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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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 Himinn "Skald" For-Eldra

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PostSubject: Himinn "Skald" For-Eldra   Tue Jul 05, 2016 5:25 pm

"If everyone started off the day singing, just think how happy they'd be."

Himinn For-Eldra


Full Name: Himinn For-Eldra
Nickname(s): Bard, Priest, Zealot, Minny, Sky, Skald
Codename: Prophet
Age: 16
Classification: Demigod Human
Affiliation: Lawful Neutral
Birthday: December 21th
TRW Username: None


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120 lbs
Other Traits: None



Divine Communication ~ A common trait in the For-Eldra family line in which many family members are capable of seeing and communicating with Deities from all pantheons. Such as Celtic, Roman, Greek, Norse, Persian, Mayan, African, Hindu, Native America, Oceania, and so on even alien gods. While the family is blessed with such a privilege the family member still need to prove themselves in order to gain favor from the gods. Even though he can see them and talk to them, he does not have to power to call their help or gain any blessings.


Architect ~ While Himinn is no where close to the level of Pataphysical Engineering that most of his family has, he still has basic knowledge regarding construction but nothing groundbreaking.

Theology ~ During his time among Gods he have become a very good Theologist along with good understanding of Mythology.

Occult Knowledge ~ With understanding on the nature of god's Himinn has basic knowledge on the occult.

Skald In-Training ~ Ever since as a child Himinn always wished to be a composer and reciter of poems or epics honoring heroes/gods and their deeds. He is considered a master at writing by many professional writers.

Physical Weaknesses:

Mortality? ~ He is still the same fleshy mortal as everyone else and can be killed as the same. However he is unaware he is a demigod, that when he was partially adopted by the gods he was involved in a union of a divine being or possibly multiple beings. Regardless his body can still be destroyed by normal means but something strange will happen when he dies.

Still a Mortal ~ While he and his family can talk to gods, that does not mean they can influence them in manners that would be otherwise impossible to do. They are still Mortals, while Deities will give the time of day to listen to the family as they are on good terms with the Pantheons the family members would still need to earn favor from the gods if a closer connection is desired.

Mental Weaknesses:

Fatal Flaw ~ Fatal Flaws are mental or physical weaknesses that demigods, humans, and immortals possess. These flaws can often cause the downfall of the being, but are particularly dangerous to demigods. In Greek plays, they are often referred to as "Tragic Flaws". For Himinn his Fatal Flaw is his low self-esteem. For he feels like he is beneath the gods and fear for making them angry at him, and became to hold very low confidence in his abilities as he fear he can't ever be deem worthy in the eyes of the gods. While he can put on a brave face on he is still very much weak beneath it.





Himinn is a carefree, upbeat, and loving young teen. He is genuinely very intelligent and honest, and cares about his friends and family. As a child he grew a close connection with the gods when he often participate the Arenas or other areas that his family ancestors built. Often conversing with them before and after their matches. He has close relations with Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. While Miminn is often the butt-end of the monkey king tricks Himinn had learn some aspects of life from him as while he is a rebellious warrior is still a monk who had learn many things from Buddah. Another relationship formed was with Sol, a willful, spirited, and passionate Norse Goddess of the Sun. It was her involvement in his childhood that made him the compassionate soul h is today. Another close friend was Geb, the Egyptian God of Earth. Geb is a patient and gentle titan, whose traits rubbed off on Himinn as like the Monkey King he too taught Himinn on the beauty of life. Lastly and most shockingly deity that Himinn befriended is none other than the roman Goddess of War, Bellona. While it is true she favors only those for whom war is life; for that is where she thrives. She became a older sister figure to Himinn during an incident in his young childhood where he manage to gain her favor by claiming he enjoyed watching her in the Arena and was a fan of her. The reason she took pride in this as she does not have much worshippers left mostly because she was forgotten in the eyes in mortal and that most of For-Eldra family see her as too wild.  Other gods and goddess played a role in shaping his personality such as Neith or Amaterasu.


Bravery ~ Himinn can be quite brave, a perk he gained from Bellona. His confrontations with more notorious Gods such as Hades, Thanatos, Ravana, Bakasura, Ah Puch, and Kukulkan had left him with a stronger will than most other mortals. But not in an inhuman level as he can still be mentally broken by normal means.

Skald In-Training ~ As an coming to be Skald he is a strong writer and singer. Even managing to win a few YALSA's Book Awards on his ongoing book series Ragnarok, which is about the asunder of the heavens and the mighty clash of gods from numerous pantheons. So far he had published three books in the series. Heaven’s Fall, Song of Oblivion, and Judgment Day.


Himinn often prays and sing hymns to the gods. He is found of cloud watching, star gazing, or any other activity that involves the outdoors. His other interest involves historical literature and science fiction. Due to his low self-esteem he often feels inferior to others even to the gods who are his closest friends.

Family Members:
Bjorn For-Eldra ~ Father ~ Alive
Aela For-Eldra ~ Mother ~ Dead
Place of Origin:
Reykjavík, Iceland
Current City:
Star City, California of U.S.A

In Ancient Times the For-Eldra family were power monument builders for the god's. They were very devout and desired to gain their favor. So months was spent coming up with ideas that could please the gods. Until one day they took notice of the feud between god’s and the natural disasters that occur because of it. A idea came to them and after weeks of pataphysics manipulation they made their grand gifts. The hard part was getting the god’s together without going at it. So after a few delicate rituals they manage to contact several chief gods. Which then they revealed their gift, a small plane of creation for gods to settle their disputes and friendly sparring. Many of the Gods were intrigued and demanded to know more about this dimension. So the family did. They showed the various locations that has its own play style, rules and objectives. The God’s liked the gift, seeing as a way to relieve stress and fight other gods that do not leave scars on earth. So they accept the realm and as a gift grant the family their favor, the ability to communicate with them wherever they are and act as judges in the realm.

Thousands of years later Himinn was born as a typical normal human in Iceland. Sadly his mother died a few months after his birth due to complications on giving birth. This placed a strain on his father, as he was a full time worker in the For-Eldra Plane doing maintenance and doing repairs at the Arena. So Himinn had to go to work with his father, who in a desperate attempt pleaded to a few gods. The results was mostly not a surprise as the gods were not babysitters. Except for Sol who took interest in the young mortal and agreed to look after him as father worked. So for most of his childhood he grew up around gods. Most of his entertainment come from watching the matches and playing with others gods who grew found of the little mortal due to Sol carrying him wherever he goes. This is how he met Geb, Neith, Monkey King, Bellona, and other friendly gods and goddess.

As he grew older he and his father moved to Star City due to Father mortal job changing locations. As a result Himinn finally enrolled into schooling. With such godly friends and parent figures he took english and mythology classes to become a skald so he can make stories about the gods. His skill in writing was so good that in the middle of his High School years he manage to win a few YALSA's Book Awards on his ongoing book series Ragnarok, which is about the asunder of the heavens and the mighty clash of gods from numerous pantheons. So far he had published three books in the series. Heaven’s Fall, Song of Oblivion, and Judgment Day.

Sample RP:
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PostSubject: Re: Himinn "Skald" For-Eldra   Tue Jul 05, 2016 5:40 pm

When you are ready to request a rank up make a thread titled this character's name in your section here. http://scrpg.forumotions.net/f159-himinn then just fill out and post this code in the thread http://scrpg.forumotions.net/t819-rank-up-request-codes . If you have any questions feel free to ask me and you are now free to tart rping.

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Himinn "Skald" For-Eldra
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