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 Devyn "Hornet" Boyd

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PostSubject: Devyn "Hornet" Boyd   Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:17 pm

"Character quote/saying"

Full Character Name


Full Name: Devyn Boyd
Nickname(s): Dev
Codename: Hornet
Alias(es): None
Age: 17
Race: Human
Affiliation: Good


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Gender: Male
Height: 6’0
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Traits:


Super intellect: Devyn has an impressive 136 IQ, just shy of genius level (but he will tell you otherwise).  Devyn was a science wonder growing up. He had always had a knack for knowing how things work and why they worked that way. He delved into books on basic physics and chemistry when most kids were still reading teen novels. He began to build robotics and by 16 had created a functional exoskeleton that increased mobility in paralysis victims. His technological prowess and knowledge of many sciences is what made the Hornet suit possible.
Super speed: Devyn’s bread and butter. When he was struck by lightning, Devyn’s molecular make-up became excited. He is able to run at speeds of 250 miles per hour and is constantly surpassing. While running, Devyn creates an impressive amount of kinetic energy which he uses in various ways, such as powering his tasers. He is still figuring out all he can do as he is new to his abilities.

Scientist/Mechanical Engineer: Devyn is a skilled scientist and mechanical engineer at the young age of 17. As shown by the Hornet suit, Devyn constantly builds contraptions that will aid in his quest to find his mother’s killer, as well as fight the evils he runs into along the way. Some other inventions he has made include the stingers as well as the jumpsuit he wears under the armor.
Pilot: Devyn learned how to fly using the Hornet suit, making him adept at piloting self-contained flying suits. He cannot pilot a plane or a jet.

Physical Weaknesses:
Devyn is still a human, and is subject to the same realities we are. If he gets shot, he feels it. If he bleeds, he knows. If he dies, he’s dead. Devyn is not a superhuman (by his definition at least) and he does not possess ethereal powers. He is constrained to his physical, human body, and he is as fragile as any human can be if his strength fails or he is without his suit.
The suit itself has its physical weaknesses. While being a metallic chest piece that is able to catch a bullet or two, it does not effectively shield Devyn from explosions as it does not completely cover his abdomen. Also, the suit is only able to stand up to 1200 lbs. of force before succumbing to it. The entire suit (jumpsuit and armor pieces) can withstand heat up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit without a problem. After 850 degrees Fahrenheit, the pieces and suit will begin to catch fire and fall apart. His suit is durable enough to withstand Devyn’s current speeds, but would fall apart if he were exceed Mach 1 (767.269 mph).
Devyn also has a very high metabolism. In order for him to keep his strength up, Devyn must eat an excessive amount of food to keep his energy up. Running as fast as he does takes a lot of energy, and without proper recovery can lead to injury or death.

Mental Weaknesses:
Devyn is anti-social and shy, therefore, he misses out on a lot of what’s happening in his lacking social life. He is the last one to know about anything important, and the first to leave at social gatherings. After the loss of his mother, Devyn fell apart. He wasn’t particularly close, but with no mother and a father obsessed with his work, Devyn felt alone. His anti-social and shy tendencies were only fueled by this, and Devyn now keeps to himself.
Devyn is blind to his inventions. He believes that they are perfect and cannot work any other way than he intended it to. However, this blinds him to serious pitfalls in his plans or flaws in his inventions, which lead to problems he did not see coming.

