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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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PostSubject: Rainbow!   Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:22 pm

Rain Lynn Bow


Full Name: Rain Lynn Bow
Nickname(s): Bow
Codename: Rainbow
Alias(es): Regina Filangi
Age: 17
Classification: Human...ish
Affiliation: Good


Hair Color: Hot Pink
Eye Color: Lavender
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 132
Other Traits: Very Emotional


Fueled by emotions, Rainbow can control the elements limitedly.

Happy: Light(light up an area with 5ft radius) - She can only light up the dark so it is of no use in battle. (When too happy she tends to make lightbulbs burst.)

Sad: water(can only spray the strength of 40psi and only up to 3 feet) - She has limited control due to her personality which hurts the usefulness of this power. Usually she just uses this power to help with things sush as swimming and doing the dishes. (When too sad she sprays whoever is near her with water or a rain cloud will appear over her head.)

Mad: fire(up to 2000C) - This is the power she focuses on for battle purposes. she has insane control over both this power and the emotion behind it. She likes to think of it as "righteous fury" instead of anger. She can shoot fire bolts from her hands, breath fire out her mouth, and make a fire whip. (When overly angered this power spirals out of control and creates a fire tornado that does more harm than good.)

Confused: Earth(can move rocks within 5 feet with a max. weight of 5lbs very slowly) - Great power to use in a garden... and that's all she uses it for.

Love: flight(max. speed is 60mph but under stress about 20mph and that's IF she can even channel love) - Useful for transportation, not too fast though. (When not in control she levitates a few inches over the ground.)
She is training to control these powers by meditating, but when she gets too emotional they can spiral out of control.

She's a very good negotiator and quick witted.

She also has five years of gymnastics background. She can do a cartwheel, roundoff, front hand spring, back hand spring, roundoff back hand spring, and a standing or running back/front flip.

Has had just enough mma training to be well balanced in a fight, but she's nowhere near pro level.

She's too excitable and this can get in the way of her powers effectiveness when she is too happy (or any other emotion) she is incapable of channeling her other powers. Also, when she gets over emotional one of two things will happen, a) she loses control and has to try and run away or risk destroying something or b) her body shuts down to prevent the first from happening. Because she has to concentrate and be less emotional her powers are not as effective as if she'd let her emotions go.

Her powers are all she needs.... and a teddy bear Smile



Likes: Laughing, singing, love, color, music (especially 80's pop), happy people, cheering sad people up, making friends, puppies, kittens, baby animals, boys, siily cute things, candy.

Dislikes: Hate, war, violence, anything associated with these three...

She has a range of emotions but is usually very bubbly and energetic. She can be serious or somber but is hanging out most of the time.

She is very charismatic and loyal. She never would leave a friend to fend for themselves. Her fire abilities are the most impressive because she has learned to hone in on them to better herself.

Climbing trees, meditating, shopping, video games, making strategies, playing chess, and traveling.


Family Members: none...
Place of Origin: New York, New York
Current City: Jump
When she was 16, she accidentally destroyed her family with fire because she was angry for no good reason but could not stop herself. This traumatic experience left her with no memory of the past. She heard about some runaways who had the same doctors experiment on them, with varying results, and decided that would be a good place to try and fit in. With their help she uncovered the truth but dealing with it was the hardest thing she had ever done and she didn't want to know anything else. She has been living off and on with them ever since.

Though, just because she didn't want to remember didn't mean the others didn't want to know how she got her powers. They did some snooping around the internet hoping something would pop up. One of them located all of Rain's medical records. Turns out when she was born the doctors did an undercover experiment in which they implanted a small dose of chemical X into her bloodstream and did regular checkups on her under the pretense that she had a tumor on her spleen that they would need to keep in line. As she grew up she, nor her parents, thought any thing of it until she turned nine.

On her birthday, a sunny beautiful day, she got super ecstatic and a nearby light bulb exploded, then at her party one of her best friends told her that she was moving and when they started to cry clouds rolled in and it started to storm. They went to the doctor's office just thinking something was wrong, they then sat her parents down and told them the truth. Her parents were more stunned then anything but after about an hour they decided they would raise her normally, keep going to the doctors, and hope for the best...

Sample RP
*yaaawn* She stretched her arms and peered out her window unto a glorious sunrise, "This is going to be a wonderful day!" thought Rainbow. As she walked down the halls of the Titan's Tower she looked to the past and reminisced on the joy she's had here the past year.

All those times spent with Raven in silent meditation trying to master her control over the powers she once had no resistence to. She would concentrate until she almost passed out, but all those days had led to her beng able to control her emotion fueled strength under any circumstance. She finally belived she was no longer a danger to herself or anyone else.

Beast Boy and her had played video games until the wee hours of the morning, she had gotten pretty good and she smirked to herself as she passed his room (she also lifted off the floor a few inches because although she had controlled her power mostly some things still leaked through). She has the biggest crush on him and the poor girl can't help that her costume turns pink everytime he's around, but it hass gotten a little better.

She has spent many hours with Cyborg suping up his car or helping upgrade the security system of the tower. she giggled as she though about the way she had even picked up his catch phrase a few times without realizing it.

Starfire. Oh how she adored that strange little alien. Rainbow was so ecstatic to have a girl to spend quality time with and Starfire was equally enthusiastic. They had gone shopping, seen chick flicks, got mani's and pedi's, and talked about the boys so many times she had lost count!

As she reached the living room she remembered the numerous nights Robin and he had had strategizing on how to better capture their foes and thinking how they could strengthen their team's closeness, though they really couldn't see how that was possible, so they both laughed.

As she stood in her home surrounded by the familiar faces, she realized something must be terribly wrong...
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PostSubject: Re: Rainbow!   Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:52 pm

Claimed! Expect a reply soon!

Opal Allison Welsh                  Roman Torchwick                   Ryuu Akibaa
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Posts : 1299
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PostSubject: Re: Rainbow!   Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:14 pm

Opal Allison Welsh                  Roman Torchwick                   Ryuu Akibaa
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PostSubject: Re: Rainbow!   

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