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Pick any side you want, Hero, Villain, and everything in between as you run around Star City interacting with others in this DC world based RP with an OC storyline.
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Recently more villains have been entering into the fray even the playing field for villains against neutrals but there are still a surplus more of heroes than villains. Though the villains are certainly putting up a fight to further themselves very quickly.

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PostSubject: Mercer    Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:41 am

"I fight not to kill, steal, or destroy. I do so for the challenge, the thrill! Are you the one to give it to me?"

Raiô Yuske


Full Name: Raio Yuske
Nickname(s): Rai
Codename: Mercer
Alias(es): Merc
Age: 18
Classification: Demi-God
Affiliation: Anti-villain


Hair Color: Ghost white
Eye Color: Heavenly blue
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160 lbs
Other Traits: Glowing white skin complexion and the mark of his father engraved/tattoed onto his right arm.



Invulnerability- Mercer is the son of the "Immovable" one, as such he is very... Sturdy. He can take bullet shell rounds at point blank range as if they were from a pellet gun. However, shots to weaken areas can still prove more fatal of a wound...Like the eye or the throat. Also, he is more resiliant to extremes, like temperatures, pressure, etc. However, piercing attacks off set this though; attacks that cut will still do heavy damage as to give swordsmen an edge.

Divine Reflexes - His running speed for a short sprint can reach up to 88 mph, 40 mph for cross country jogging, and regular running pace 60 mph. However, his reflexes are at the 100 mph, zone. His skill with a sword is to the point that he can cut a foe and the wound won't show until he sheathes his sword. He can also block incoming bullet fire, if he knows it's coming and dodge multiple incoming attacks and projectiles with allusive prowess.

Divine Might - Raio is not immediately stronger than most humans, but his divine power allows him to adjust to the power level of nearly any opponent. However, again, he will not be able to just psychically hurt powerfully superior opponents, just match them in a test of strength. He needs his sword to do damage.

Chi-Wave - Raio's chi emulates from his body like a wave, thus he can actually hit you without hitting you. He can deliver long range attacks, which look like blue hues of wind slicing through the air that can actually cut down a foe after multiple successive hits. Depending on his mood or degree of which he wishes he can slice through a vehicle with the power of his chi attacks maximum.

Spiritual Surge - When utilizing his divine attacks, Raio's sword grows in mass and radiates a shinning aura. He can then do a super attack, once or twice at maximum per battle. The attack can range from a flaming dragon, to a massive wave of tornado like energy or rotating blue swords, but the result is always the same. A force of energy is unleashed toward the target with enough power to shred a tank, the only difference is the form it comes in.


Swordsmanship - Raio specializes in blade weaponry, he works better with tools, swords any caliber blade will do and he can utilize it to it's foremost ability.

Free-running - He is a very quick on his feet and able to perform awesome feats. His speed and maneuverability is actually his main way of travel.

Martial Arts - He is a highly skilled martial artist and very disciplined, but is uncomfortable fighting without a weapon to be honest.

Trained senses - His grueling training with Acala has made his eye sight very sharp, his hearing highly in-tune, and his sense of touch ultra sensitive to even vibrations.


Honor bound - As a samurai warrior, Raio only fights to kill when the challenge has been accepted and the opponent is armed, otherwise he'll only fight to maim. The reasoning for this is not to sully his blade with unworthy blood.

Unarmed - Without his blade, Raio only has speed and a very durable body frame.

Non-physical combat - Raio while very durable, can still be affected by knock out gas, the elements, etc.

Reverse blade - The back of his sword holds the sharpness. He uses the still very sturdy, but less lethal dull end to deal physical damage usually for the same reason as the honor bound rules.

Equipment: Unbreakable Reverse Katana - Bequeathed to him by his father, the blade has many properties worthy of the gods, but it's full power cannot be unlocked until Raio defeats enough worthy adversaries. One ability is to be recalled to his palm just by him wishing it to come to him. It's weight is also very heavy for others to wield without super strength, but for Rai it's light as a feather and can be thrown with deadly accuracy without him actually tossing it.

Hidden Blade - The sheath of his weapon contains another dual katana that he keeps hidden secretly just in case he's ever in a tough scrape or bind. This one has a seal on it that binds the powers of the receiver if they are struck by it. Basically sealing their power within if one's ability is to discharge electricity, fire, or energy for instance.

Robes of the Wisemen - His overcoat or gei is made from the same material as the scrolls of the ancient ones of which his father is a member of the group of 5. The material can resist much wear and tear, as it was meant to withstand the test of time, but is not indestructible. It's good for blocking shrapnel, debris, but not much else.

Sheath - For Raio's sheath to hold the epic power of his sword, it was made to contain considerable power and compel it. Basically, it can combat most magic and energy via deflection, penetration, encasing it. Such as radiation attacks, forcefields, etc. The downside is, he cannot recall his sheath like his word.



Raio is duty bound, he is determined, and strong willed. He seeks out every bout and relishes in the chance of either defeat or victory...Nothing else. Should he die, he would feel the one to kill him to be an admirable adversary, and if he is victorious he is one step closer to entering the world of the Gods with his father. Therefore, he will taunt and he will lowbrow, kidnap, and cause destruction to get his way.


Chi - Raio can attack with his inner chi, which is a form of energy, as a god's child, he radiates this like an aura.

Honor - He follows his code of honor to the letter and respects his religion and father.

Thrill - As a war god deity's son, he relishes battle, love sit. He's at home in conflict and seeks it out.

Signature moves - Has a variety of different special attacks he does combining his abilities.

-Doing what's necessary to fulfill his goals
-Killing worthy opponents
-Naming his moves


Family Members: Acala AKA Fudō-myōō; "Immovable" Wisdom God. Deceased mother.
Place of Origin: Japan
Current City: Wanderer
History: Much is unknwon about Raio's history, but the fables of his origin say that his mother; a fair skinned caucasion woman came to Japan seeking enlightenment. Once there she found herself worthy enough to come across one of the five wisdom kings, and receive more thna just a little advice. Acala fell in love with the woman, however, the brith of their divine child was too much for her to handle and she died giving brith.

Later on, after Raio was born his father raised him harshly with forceful training. At the end of training each time, he banished him to the realm of humans to live out life there with them and learn their ways. Acala found he could never love his son, for his birth was the end of his true love. Eventually the time came for Acala's son to prove himself worthy and one sword was bequethed to him, Acala gave Raio a mission: defeat all worthy opponents who oppose the and only then will you be worthy to enter thy kingdom. So now Raio moves throughout the lands, looking to slay all worthy adversaries.


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PostSubject: Re: Mercer    Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:43 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Mercer    Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:52 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Mercer    

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