Hornet suit: The Hornet suit was created by Devyn Boyd to originally learn how to fly. After being struck by lightning on the first test-flight, Devyn boxed it up because he did not want to chance it. The suit made its return when his mother was killed. He upgraded this suit with many necessary upgrades needed to find this person. Thanks to his enhanced intellect and his natural affinity for science, he was able to create a functioning “super” suit. The suit is a black jump suit with yellow accents in various places. The jump suit is constructed with a highly durable fabric weave and chemical compound that is resistant to friction and heat.  The chest piece is a body armor able to withstand bullets, high speed travel, and heavy hits, although it is nowhere near impenetrable. The back of the chest armor is a set of mechanical hornet-like wings that let Devyn fly. While Devyn himself can move fast, this suit is only capable of flight at 60 mph. The wingsuit allows for a collective 2 hours of flight before it needs recharging. These wings collapse into the back of the chest piece. The shoes are a pair of black and yellow lightly-armored running shoes. The helmet is the computing station of the whole suit. Using special technology and an onboard micro-computer, his helmet can calculate things such as speed and conduct body scans using the other pieces. It can also use GPS (we get lost sometimes…). The helmet looks like Zer0's helmet from Borderlands, just not as busted up. It is black like the suit, has yellow lining to define the jaw line, and three horizontal 6-inch long yellow lines around the mouth area. It has two yellow beady eyes that simulate eyes (just to taunt the opponent) that are toggled. The helmet runs diagnostics as well as analyzes the information provided by the area around them.
Stingers: On the wrists and hands lay Devyn’s Stingers. Two lightweight, metal gauntlets cover his hand making his unarmed strikes more damaging. These gauntlets collect and convert kinetic energy to use as electricity. On the wrists are two chambers in which stinger-like needles shoot out. These needles are channels in which Devyn can send electrical currents to tase his opponents. He does not believe in killing people, so he simply tases them. The Stingers can shock upwards of 10,000 volts, however, Hornet can control the amount of voltage being sent. A drawback is that these stingers cannot penetrate armor or bulletproofing. These are for use on people without those. While the Stingers are projectiles, they aren’t meant to go very far. They can fly up to 30 feet at the cost of accuracy before losing power.


Devyn is a very quiet individual. Lacking parental presence as a child, Devyn turned to books and the Internet to quench his thirst for “interaction”. Because of this, he grew to be somewhat anti-social and shy. He does not have a problem talking to people, he just does not necessarily like to approach them. He realized he could lose people, but he couldn’t lose knowledge. He distanced himself from interaction as much as he could so he could focus on being smarter.
Devyn is very confident in his knowledge and his creations. He will fully refute any and all arguments made against him in any fashion as he believes all of his creations are perfect because he intended them to be that way. Though extremely shy, Devyn loves to show off his creations and presentations just excite him. His confidence can be a hindrance to Devyn because he will blindly use his inventions without perceiving the risk. He believes that because he made it, there is no risk, and that is the riskiest thing of all.
He has a brave side. Devyn never knew what real bravery was until he donned the persona of the Hornet. He went out looking for the person who killed his mother and found himself in a world he never knew existed. The Hornet gave Devyn the strength and bravery to face his demons, literally and figuratively. He trusts his inventions and knowledge, and from that draws the strength and bravery he needs to know he’ll triumph over his obstacles.
Cunning mind
Scientific and mechanical prowess
Flusters around girls easily

EDM Music


Family Members:
Dr. Irene Boyd – mother; deceased

Place of Origin: Jump City

History: Devyn was born on December 7, the same day his father left he and his mother. He grew up in a single parent household. It was quiet. His mother was a scientist and worked constantly. He only saw her in the mornings when she dropped him off at school. Wondering why his mother was so lost in her own world of work, he began reading books about physics, chemistry, robotics, machinery, and others sciences. Most kids would find this to be torture, but this was Devyn’s little piece of Heaven. He did exceptionally well in school except in the social aspect. All Devyn vied for his mother’s attention only for her to return to her work. He devoted all of his time to reaching her. Still, she remained distant Years passed, and he began to understand even the most complicated theorems, algorithms. He graduated high school with a 4.0 but just shy of being valedictorian (good thing). He finally achieved his goal; he landed an internship working at his mother’s lab under one of her colleagues. It was the closest he had ever been to his mother. She did not take well to this. She told him that he had no idea what he was getting into and that he needs to leave the internship and look somewhere else. It was unsafe and Irene would not have her son working anywhere near this lab. He protested and stayed and worked under her colleague, Dr. Harrold Sharp. Dr. Sharp had been working on a secret project and he needed help, something only a bright young mind could help with. Devyn was recruited to help build a suit capable of flight.
Within the year, the first prototype had been built. Devyn and Dr. Sharp nicknamed it the Hornet suit because they modeled the wings after bees, and Hornet sounded really cool. On the night of the test flight, Devyn’s mother had been in the building for some reason. She was walking down to the basement when two armed men entered the building and immediately took her hostage. Three more men came in following and then one commander. One massive and angry commander. This man, however, was after the suit. Hearing the commotion, Dr. Sharp and Devyn went to investigate, but were stopped short by a small militia entering the hallway. In between these two groups was this commander and Devyn’s mother. Dr. Sharp and Devyn were given an offer: give them the suit or he kills Devyn’s mother. Dr. Sharp lied to the commander, saying that the suit had been taken to a secure location to be prepped for its test flight, and that it was not in the building. Enraged by this, the commander then shoots and kills Devyn’s mother after screaming about a deal that they had previously had.  Devyn fell next to his mother trying to get her to wake up, but she was gone. Now, Devyn grew angry and ran back into the room. He emerged in the prototype wing suit and took off after the man who just murdered his mother. When he made it outside, he immediately turned the suit on and began flying after the escape vehicle. A bad storm had rolled in and just as Devyn was going to reach the van, he began to overheat. In that moment, Devyn had turned a vent on so that it would expel the built up energy on the inside. Doing this made Devyn something like a lightning rod, and he was struck by lightning. He was hospitalized for 6 months while he lied in a coma.
He eventually woke up from his coma in June the following year. He made an almost miraculous recovery as he didn’t even scar. He did come out with a pretty odd side effect: he could mover really fast. He noticed this whenever he would get the jitters. Extremely fast jitters. It would seem like it was moving uncontrollably fast. Eventually, he realized that he had the power to mover extremely fast. Knowing this, he got back to work and perfected the Hornet suit in his own secrecy at home. He donned this new suit and began his search for his mother’s killer.

