound. Though I assure you all right here and now off the bat that no one will have to edit or nerf (power down) their characters due to this system. (This system will pass through by 5/21/2016 if there are nor stated problems with it by then.)

How This Will Work

If passed as is, this is what will be done to set up the Ranking system and what we all will be doing to implement it into the site. The staff will be adding subsections of each rank into each of the 3 categories in the active section, graveyard, and inactive section. (Hero, Neutral, Villain for the active and these will be added into the graveyard and inactive.) These subsections will be the ranks in order of the strongest to weakest. Wherever you will be listed in character wise will now be your character’s rank.

You will be able to update and alter your app by the usual means. Though when it comes to getting stronger you will not be allowed to become stronger than the cap of the rank you have been placed in. Though once you rank up you will be allowed to become stronger once again until you hit your next cap. How you rank up is very much like one would normally rp out becoming strong, ergo through training. But now you must hit a certain word count in order to rank up. You can do this simply by rping as you normally would through threads and even solo threads.

The staff will make a new section where you can find a subsection for each of your usernames where you will be provided threads for each of your characters. (All characters made after the initial start up will require you to have to make your own threads for them.) In these threads you will be provided a code that you can fill out or just use as a base for whenever you post a rank up request. These requests will include the thread(s)/page(s) that you trained on, and what rank you request to be ranked up to. A staff member will then go to the thread(s)/page(s) and verify that you do train and the needed amount of words requirements have been met.

Once they see this you will receive an reply that states that you have been approved to be ranked up. Your app then will be moved to the right subsection where you then can request to have it unlocked to be altered when you wish to alter it like you normally would. You then can rank up your powers and skills to the max cap though note that in order to get any stronger you must train again to do so. Though once you hit the max rank and capped out, then you’re sadly out of luck. So if you are the type to like to have your characters get stronger over a long period of time I would suggest not instantly caping out every time or else you will quickly find yourself unable to get any stronger at all than you are now.

As I said previously all currently existing characters will be staying the same way they currently are even if they are inactive or dead ones. All these characters will be ranked based off their current abilities and skills/gear. Now upon this going through all new characters will not have the same freedom, so to speak, as the rest of the characters thus far have. For those who are unaware up till now members were allowed to make any character with any power level and level of knownness right off the bat upon making their character as long as it made sense.

This was allowed due to the site not too long ago the site having been totally rebooted. We allowed members to do this to have a better range of characters to start with rather than having just newbie heroes and such people only. There wasn’t much conflict upon making characters that were the richest men in the city, or one of the city’s biggest heroes, etc. due to no one else having these titles to conflict with character wise. Members will still have this range as titles and well known levels wise for the most part but now staff will be informing you if your title and such ever conflicts with someone else's.

(This is just something that would be happening either way so no matter what this part will happen just due to all the characters running around now.) Though now with this system new characters will not be allowed to start immediately at the higher ranks that will be provided and will be restricted to civilian level to capped out sidekick level. This is to promote members to actually work for their strength and not just start off with super strong characters.

This also will help out current characters that are much weaker than others. This helps by providing these characters with having more people on their level rather than just having others constantly making characters far above them. This tends to be an issue due to the fact that these weaker characters now are far out of their league all the time and can never compete since they choose to slowly get stronger while others choose to quickly and constantly get stronger.

Other staff members like myself hope that this system will help with that and will help with having an actual cap off point. That and it will give us some sort of guide so that we all know what is and isn’t allowed in apps rather than just having our own ideas that may be widely spread apart from each other like we have been doing things. So in other words this system will help level out and make things more fair when judging powers of characters. I personally hope that this system also helps the site become more well diverse. This is a DC site after all not a pure sidekick site or something along those lines.

Meaning that we should have people of a wide range rather than the general small range in power strength we have now. Say that our characters were all dc official characters with their own comics. We should be able to grab two different comics and most likely find the main characters of the two being of different ranks in power level like we would if we did this with all of dc’s characters. I also think that it would be cool to see characters even being able to possibly become mentors to each other in the future. Since maybe Billy is High Ranking and has similar powers as Joe but he is a Sidekick Rank. Billy then possible trains Joe to become stronger by fighting side by side together. Or maybe Milly is just as strong as Jill so the two work together to become stronger together because they saw that they were at the same level.

What Are The Ranks/How Many Words Are Needed To Rank Up

Here I will explain each rank that we will have, you will find their cap offs, usual weakest you must be to be in the rank, and examples of DC characters that would fit into each rank. The number of words needed for each rank is still pending so you may give your thoughts on this but the amount that goes up for each will go up by most likely doubling the last number. Or it will go up by adding previous needed word amounts together to get the next set. Though no matter what each rank will need more words than the last to rank up to them.

  • Weakest you must be to be this rank would be, anyone who can not cut it as a sidekick aka most average citizens of the city.
  • This rank’s level cap is, You have some basic skills and one or two advanced skills. You know little to nothing about how heroing or villaining works. And you may have some powers but they are either super weak and or you have no control over them.
  • Examples for this rank would be, the woman whose purse was just stolen, bob the cabbage man, denice the receptionist, and Phill the dentist.