Sample rp:

4 a.m. The clouds in the sky masked the moon’s glow faintly, but it still poured through the cracks in the sky. There’s virtually no traffic this side of town, which made it the best time of night for a run. Devyn sprinted through the streets; nothing but a blur of yellow and black moving at the moment. Devyn had spent most of his nights slaving over his work. How else was he supposed to find out who killed his mother? He sighed and came to a halt at a small pond in a park. He used to love this spot, but now it reminded of him of who he used to be. Content with his perfect little world. That little world went dark when his mother died; perfection died. All Devyn could think of was how he could catch this man. He took almost everything from Devyn, and he had to pay.
He inhaled a quick breath before sprinting off. The water of the pond scattered beneath him as he ran over the pond and out of the park. He ran into downtown and ran up the tallest building he could find. 1,000 feet in the air, Devyn stood on the edge of this building.
“Everything looks so calm and quiet for once. It’s… quite astounding.” He remarked. Devyn pulled up his sleeve to check the time on his watch, then he tapped on it. This sleek, silver smart watch was an invention of Devyn’s own creation. He couldn’t always have his tech with him, but he could always access it in some way as long as he had this watch. The watch pulled up a menu with several options. One more time, Devyn tapped on the screen and let his sleeve down. Devyn pressed a button on his backpack. At this time, the backpack opened and began to form around Devyn. His jumpsuit had soon encapsulated him. He turned around on his heels and instead of walking away, he fell backwards into the open air. Devyn closed his eyes and waited for impact.
Seconds later, a black container opened up and the pieces of the Hornet suit rocketed out of it. Devyn hadn’t made it a quarter of the way down this building when the pieces had arrived. One by one, pieces of the suit began to attach themselves to him. His gauntlets and shoes came first, followed by the chest piece. The back of the chest piece opened on top and placed something against Devyn’s head. This began to encapsulate his head, and seconds later, his helmet came online. The wing suit activated upon this and the wings spread out from his suit, enabling flight. Devyn took off into the night to fight his demons.

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PostSubject: Re: Devyn "Hornet" Boyd   Mon Jul 04, 2016 5:54 pm

Alright the only thing i think you should change for now is how fast he can run. i would suggest bringing it down to 250-300 mph. This way he is at the proper power level for the top rank he's allowed to be right now. When ever you hit 300 mph in your app though for max speed he will be considered a capped out sidekick and you will ave to train him before giving him a high speed. Once you have this edited i'l approve him for you. Also, welcome to the site.
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PostSubject: Re: Devyn "Hornet" Boyd   Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:41 pm

Fixed. Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Devyn "Hornet" Boyd   Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:53 pm

When you are ready to request a rank up make a thread titled this character's name in your section here. http://scrpg.forumotions.net/f158-hornet then just fill out and post this code in the thread http://scrpg.forumotions.net/t819-rank-up-request-codes . If you have any questions feel free to ask me and you are now free to tart rping.

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PostSubject: Re: Devyn "Hornet" Boyd   

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Devyn "Hornet" Boyd
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