  • Weakest you must be to be this rank would be, someone who is about above the average person in abilities skills and other such things. Sidekicks tend to have minor training, and possibly some powers, and perhaps some natural talent. Though the sidekicks would need a lot of training and likely won’t have much control or mastery over their powers.
  • This rank’s level cap is, possible a few mastered skills and or powers but very few, They have some mastery over their powers but no where near total mastery. Your character clearly has much to learn even at capped out but they would be coming into their own by this point and would have learned a large amount of what could be taught to them by an average hero.
  • Examples for this rank would be, Robins 1-6, Changeling/Very early on Beast boy, Speedy 1-2, Aquagirl 1-2, Aqualad 1-2, Batgirl 1-3, Kidflash 1-2. (I know a few of these guys get stronger later on down the line but of course I mean earlier on versions for them when they were first starting off.)

Average Hero/Neutral/Villain:
  • Weakest you must be to be for this rank: someone with a decent powerset/skillset, but perhaps lacking in experience. They would be someone who is powerful, but has a glaring weakness that keeps them from ascending. These people would be able to stand on their own for the most part unlike sidekicks. People of this rank would still have some issues fighting alone but can mostly handle themselves on their own.
  • This rank’s level cap is having multiple skills being mastered or being very close to mastered along with many of their powers but still clearly has much work to do on the powers. When capped you will be able to work with anyone and have much to teach others in the way of your chosen skills and or powers. You would be able to give many known jl members a hard time when fighting against them but would at the end of the day fail the beat them. Though you may cut it close with some of the weaker JL members if you fought one on one with them.
  • Examples for this rank would be, Nightwing, Rose Wilson, Arsenal (later years), Red Hood, Batgirl (Later Years), Cyborg (Nearing later years)

High Rank Hero/Neutral/VIllain:
  • Weakest you must be to be this rank: People here would be very skilled and very close to hitting their full potential and have no problem fighting on their own. Their skills are very close to being developed, if not fully so. This rank is ideal for heroes/neutrals/villains to take on a protege, or sidekick.
  • This rank’s level cap is: Generally seen as the maxed out powers version of your character. Your character ideally can not get any stronger than they are now when they hit this point. Someone capped out on this rank could ideally face off against Batman or Superman. On a side note, courtesy does still apply. Using this rank only to push around weaker members will not be tolerated. If necessary, your character will be demoted to a weaker rank. The staff then will come up with an in-character reason as to why your character is weaker. You may try to rank back up but after the second time of abusing your power you will be punished worse than before and may lose more than just your character power.
  • Examples for this rank would be, Deathstroke and Dr. Fate (Most other JL members)

Justice/Injustice League:
  • This rank does not deal with power but mainly deals with how well known you are and the power you may hold with your name and what people know of you. To reach this rank you will have to work your way up to it like any other rank, but you must also work and rp out you getting to this level of being known. Once you prove that you would be this well known and have rped out the needed word count you will be gifted with this rank.
  • Examples for this rank would be, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow, Lex Luthor, Black Manta, The Joker, Bane.

Where Will Preexisting Characters Be Ranked

To help you all better understand how characters will be ranked I will list below where all characters as of making this thread and where they would be ranked and why.

Addison: Near Cap Average (Due to lack of powers, and having a large amount of advanced skills, and the potential of her mastered crafting and building skills.)
Alistair: Sidekick Rank
Armina: Nearing capped Sidekick (Due to power potential, Lack of skills in how to use powers she gains, and her average tier kills.)
Hotwire: Average Rank
Jennifer: Capped Sidekick (Due to lack of powers, mastered non fighting skills, and low level fighting skills)
Kristoff: High Rank
Lilith: Average Rank
Milicondras: Average Rank
Quiver: Average Rank
Riot: Low tier High Rank (Due to lack of combat ability as Lukas, and the amount of time it takes him to don his suit.)
The Patriot: High Rank
Toji: Capped Sidekick (Due to powers some skills and naivety)
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PostSubject: Re: The Ranking System (Important Please Read)   Fri May 27, 2016 5:51 pm

So it has been decided that upon doing a training thread, you will be required to write a certain number of words depending on the rank you training into.

Civilian: N/A

Sidekick: 1000 Words

Average Hero: 2000 Words

High Rank Hero: 4000 Words

JLA/IJL: 8000 Words


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PostSubject: Re: The Ranking System (Important Please Read)   Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:03 pm

UPDATE ON RULES!: You may now rp out npc's in your threads, events, and npc solos that you can write here: LINK in order to get the right amount of training to make them a higher level. This way you can bring them in later at a higher level than what you normally could. But you must rp out the leveling like you normally would, aka, rping 1,00 words for your first rank up then 2,000 and so on. After each one post in a thread that is labeled the characters name with (NPC) in the title your request. Once approved you may post up the next rank up request. What ever rank you are approved for once they become your character is the rank you are allowed to bring them in at.
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PostSubject: Re: The Ranking System (Important Please Read)   

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The Ranking System (Important Please Read)
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